Houses of Parliament at night

Diana Beech on an HE-light Budget that nonetheless has some implications for university staff and students

Face covered with UCU stickers

Faith in private-sector innovation has driven Conservative reforms under both Willetts and Johnson – but is that really what universities need?

Australian dollars

Australia’s new impact assessment exercise recognises cultural, social and environmental impacts, but there is a danger that economic impact will override everything, says David Lloyd

Marcus Butt illustration (23 November 2017)

If the Office for Students ever intervenes over freedom of speech, it will only be to widen it, says Michael Barber

Quality control guarantee

The TEF’s new name may be less misleading, but its incentives remain just as perverse, says Roger Brown

Mick Marston illustration (23 November 2017)

Academic disputes can be acrimonious and unedifying, but victory is always sweet, says Shahidha Bari

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Agnieszka Piotrowska looks at the past, present and possible future of Zimbabwe’s universities, following the resignation of Robert Mugabe

Two women in empty lecture hall

Research suggests that students learn better in their native tongue, and English fails to prepare international students for a job after graduation, says Michele Gazzola

Ahead of the UK City of Culture 2021 being named next month, Craig Mahoney looks at how winning the title can revitalise towns and their universities

USS, pension, pensions, retire

A badly understood notion of risk has created a fake crisis in university pensions that will devastate academia, argues Dennis Leech

Stephanie Marshall looks at the common features exhibited by universities that successfully achieved a TEF rating upgrade

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Research of lasting value needs an open environment

David Robinson looks at what Philip Hammond might have in store for universities

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After rulings against six universities, Iain Campbell and Moya Clifford offer advice on making sure that university adverts are not misleading


It may be the only bit of your thesis that most people will read, but do not waste your best title on your PhD, says Zachary Foster