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Only when an institution knows exactly how it’s performing, can it begin to evolve and advance. Our core set of DataPoints tools provides wide ranging analysis; creating world-renowned benchmarking tables and facilitating tactical transformations.

Helping universities improve through performance analysis

THE is the leading provider of higher education data for universities around the world. Our work with individual clients builds on the foundations of our World University Rankings, which have been adopted as a geopolitical indicator as well as an aid to the strategic management of institutions and a crucial factor in the study choices made by millions of students around the world.

Our DataPoints suite of tools is designed to provide detailed performance information across all of the core areas of university activity, as well as allowing comparison and benchmarking against other institutions – whether competitors or collaborators – across regions, subjects, and other key criteria.

The insights derived allow leadership teams to set intelligent strategic goals and enhance their education and research environment. Our data enables comparison across institutions. Even if you are not in the rankings our data suite will provide you with insight on how you can think about your institution’s relative performance on a global basis.

Since launching the World University Rankings in 2004, THE has collected more than 9 million individual datapoints from 3,500+ universities in over 100 countries and regions, creating an unrivaled proprietary dataset and establishing THE as a world leader in higher education analytics.

World University Rankings Dashboard

The World University Rankings are the leading way for research-focused universities to understand their position on a world stage and to advance against strategic goals.

THE DataPoints WUR Dashboard provides visibility of this performance in a global context. Arming you with the right data and tools WUR Dashboard helps you identify and analyse strengths, weaknesses, and critically, areas of opportunity, to support the strategic development of your institution and ensure you remain globally competitive.

With automation of the most time-consuming tasks and outputs presented in a user-friendly format, WUR Dashboard takes the hard work out of data collection and analysis, leaving you more time to focus on strategic success.

SDG Impact Dashboard

 Powerful data and analytics to support success in sustainability

THE’s SDG Impact Dashboard includes data for over 1,500 universities around the world, across all 17 of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and provides links to university policies to help foster best practices in sustainability.

Linked to our Impact Rankings, THE's SDG Impact Dashboard provides a vital tool for universities’ sustainability work by providing rich data on performance & clear insight into best practices from around the world.  

Now in its third year, universities can track their year-on-year performance in THE’s Impact Rankings across three years of data to help shape and drive successful strategy. 

Reputation Dashboard

Understand the strength of your university’s brand and reputation, globally.

THE’s Reputation Dashboard remains the industry-leading source of intelligence on how your university is perceived among leading academics from around the world, based on THE’s annual global academic survey. With proprietary data from approximately 70,000 survey respondents, benefits include:

  • Understanding the strength of your brand across the globe
  • Information to inform marketing resources and spend
  • Knowing which subjects you’re best known for
  • Insights into influences on academics’ voting
  • Analysing peer performance
  • Visibility of voter profiles


Supporting the advancement of world-class higher education systems through collaborative data science engagements with THE experts and customised solutions.

Get access to THE’s robust global datasets and work collaboratively with our expert data scientists to enhance your data and analytical capabilities and empower your strategic advancement.

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