Oman, Muscat

Yusra Mouzughi on the many dilemmas faced when recruiting staff to a brand-new university

Music, saxophone

On International Jazz Day, Mark Laver hits back at the US government’s views on arts education

Africa map globe

Baroness Amos and Toyin Saraki on why Soas is using its centenary to highlight the importance of leveraging female education to improve development

Labour placard

John Morgan looks at the political rewards and risks for Labour on student and sector funding

Parliament and Big Ben, London

Reaction as the HE and Research Bill ends its journey through Parliament

Blackboard covered in maths equations

Research is a complex ecosystem; focusing on instrumental impacts alone fails to give the full picture of how advances are made, say Laura Meagher and Ursula Martin

Democrats and Republicans disagreeing

In an age of political civil war, the question of why the Right is so under-represented in academia is important

Illustration Sausage (27 April 2017)

Boycotts betray free enquiry, but Viktor Orbán’s moves against the Central European University at least make them worth debating, says Eric Heinze

Dale Edwin Murray illustration (27 April 2017)

Students who grew up disinviting ideological difference on Facebook will naturally want to do the same on campus, says Darren Linvill

Dale Edwin Murray illustration (27 April 2017)

Universities should not be neutral about attempts to ‘no platform’ speakers. They must defend students’ right to hear orthodoxy challenged, says Steve Fuller


A protest campaign in support of the Hungarian university is in full swing, explains Jan Kubik

Scholars with working-class backgrounds are ideally placed to change how academics are perceived, says Stefanie Stiles


Matthew Reisz reflects on what the two remaining presidential candidates might mean for higher education

South Sudan flag

Stranded abroad, South Sudan’s international students need help, writes Kuyok Abol Kuyok

Mortarboard of coins

Covering interview travel expenses creates financial hardships for early career academics, says Rachel Yoho

Golf: the long game

As tactics to maximise rankings become common knowledge and fluctuation diminishes, universities will re-focus on a diversifying array of missions, says Merlin Crossley

Colourful test tubes

The Naylor report will test the willingness of Justin Trudeau’s government to overhaul research support, writes Creso Sá

An image from Blade Runner

While some fear a dystopian outcome in which private innovators bypass the university, others are more sanguine about the potential threats to the sector

Illustration of man reading book falling on to group of people. Trust

Serious novels promote the trust and people skills that societies need. They should be required reading for all degrees, says Peter Taylor-Gooby

Nate Kitch illustration (20 April 2017)

The work of 500 scientists transformed the 20th century. Universities and funders must do more to make certain that the flow of groundbreaking discoveries continues, says Donald Braben