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THE podcast: teaching 101 advice from your peers

THE podcast: teaching 101 advice from your peers

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Kendrick Lamar's lyrics contain EDI lessons for higher education

Why higher education should take an EDI lesson from Kendrick Lamar

The Pulitzer-winning rapper’s disdain for performative activism contains lessons for universities who espouse their good intentions rather than enact change

JT Torres

Quinnipiac University

Virtual reality has failed higher education

Virtual reality has failed education, so what should we do with it?

Getting VR right at a sophisticated level requires a hefty mix of hardware, pricey developers, rock-solid internet and suitable pedagogy – but there is a way forward

Malcolm Burt

Central Queensland University

The importance of promoting multilingual approaches in international universities

Introducing ‘translanguaging’ – and other ways to promote multilingualism

If universities are serious about internationalisation they must confront the hegemony of English-medium instruction – here’s how, says Dylan Williams

Dylan Williams

Seoul National University

Higher education needs to be rebuilt from the ground up to make it a fairer place to work for women

Breaking barriers for women: enough talking, time for action

In the second part of their ‘breaking barriers for women’ series, seven female academics outline key changes to help remodel a fairer HE system from the ground up

Ellie Harrison , Tiffany B. Taylor

University of Sheffield, University of Bath

Image of people learning from one another

Tactics to ensure students engage with and learn from feedback

Students often perceive feedback as criticism and fail to take on board the constructive guidance. Rebecca Lewis explains how she encourages student engagement with her feedback

Becky Lewis

University of East Anglia

How to balance a teaching and research workload

Three key tips to help balance research and teaching duties

With ever-greater demands being placed on university faculty, Megumi Terui offers advice on balancing two key parts of the job

Megumi Terui

Monterrey Institute of Technology

Relationship-building skills are transferable from the workplace to academia

Relationship-building: the key to effective teaching

Teaching in HE is daunting for new academics, but interpersonal skills honed in the workplace provide strong foundations, say Charles Marley and colleagues

Charles Marley

The University of Adelaide

Diverse hands illustrating inclusive student-staff partnership concept

Student-staff partnerships: seven strategies for adopting inclusive practices

Student-staff partnerships can support skills development and enrich courses, as well as offer life-changing professional and academic opportunities for diverse students. Here, Madelaine-Marie Judd and Brooke Szücs encourage others to embrace this ethos

Madelaine-Marie Judd, Brooke Szücs

The University of Queensland

Woman holding up her hands against someone or something

What does ‘taking sexual violence seriously’ look like at universities?

Rates of sexual violence in universities are the highest in society, ONS data show. So what actions must universities take if they are serious about tackling this pernicious problem?

Graham Towl

Durham University

Woman walking past a field of yellow flowers

Walk the walk to benefit your academic research

The different ways that walking can be used to benefit academic research, help with problem-solving, and promote creative thinking, explained by Anna Lois McKay

Anna Lois McKay

University of Leicester

A group of diverse and happy looking students

A checklist for making disability inclusion a reality in higher education

Actions that universities must take to promote equal access and opportunity for disabled students in higher education, based on a research-backed framework developed by Carol Evans and Xiaotong Zhu

Carol Evans, Xiaotong Zhu

Cardiff University, University of Southampton, University of Lincoln

Eye scanner

Understanding student learning – what can human behaviour analytics tell us?

Human behaviour analytics could be the answer to enhanced student engagement and better learning experiences in computer-aided learning environments

Fang Chen, Kun Yu

University of Technology Sydney

Group of researchers collaborating on a project

Lessons from completing an award-winning knowledge transfer project

Eight key components of a successful knowledge transfer project (KTP), drawing from the experience of an award-winning initiative to develop an online teaching platform for primary care clinicians

Rachel McCrindle, Richard Mitchell, Yota Dimitriadi

University of Reading

A crime investigation board

How professional practitioners help connect crime theory with real-world investigations

Bringing professional practitioners into classes to share real-world case studies helps students contextualise learning and see how theories play out in reality. Paul McFarlane explains how this works on his crime science courses

Paul McFarlane

University College London

smiley face on head cut-out in hands

In the loop: how formative feedback supports remote teaching

Weekly snapshots of how students see their own progress can help teachers adjust teaching methods in real time. An online tool piloted at Georgia Tech has helped fill a feedback loop lost during the pandemic

Jonna Lee , Meryem Yilmaz Soylu

Georgia Tech’s Center for 21st Century Universities

Image of a researcher conducting fieldwork

How to develop a code of conduct for ethical research fieldwork

A code of conduct for ethical research fieldwork developed by two researchers at the University of Oxford has been taken up by departments across the institution and beyond. The code authors, Catherine Fallon Grasham and Laura Picot, share lessons they learned along the way

Catherine Fallon Grasham, Laura Picot

University of Oxford

Collections of advice for academics and university staff

Image representing the decolonisation of curricula

Decolonising the curriculum

While many academics are interested in decolonising curricula, fewer feel confident in where or how to start. The term ‘decolonisation’ is often misconstrued as a process of deleting or dismissing past teaching. In fact, decolonisation can enrich curricula, setting existing knowledge and education in the context of colonialism and Western power structures and bringing in previously marginalised voices and perspectives.
Two young people jumping, one is holding a laptop

Let’s get physical: using movement and outdoor spaces to enhance learning

When students are doing – whether moving around the classroom or applying knowledge in a new environment – they’re engaged, inspired and motivated. This collection brings together tips and advice for adding physical activity to your teaching and taking students outdoors to improve their learning experiences and outcomes.
piles of books and light bulb

A framework for learning in seven principles

This collection covers the seven principles of the Higher Education Learning Framework. The HELF has been created as a guide for organisations, teachers and students to help frame thinking about teaching and learning design in higher education.
Image for a collection offering advice on higher education's role in supporting democratic values

Higher education’s role in upholding democracy

Education is one of the pillars of a healthy democracy, but when invasions of sovereign nations, curbed civil liberties or disputed elections threaten the values of democratic societies, what should universities do? Here we draw together ideas from higher education professionals all over the world on how institutions can continue to advance the cause of freedom, civic engagement and truth seeking, no matter what.
THE Campus webinar graphic

THE Campus webinar: decolonising the curriculum

A panel of academics from THE Campus+ institutions in the UK and Australia discuss the what, why and how of decolonising the curriculum

THE Campus team

THE Campus

Podcast discussing building resilience and protecting well-being among university staff and students

THE podcast: what Freeman Hrabowski wants you to know about inclusivity

The outgoing UMBC president and civil rights activist speaks about the difficult conversations around inclusivity and how it is work that benefits all of humanity

Freeman Hrabowski

University of Maryland Baltimore County

Podcast discussing building resilience and protecting well-being among university staff and students

THE podcast: pointers on writing and publishing for academics

Academics, authors, publishers and postdocs share their advice on how to improve your academic writing and chances of getting published

THE Campus contributors

THE Campus

Webinar discussion how to reduce student drop out rates in the context of the pandemic and online learning

THE Campus webinar: what’s the future of higher education assessment?

A panel of teaching and learning experts from THE Campus+ institutions around the world discuss how can institutions create evaluations that are fair, robust and credible

THE Campus team

THE Campus

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