Times Higher Education Teaching Survey illustration 2017

Academics enjoy teaching. What they don’t like is the lack of preparation time, bureaucratic burdens, unprepared students – and the TEF. Jack Grove reports

An abandoned supermarket trolley stuck in a tree

Commentator Martin Wolf examines the economic flaws and false assumptions of the Higher Education and Research Bill

Jumping on to neurons

In a post-truth era, five academics consider strategies, from inviting laypeople into the laboratory to open vivas, to improve trust in experts

Rowhouses in Baltimore

Johns Hopkins and the University of Pennsylvania deploy a host of financial and intellectual resources to help locals build richer, healthier, more inclusive cities. John Morgan reports

Man by fence in Ukraine

Institutions displaced by war in the country’s east have relocated campuses and adopted distance learning techniques to continue teaching. Hilary Lamb reports

Student connections

The institutions with the strongest global connections have a ‘cultural disposition’ to think beyond borders. Ellie Bothwell reports

Spilt glass of milk made of binary numbers

Holly Else explores the emotional, reputational and practical barriers to correcting mistakes

Academic Caesar

Steve Fuller on the need for leaders who can make the radical decisions necessary to survive existential threats both internal and external

Harvard University with graph and figures

Our global survey gives a picture of which institutions are best at producing senior business leaders worldwide. John Elmes reports

Donald Trump and US flag montage

John Morgan considers the impact on students and US scholars, and the political earthquake’s potential positives

Man with a metal detector in a cage

Nobel prizewinning astrophysicist reflects on the perceptions and realities of how big breakthroughs are made

Orangutan with baby and bananas

Seven scholars relate how they stepped back or stepped in as they saw fit, while one contributor’s daughter describes the flip side

Illustration of a man's body with a statue's head in the classical style

From giving up Bremoaning and plastic cutlery, to publishing 10 papers in one year and sketchnoting, scholars share their goals for 2017

Figures in medieval painting wearing virtual reality headsets

Will virtual reality help students on campus and online learn better and more cheaply? David Matthews reports

David Parkins Christmas illustration (22 December 2016)

A Dickensian tale, set in today’s university

Portrait photograph of Wole Soyinka

With Africa’s campuses beset by religious zealotry, Wole Soyinka suggests universities provide a year of materialist induction to free students of dogma and extremism

Commemorative stone marking opposition to tuition fees, Heriot-Watt University

It is written in stone that Scottish students will not pay fees, but Chris Havergal reports on worries that this stance is bad for access and sustainability

Jefferson with paint over face

Buildings and statues dedicated to people whose views clash with modern values can cause difficulties, but is tearing down history the answer?

Retired academics calculating moves while playing bowls

Lincoln Allison, Eric Thomas and Richard Larschan reflect on the ‘next phase’ of the scholarly life

Birds feeding from buffalo's nostrils

Simon Gaskell and Adrian Collette explain why proper engagement is an important driver of institutional performance, teaching and research