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Online teaching insights, part five: Online feedback and continuity

Insights and lessons on effective tools and techniques to improve online teaching, put together by faculty spanning dozens of disciplines at the American University in Cairo
Hoda Mostafa, Maha Bali
American University in Cairo



Advice on taking a compassionate approach to higher education

Teaching with compassion

The well-being of students and faculty has been severely tested throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, sparking calls for a more compassionate approach to higher education. This collection of resources offers advice on embedding care into your teaching practices, whether online or in person.
Five pillars to offering an effective multifaceted education online

Making online learning fun

Students are more likely to be actively engaged in their learning if they are enjoying it and, happily, online teaching offers plenty of opportunity to play around and get creative with your course design and delivery styles. So browse these resources to get some ideas and inspiration for injecting some fun into your online classes.
Advice on reshaping lectures for better digital pedagogy

Rethinking lectures for a digital age

As the debate rages on about the future of the lecture, academics teaching online are developing effective and innovative ways to adapt this traditional style of instruction for a digital age. Here we have bought together advice from faculty all over the world on how to design and deliver "lectures" online for the best possible learning outcomes.
How to building online learning communities

Creating online learning communities

Online education can be a lonely experience, but there are plenty of ways to foster community via digital channels. Here are a range of ideas for building online learning communities to give students a sense of belonging, support peer discussion and collaboration, boost engagement and improve learning outcomes.

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