before you leave

Before you leave to study

Everything you need to do before you start your study abroad journey.

Preparing for university

A group of university students studying in a library

Five things you hadn’t thought to prepare for as an international student

Before becoming an international higher education expert and author, Dr Rajika Bhandari left India at the age of 21 to study abroad in the US. Here are her top five things to consider when moving abroad as an international student
Dr Rajika Bhandari
October 21 2021

Student finance and budgeting

digital online banks for students

A guide to online banks for international students

Are digital banks worth it for international students? Check out this guide on what to look for in mobile and app-based banks including Monzo, Ally Bank and Starling
Joy Hunter
October 14 2021


A guide to student accommodation in Canada

A guide to student accommodation in Canada

Explore your options for student accommodation in Canada with this helpful guide to the main accommodation types
Seeta Bhardwa
July 20 2021
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