international students
Universities with the highest percentage of international students named
Golf: the long game

As tactics to maximise rankings become common knowledge and fluctuation diminishes, universities will re-focus on a diversifying array of missions, says Merlin Crossley

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On the eve of the first round of France’s presidential elections, Matthew Reisz considers its complex higher education sector and the appetite among politicians, institutions and academics for reform

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Five years on, our expanding analysis of success-bound younger institutions finds much to celebrate

Whitewater rafting
Building a world-class institution from scratch is easier said than done, warns Jamil Salmi
Generation Y

Asian universities make up 20 of the top 50 institutions established in the late 1980s and 1990s, while the UK and Australia dominate


A series of mergers have helped French universities to dominate a new table of universities founded in the 21st century

Students at University of Luxembourg

Rainer Klump on his 14-year-old institution’s enthusiasm for international partnerships and its leading role in the Grand Duchy’s transformation

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Newer universities are a diverse group, says Peter Coaldrake, but their fresh thinking can inspire institutions of all vintages

San Diego
Our new table of the world's best universities established between 1945 and 1966
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Ellie Bothwell explores what drove the boom in young institutions
Sydney Opera House, Australia

Massive investment in campus infrastructure gives Australia an advantage in the battle to recruit international students, writes Jack Grove from the Young Universities Summit in Brisbane

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Universities established between 1967 and 1985 are the top-performing institutions in the overall THE Young University Rankings this year

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Newer universities excel when it comes to internationalisation and research influence
YUR2017 methodology

In our expanded picture of the top young universities worldwide, we still scrutinise all the information we collect with the same exacting measures we use across all our rankings

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Our new rankings focus on what institutions offer students
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The Japan rankings are built around four pillars that demonstrate the broad strength of an institution

Institutions that succeed in helping regional growth deserve being included in measures of performance, says Simon Baker

King's College London

Nobel laureates and university presidents will speak at flagship THE event at King’s College London

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The National University of Singapore leads our 2017 ranking of the top universities in Asia