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Study says that importance of survey results may lead to ‘overzealous promotion’ and encourage more generous responses

University of California, Berkeley

Times Higher Education World Academic Summit 2016 will be hosted in partnership with the University of California, Berkeley

Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2015-2016 subject tables will be revealed over six weeks

Putting our latest rankings results into context

World University Rankings 2015-2016 results coming 30 September

Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2015-2016 will include 800 institutions for the first time

Higher education guidance system

Times Higher Education’s six-pronged offer provides the global academy with the tools to find the right path – higher education’s ‘strategic sonar’

In-house renovation

More data, more institutions and elimination of kilo-author papers: full control has enabled THE to make world rankings even better, writes Duncan Ross

Big science: sizing up a colossus

The growth of the kilo-author paper recognises one form of excellence but challenges measurement, writes Duncan Ross

Lift the siege mentality

Our universities’ tradition of openness offers a necessary corrective to insularity and irrationality at home and abroad, argues Louise Richardson

Cream rises to the top

When it comes to the leadership required to enable universities to tackle today’s challenges, one rule applies, says Peter Doherty: quality is everything

Cultural capital

What does Google want from graduates? When it comes to today’s market, a new kind of intelligence is the name of the game, argues Shuvo Saha

Where we do our thinking

The World University Rankings are a global affair, but as with so many things, some parts of the planet are more equal than others. This image maps the positions of all the institutions in this year’s analysis. Despite globalisation, it shows how North America and Western Europe still dominate international HE

World University Rankings

US continues to lose its grip as institutions in Europe up their game

New faces take a seat at extended top table

Wider reach is good news for the BRIC nations and other developing economies. Ellie Bothwell reports

Phil Baty, editor, Times Higher Education World University Rankings

The World University Rankings 2015-2016 are bigger, better and more comprehensive than ever, explains Phil Baty

Big beasts strive to thrive in shifting environment

Swiss innovator makes top 10 as Germany’s evolution pays dividends, but Japan struggles as more globalised rivals show strength. Ellie Bothwell reports

Excellence by numbers

No institution ranked among the world’s top 200 can be said to be average, but by looking at this cohort’s average indicators, we can learn much about what it takes to become world class

Times Higher Education: at the heart of a data-led revolution

The global higher education landscape is changing. THE is evolving, too, developing a collaborative approach to help universities flourish as they navigate challenging terrain, writes managing director Trevor Barratt

THE World University Rankings

The results of the 2015-2016 Times Higher Education World University Rankings, discussed by the THE editorial team.

airport departures

UK institutions have triumphed in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2015-2016, but immigration policies and fees may threaten their status, says leading academic