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Hear about life at university abroad from students, alumni and the THE Student team.

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Studying abroad through the Turing Scheme 

After the UK left the EU, it decided to withdraw from the Erasmus programme, too. In its place, it created the Turing Scheme to encourage students to study abroad. Henry Hawkes a student from the University of Nottingham shares his experiences

Henry Hawkes

August 16 2022

Student mental health and wellbeing

Mental health

Studying abroad: accepting my anxiety as a consideration, but not a limitation

Monika Bozic was diagnosed with anxiety and here she writes about her experience becoming an international student

Monika Bozic

June 27 2022

Student activities, societies and social life

How to make friends as a university student

Making friends as an international student

When studying abroad as an international student, it can be difficult to make new friends. International student Sushant Shrestha shares some simple tips on making connections

Sushant Shrestha

September 16 2022

Study tips

Stack of books and a cup of tea

Ten tips to ace exam season

Are you starting to feel nervous about exams? We’ve compiled these tips to help you ace those exams and become the most organised version of yourself

Grace McCabe

May 16 2022

Careers and graduate employability advice

What is a graduate job?

What is the difference between a graduate scheme and a non-graduate scheme job?

One of the key reasons why students go to university is to help them with their future careers. But is it better to join a graduate scheme at a company or to go straight into an entry-level job?

Grace McCabe

July 19 2022

How to make an impact as a university student

Best universities for recycling and reusing

Best universities for recycling and sustainability 2022

Explore the top 100 universities championing responsible consumption and production in the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 

May 26 2022

Stories from student alumni and university graduates

Studying in London

Alumni story: an Italian business graduate in London

Fabio Zheng looks back on his year as an international student in London, and all the opportunities and skills he gained during his time there

Fabio Zheng

April 11 2022
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