Hong Kong skyline

Event will explore Asia's place in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings

Middle East map

Any tables must reflect the nuances of the region, says Mohamed Salem

Saudi man riding horse, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

Institutions from eight countries feature in a snapshot university ranking for the region

Small building

Duncan Ross looks at how we selected the universities for our ranking of small institutions

Metrics and data

If you want to join our exciting global project, get in touch, says Phil Baty

Flag of Qatar

Sustained investment in Middle Eastern higher education has begun to pay off, says Cesar Wazen


Times Higher Education World University Rankings data reveal the top 200 most outward-looking institutions

People watching Flyboard World Championship qualifier, Doha, 2012

Qatar University tops list while the UK is the most outward-looking nation

Columbia University

Ellie Bothwell analyses correlation between vice-chancellors’ pay and university ranking

Rabindra Bharati University students forming circle, Holi Festival

BRICS and Emerging Economies Universities Summit hears that countries such as India should stop trying to play the West's game

BRICS Universities Summit, Delhi

Round-up of tweets from Times Higher Education’s summit in Delhi

Ukraine Putin posters

'Confrontational policies' will have long-term consequences on universities' international collaborations, claims academic

BRICS & Emerging Economies countries concept illustration

China remains BRICS superpower, while several nations make their debut in extended top 200 table

Cupped hands holding globe aloft

BRICS and emerging economies are learning to compete globally, says World University Rankings editor Phil Baty

Shaolin Tagou Martial Arts School students rehearsing

Investment in research and development pays off, says World University Rankings reporter Ellie Bothwell

Chinese students releasing paper lanterns

Simon Marginson on China’s progress in becoming world class in Times Higher Education’s BRICS & Emerging Economies Rankings 2016

Engineering students prepare smart car race, Bangalore, 2011

Specialising has paid off for the subcontinent's world-leading IITs, says Devang Khakhar

Man climbing wooden column, Krasnoyarsk, Siberia

Maria Yudkevich looks at the effects of the Russian government's focus on university rankings

Woman painting eyes in colours of flag of India

David Matthews blogs from the Times Higher Education BRICS summit in Delhi

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