Daily resources for higher education professionals: THE Campus is a place where you can learn, share and connect with colleagues at universities all over the world.

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Daily resources for higher education professionals: THE Campus is a place where you can learn, share and connect with colleagues at universities all over the world.

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THE Campus is a space where higher education professionals can connect with their peers and find and share advice on:

The platform offers an opportunity to showcase your expertise and build networks with colleagues at universities all over the world. 


Originally built in partnership with Arizona State University, Cintana and Microsoft to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and expertise around technology-enhanced learning, THE Campus has expanded to offer peer-to-peer insight on some of the biggest issues facing universities.


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Advice on designing assessments that encourage students to show off their learning in authentic ways

Assessment design that supports authentic learning (and discourages cheating)

Catherine Wehlburg shares tips for creating a learning environment and assessment design that encourages authentic learning and reduces the temptation to cheat

Catherine Wehlburg

Athens State University

Steps that institutions can take to increase the research productivity and impact of their academic staff

Managing individual research productivity in academic organisations: seven key insights

Advice on steps institutions can take to boost the productivity and impact of researchers, based on a study by Olga Ryazanova and Jolanta Jaskiene

Olga Ryazanova , Jolanta Jaskiene

Maynooth University , ISM University of Management and Economics

Advice on bringing institutions together in international collaborations designed to address the SDGs

‘Embrace messiness’: how to broker global partnerships to tackle the Sustainable Development Goals

Annelise Riles and Meghan Ozaroski share advice on bringing universities around the world together to address global problems, such as climate change, by investing in relationships, thinking long-term and working around inevitable bumps

Annelise Riles, Meghan Ozaroski

Northwestern University

Outdated thinking has held back universities and higher education for centuries

We must confront the assumptions that have held back HE for centuries

A transformed system of HE would cast off these outdated assumptions about learning and base educational practices on the best research, says Nobel winner Carl Wieman

Carl Wieman

Stanford University

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With growing income inequality and accelerated automation impacting the global workforce – the urgency to scale quality postsecondary programs, at affordable cost, has never been greater.

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Doug Becker

Founder and chairman Cintana

We need new modalities, new ways of teaching, new ways of creating learning environments. Covid has now brought all this to the forefront in real time.

Michael Crow's avatar

Michael Crow

Arizona State University

Innovation and collaboration are more important now than ever before. Microsoft Education is committed to helping higher education institutions adapt and transition to a new world of learning.

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Anthony Salcito

Vice-president, education
Microsoft Corporation

Higher education is changing. Our goal is to transform teaching and learning together, so that you can transform your students’ lives.

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John Gill

Times Higher Education