His experiences on a panel reviewing Canadian grant allocation has convinced Jonathan Grant that the evidence base for current practice needs serious reinforcement

Danny Allison illustration (15 June 2017)

Lots of money is spent on medical education in England – but very little of it goes towards teaching, says Philip Chan 

Protester in Theresa May mask

The wide appeal of Labour’s fees pledge means free higher education is back on the agenda, amid a shift in the political landscape

David Humphries illustration (15 June 2017)

Academics can acquire cult-like followings, but our goal should not be self-aggrandisement but the advancement of others, says Shahidha Bari

Man with lots of balloons

Susannah Baker and Anna Myers say that creating a distinctive university profile requires a clear idea of who you are and what strengths you offer

Book with heart-shaped pages

Complaints about university PR units often stem from inflated expectations and bad practice. Mark Ferguson offers tips on how to master media

Harvard graduates

Harvard faculty, students and alumni illuminate what the university does and shape its reputation like no other communications tool, says Paul Andrew

Climate change in action

Sir Keith Burnett on the reaction of scholars and students in America as the US president pulls out of the Paris Agreement

Brain, logic, thinking

Steven Franklin lays bare the questions and doubts that go through his mind as he sits down to work on his thesis

Classical womens heads

Victoria Leonard on bringing equality to the world's largest reference tool

The Quality Assurance Agency reviews UK higher education institutions

Martin Kurzweil and Wendell Pritchett cast their eye over the possible future direction of quality assurance under Trump

London, westminster, parliament, government

For the good of the country, ministers must now look at their stance on international students and tuition fees, writes Pam Tatlow

Polling station

Duncan Ross looks back at Times Higher Education’s predictions of how students could swing the general election

Labour placard

Since the Labour leadership contests, students have been building their political influence, says Tom Cutterham 

British police officers guarding 10 Downing Street entrance, London

Nick Hillman looks at the implications of the election result for the university sector, and finds a small slither of silver lining

Houses of Parliament at night

News and analysis as Conservative Party fails to win an overall majority in the general election

Nate Kitch illustration (8 June 2017)

The fashionable idea that reading novels could improve students’ fellow feeling bears little scrutiny, says Seán Williams

Free speech, censor, censorship

New leader of Canada’s Conservative Party, Andrew Scheer, promises research grant cuts to universities that offer safe spaces or speaker bans, says Creso Sá

University of Oxford

And, if so, does it matter where they studied and what subject they specialised in?

Matthew Brazier illustration (8 June 2017)

UK universities could curry much more political favour if they adopted a more constructive and pragmatic tone, says Sir David Bell