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Digital Leaders: top universities for digital entrepreneurship

In this digital leaders table, the CVs of tech executives and directors are analysed to see where they went to university 

    April 19 2023
    top universities for digital entrepreneurship


    Entrepreneurship is becoming one of the most important skills that students can acquire.

    In a suite of rankings put together by French consultancy Emerging and published exclusively by Times Higher Education, students can explore which universities have a good reputation in providing a digital education and encouraging tech skills and entrepreneurship.

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    The table was put together through the screening of 75,000 CVs of executives at the world’s leading digital companies, as ranked by Crunchbase. This analysis was combined with a live survey led by Trendence from a global panel of 3,500 selected digital professionals, corporate IT executives, start-up executives, and young digital professionals worldwide. The full methodology can be found here.

    The top five is varied, featuring universities from Japan, Germany, Australia, the UK and Belgium.

    Top three universities for digital entrepreneurship

    1. The University of Tokyo

    The University of Tokyo is a public university located in Tokyo, Japan.

    The university has 10 faculties, including economics and science. There are a range of research centres and institutes associated with the university, among them the Research Centre for Advanced Science and Technology.

    The Career Support Office provides students with career counselling and employment information to support them in finding a career after they graduate.

    2. University of Melbourne

    The University of Melbourne has a unique curriculum that allows students to both choose a major to specialise in and to undertake additional courses to explore new subjects.

    The university also offers short courses and microcredentials for professional development in a variety of subjects, including cybersecurity, digital storytelling and enterprise skills among others.

    3. Technical University of Munich

    The Technical University of Munich is a public research university located in Munich, Germany.

    It specialises in teaching and research in engineering technology, medicine, and applied and natural sciences.

    The university aims to nurture an entrepreneurial mindset among its students through supporting them to start businesses and develop their ideas.

    Top universities for digital entrepreneurship 2023

    Digital Entrepreneurship Rank 2023 University Country/region
    1 The University of Tokyo Japan
    2 University of Melbourne Australia
    3 Technical University of Munich Germany
    4 University of Cambridge United Kingdom
    5 KU Leuven Belgium
    6 University of Sydney Australia
    7 LMU Munich Germany
    8 University of Toronto Canada
    9 UNSW Sydney Australia
    10 IE University Spain
    11 University of Oxford United Kingdom
    12 Harvard University United States
    13 University of British Columbia Canada
    14 King’s College London United Kingdom
    15 Boston University United States
    16 Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Singapore
    17 Queen’s University Canada
    18 National University of Singapore Singapore
    18 University of Copenhagen Denmark
    20 Institut Polytechnique de Paris France
    21 London School of Economics and Political Science  United Kingdom
    22 Trinity College Dublin Ireland
    23 Imperial College London United Kingdom
    24 Boston College United States
    25 Bocconi University Italy
    26 University of Calgary Canada
    27 Indian Institute of Technology Bombay India
    28 University of Manchester United Kingdom
    28 National Taiwan University Taiwan
    30 University of Technology Sydney Australia
    31 UCL United Kingdom
    32 Paris-Saclay University France
    32 California State University United States
    34 Monash University Australia
    35 University of Edinburgh United Kingdom
    36 ETH Zurich Switzerland
    37 Massachusetts Institute of Technology United States
    38 Yale University United States
    39 University of Birmingham United Kingdom
    39 École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Switzerland
    41 Lund University Sweden
    42 McGill University Canada
    43 University of Waterloo Canada
    44 Columbia University United States
    45 Brigham Young University United States
    46 Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani India
    47 University of Bristol United Kingdom
    48 Durham University United Kingdom
    49 Erasmus University Rotterdam The Netherlands
    50 Brown University United States
    51 University of Cape Town South Africa
    52 Babson College United States
    53 KTH Royal Institute of Technology Sweden
    54 California Institute of Technology United States
    55 University of Bath United Kingdom
    56 Indian Institute of Technology Delhi India
    57 Cornell University United States
    58 University of Leeds United Kingdom
    59 Universitat Ramon Llull Spain
    60 Hebrew University of Jerusalem Israel

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