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Best universities

Best universities in Canada 2018

Best universities in Canada

Find the best universities in Canada using Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings data
September 2 2020

Mental health and wellbeing

why it's OK if you aren't being productive right now

Why it’s OK if you aren’t being productive right now

While you may have more time at home right now, it doesn’t mean you need to find productive ways to fill that time
April 7 2020

University student life

Student life, a Chinese student in the UK

Chinese students in the UK are struggling with cultural differences

As well as dealing with the switch to online learning, Chinese PhD students Yi Wang and Fengzhi Zhao state that many international students are struggling with the differences in cultures in adhering to social-distancing regulations
January 19 2021

Top picks

Melbourne, Australia

Best universities for business degrees in Australia

Find the best Australian universities for business degrees using Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings data
January 25 2021


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