Industrial and commercial partnerships for economic growth are important, but universities must also look to the public and third sectors, says Claire Taylor

Stressed male student suffering from anxiety

On International Stammering Awareness Day, two academics who stammer explain why higher education must do more to support those with this ‘invisible disability’


More data collection and research will support the future development of apprenticeships, writes Stephanie Wilde

Chainsaw cutting tree branch

Glyn Davis, vice-chancellor at the University of Melbourne, on a 'rising chorus' of complaints about universities in the UK and Australia


Is the government trying to have its cake and eat it with regard to free speech? asks Smita Jamdar


Online learning design is now a refined art, says Geoff Webster, and universities must show they can produce high-quality courses at a reasonable cost

New Zealand

The populist New Zealand First party’s anointing of Jacinda Ardern as prime minister will have big consequences for tertiary education, says Roger Smyth

international travel

Businesses prefer graduates with international experience, writes Sir Ciarán Devane, and universities must take note


Publication of the OfS regulatory framework consultation is a ‘significant milestone’ on the road to a new regulatory regime, says OfS chief executive Nicola Dandridge

Liam Anslow illustration (19 October 2017)

Students and administrators alike should resist pitting diversity against free expression, says John Palfrey

Michael Parkin illustration (19 October 2017)

Universities must go well beyond boilerplate statements about being a 'welcoming environment' if they really want to treat all their students equally, says Sarah Kollat

Statue of Socrates, Athens

Humanities subjects do support economic growth and good citizenship, but their real value lies deeper, says Andrew Moore

Students hugging

In our rapidly changing world focused on science and progress, the liberal arts are sometimes considered irrelevant; but they offer unique insight into who we are and where we are going


Contrary to the cultural meme, Canadian graduates in all subjects earn far more, on average, than coffee shop workers, say Ross Finnie, Richard Mueller and Arthur Sweetman

door, opening door, access, opportunity

As the Treasury Committee inquiry into tuition fees starts today, David Richardson warns that any reforms must ensure that universities remain properly funded

Labour MP Chris Elmore believes the most generous student maintenance package in the UK should not be confined to Wales