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For over a decade, the UK government has urged ‘challenger’ institutions to shake up the higher education status quo. But there is scant evidence of success

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  • University Impact Forum: Quality Education 2023

    Pretoria, South Africa

    Developing and enhancing quality education in Africa

    Africa is on track to surpass Asia as the continent home to the greatest number of young people. However, higher education in Africa is hindered by a chronic lack of investment, an unstable policy environment, competition from outside Africa for academic talent, international conflicts and a colonial legacy that has created multiple socio-economic challenges that higher education must respond to.

    Prioritising quality higher education is vital to address these challenges, and the future of Africa's youth and their potential impact on the world depend on swift action.

    This event will look at how quality higher education can be developed and enhanced amidst geopolitical issues, peace initiatives and a rapidly changing climate and economic environment.

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    THE's Impact Rankings
  • World Academic Summit 2023

    Sydney, Australia

    Collaborating for greatness in a multidisciplinary world

    The summit will focus on the theme of collaboration by exploring the role of higher education leaders and policymakers in diversifying and broadening ambitions and approaches to current global education systems. It will also see the exclusive live reveal of the THE World University Rankings 2024 followed by an in-depth masterclass examining the lastest data.

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    International Green Skills Conference 2023

    London, United Kingdom

    Skills for a changing world

    The conference will explore the challenges and opportunities that are coming to light with the development of green skills training and green career pathways by bringing together the key groups needed to meet these challenges and make the most of these opportunities. The agenda will be based on answering how green skills can support the transition to net zero.

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World University Rankings 2024: methodology

The methodology for the 20th edition of the World University Rankings has been significantly updated to reflect the outputs of the diverse range of research-intensive universities across the world

20 September