Xiang Zhang

Xiang Zhang, who will succeeds Peter Mathieson, faces challenges over academic freedom and Chinese influence in the former British colony

Traditional literary approaches meet the latest stylometric analysis in determining who wrote the Bard’s plays

Private club

Rapid technological change means that higher education leavers will need to return during their career, says Tec Monterrey president

A woman using a computer to take part in a Mooc

Following hype over their potential, online courses drained senior management time to the detriment of open educational resources, conference hears

Couple on sun loungers

More than one in six 18-year-old applicants now gets no-strings-attached offer, Ucas data show

Survivor campaigner

Sexual harassment allegations and Paradise Paper revelations among negative headlines

Week in HE illustration (14 December 2017)

The good, the bad and the offbeat: the academy through the lens of the world’s media

Passed out at a meeting

From faculty meetings to exam boards, research committees to staff-student liaison panels, meetings are a regular feature of university life. Robert MacIntosh explains how to chair them

Collapsed hot air balloon

‘Spurious’ justifications for executive pay criticised as one leader claims furore will ‘blow over’

Stephen Bax

Academic whose research interests were shaped by an African childhood remembered

Vanessa Proudman

Open-access campaigner talks about the flood of ideas that comes to her at night and the challenges of change

David Willetts

MPs also hear Lord Browne say government changes to his review’s system meant ‘it started not working’

Edinburgh Futures Institute

£10 million gift will help fund what will become one of Europe’s largest centres for interdisciplinary learning and research


Six institutions with strong graduation rates announce new targets 

Australian Parliament, Canberra

Higher education access provides ‘inoculation against political dislocation’, Universities Australia tells ministers

Giant robot

Investment is ‘necessary but not sufficient’ to enable world-class research, which also relies on international collaboration

Swiss horns

Research grant data shows patterns of academic migration around Europe – with Italy suffering the biggest brain drain

sugar, carbs, diet, food, sweet

Alternative metrics find that research on dieting, PhD mental health and female doctors attracted the most online attention this year

Trump and Macron

Response to US withdrawal from Paris climate accords announces first winners – but has been denounced as a publicity stunt by some French academics

female climber

Figures also show that female teaching staff earned between 95 and 98 per cent of their male counterparts

Many languages pinned to board

As Brexit nears, Dublin plans to upgrade the country's language skills

Female advantage in education dubbed the ‘Martha Effect’ in Stellenbosch study

Training matador

As Germany, France and Nordic and Alpine countries continue with increased investment, much of the rest of the Continent has not recovered from the financial crisis

Hairy face

Male academics two and a half times more likely to speak up, as women cite lack of confidence and ‘intimidating’ speakers


Restrictions on bibliometric data create ‘two-tiered’ research system, say campaigners