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Before you leave to study

Everything you need to do before you start your study abroad journey.

Preparing for university

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What can I expect during my first week of university?

“Freshers week” in the UK, “Orientation” in the US, “O’week” in Australia and “Frosh week” in Canada. There are many ways to describe the first week of university, but what happens in each country? 

Grace McCabe

August 10 2022

Student finance and budgeting

How to choose a student bank account in Australia

A guide to student bank accounts in Australia

Are you going to university in Australia this year? This helpful guide breaks down how to choose the best bank account for you

Seeta Bhardwa

September 12 2022


rental scam

How to find legitimate accommodation at university

Organising accommodation is among the many steps that international students have to complete before they start their studies. But how can students avoid accommodation scams?

Grace McCabe

June 24 2022
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