World University Rankings

Access the full dataset behind THE’s influential World University Rankings

Understanding institutional performance is essential to advance in university rankings, and against strategic goals. THE DataPoints: WUR Dashboard provides visibility of this performance in a global context.

Arming you with the right data and tools WUR Dashboard helps you identify and analyse strengths, weaknesses and critically, areas of opportunity, to support the strategic development of your institution and ensure you remain globally competitive.

With automation of the most time consuming tasks and outputs presented in a user-friendly format, WUR Dashboard takes the hard work out of data collection and analysis, leaving you more time to focus on strategic success.

THE DataPoints: Explained

Areas of opportunity, to support the strategic development of your institution.

Key features of the WUR Dashboard:

  • Powerful datasets from 2,000+ institutions around the world
  • Benchmark against dozens of universities at any one time
  • Global, regional and country-level distributions
  • Institutional-level data across 31-subject areas
  • Cross-metric comparison
  • Quarterly bibliometric analysis
  • Peer group analysis
  • Year on Year analysis
  • Data download capabilities
  • Access to your WUR ranking result one week before the official release


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