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Bringing internationalisation to the fore isn’t easy, so identifying the main challenges creates a helpful focus, writes Carlos Iván Moreno Arellano

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There are good reasons why some big names are missing from our roster

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Our rankings aim to support institutions across the region to raise their game

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Brazil retains the crown in Times Higher Education’s second annual list of the top universities in the region as higher education institutions face up to the need to change


In the competition to boost their reputations, are universities in danger of forgetting their students? asks Juan Manuel Mora

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Ability to access the cutting-edge technology needed for such research is one key factor behind the success of institutions featuring in the latest THE cluster analysis

Latin America University Rankings methodology artwork
We explain the methodology that underpins our rankings for Latin America
research excellence summit
Call for rankings to give more weight to societal impact
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Building ties with academics and students across Asia, and China in particular, is paying off for Australia’s universities. Jack Grove reports

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Covering a huge geographical area, the Asia-Pacific University Rankings showcase a region that has a rapidly expanding and rapidly changing higher education system


The extraordinary dynamism that characterises higher education in East Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania merits detailed analysis, says Phil Baty

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The universities of China, Singapore and South Korea are among the world leaders in some STEM fields, but will they expand their strength into other disciplines? asks Simon Marginson

University of Guadalajara

The ranking will be released at an event in Mexico in July

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Times Higher Education to partner with The Wall Street Journal to produce business school rankings in spring 2018

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In our inaugural analysis of the region, the Asia-Pacific University Rankings 2017 help to show the dynamism of a rapidly growing higher education market

University of Glasgow

The first THE ranking measuring teaching across Europe will be launched at the event next year

Phil Baty reflects on the Times Higher Education World Reputation Forum, which took place in Harvard Square this month

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Figures reveal the UK to be less of a pacesetter than generally thought and the Netherlands to be a real knockout. Simon Baker investigates who might be continental kings after Brexit

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The UK may lead Europe in terms of internationalisation, but other countries are surprisingly strong and gaining ground. Ellie Bothwell reports


Having put students and teaching quality at the heart of its US rankings, THE intends to extend its innovative approach to Europe. Phil Baty writes