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Scorch mark from iron on shirt

Scholars discuss their early adventures in the world of work – and what they learned from them

Figure skaters striking pose during competition

John Morgan examines current arrangements and suggested ratios at home and abroad

Contact sheet of black and white photos

Two famous experiments have reached the silver screen. Antonio Melechi on the relationship between the academic discipline and Hollywood

THE University Workplace Survey 2016: Alashi illustration

Times Higher Education's poll shows that the bulk of staff find their work rewarding but there is a deep gulf between academics and professional and support staff

World in Focus

Pro-democracy protester, Causeway Bay district, Hong Kong, 2014

In a special report from the territory, David Matthews hears concerns that scholars are paying the price for ‘politically incorrect’ talk

The Outer Limits

Resplendent quetzal (Pharomachrus mocinno) in flight, Mexico

Neil Reid is fulfilling a childhood dream and working in a cloud forest in Honduras, where the natural wonders and the need to defend them can push the region’s dangers out of mind


Person in ghillie suit reading on bench

Joe Moran on the little-known benefits of being a shrinking violet

Feature illustration (3 September 2015)

Dale Salwak explains why he focuses on the people carrying out the translation process and their effects on the text we read

Group of people with road signs over mouths

Lincoln Allison argues that it is becoming harder for academics to share controversial ideas

In the workplace and at the ballot box, it is time to reject stale ideology, says Thomas Docherty


Shakespeare and Plato fist-fighting in field

Are you an idealist or a pragmatist? In his latest book, Self and Soul, Edmundson aims to provide fresh insights into how we might choose to live our lives

From the archive

Enthusiasm for ‘neuroeducation’ risks blinding people to its potentially limited efficacy, argues Steven Rose


Jeremy MacClancy on the British Museum’s new exhibition linking Ice Age artistry to the Modernists

Mary Evans uncovers clues as to why crime fiction appeals to so many but is disregarded by critics of the literary world