Hong Kong Occupy Central protests

University of Hong Kong v-c denies he is ‘heading for a simple life’ as the next head of the University of Edinburgh

Student abroad

Culture bigger draw than academic advancement while most students have safety fears, survey finds

Technology in higher education

Technology identified by NMC Horizon Report as having ‘potential to enhance’ online learning

France and Britain

University of Paris Seine offers UK institutions chance to create a base in France

Grant Winners tab on folder

A round-up of academics awarded research council funding

Week in HE illustration (16 February 2017)

The good, the bad and the offbeat: the academy through the lens of the world’s media

split image of man with two sides. One smart and the other scruffy

While right-wing politicians have been found to be more attractive than left-wing politicians, this trend may not hold true in the world of scholarship

People at the 'Step into the Void' installation in the French Alps, France

Lack of opportunities and local hiring practices have stopped many French scientists from returning to their homeland, a new study says

Woman pushing child in toy Spitfire plane

Venture capital fund aims to give students experience of investing 

Andy Furlong 1956-2017

An internationally renowned sociologist of youth has died

Author Monica Ali, University of Surrey

The acclaimed novelist and distinguished writer-in-residence at the University of Surrey talks about teaching, researching her novels and why she skipped all her lectures

A black female scientist working in a lab

Study finds a stronger correlation for women between success and being central to a network 

Xolela Mangcu

Xolela Mangcu argues that more attention to race would benefit both black and white students

Visitors to the World Science Festival Street Fair peddle a square wheeled tricycle

Existing model of outreach that seeks to inform an ‘ignorant’ public is broken, say experts

man driving giant duck on river

Does Nigel Piercy textbook case study stem from his experience at Swansea University? 

Switch turned on

Publisher takes decision despite still having no deal agreed with German universities

football players swapping shirt

Nottingham Trent head also warns that damage to overseas, EU recruitment will harm quality of education for home students

Master Taylor checks the cut of an Irish Guard's uniform

Academic tutors are most likely to motivate American postgraduates to come to UK, says study

Cambridge University students on the River Cam. Punt is sinking

Proportion of Royal Society scientists associated with Oxbridge is lower than expected, researcher says

A person obscured by a megaphone

New journal sets out ideas on how to involve non-academics in research – but warns area is still a ‘work in progress’