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Duncan Ross explains how far THE’s rankings have come – and where they might be going

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Russia’s top universities are being supported to make internationalisation a priority, and the fruits of their efforts are paying off, says Vladimir Filippov

A human pyramid in Asia

To consolidate strengths and address shared challenges, top regional institutions have formed the Asian University Alliance, Tsinghua University’s Zhou Zhong explains

Mural on a campus in Mexico City

The region must revive the reform spirit of 100 years ago to reverse the loss of talent, say Marcelo Knobel and Andrés Bernasconi

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Good academic leadership that enables universities to stay abreast of societal developments is more vital than ever, says Ole Petter Ottersen

Nobel laureate Brian Schmidt looking up at lit up spheres

The Nobel prizewinning physicist and Australian National University vice-chancellor on why his experience running a research team matters more than his Nobel prize

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Cornell is dedicated to truth, free expression and diversity, for only through these can it fulfil its mission to ‘maintain and promote the humane and rational values’ crucial to society, says its president Martha Pollack

Model of man with a transparent skull showing his brain

Tan Chorh‑Chuan explains how the National University of Singapore is addressing two key questions posed by the new age of empowerment

Lightbulb innovation

Ahead of the 2018 World Academic Summit, speaker Nicolas Pejout looks at entrepreneurialism in universities

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Eric Royal Lybeck says the Russell Group and UUK do not represent academics and calls for a comprehensive voice representing the professional interests of scholars

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Matthew Reisz reflects on the radio programme that proves many people still have a passion for seemingly obscure academic knowledge

Class divide

Universities must support and help the next generation of working-class researchers come through academia, says Lisa Mckenzie

European Union (EU) flag missing star (Brexit)
It is time to say how UK higher education will engage with the European Union
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Edward Peck looks at the findings of UUK’s Review of the Teaching Excellence Framework

international students and social media
Time to remove students from migrant numbers, says Jane Falkingham
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The difficulty of introducing student feedback in Papua New Guinea casts light on more general problems, says John Warren

Nobel prizewinner

A survey of 50 laureates is full of insight, warnings and the can-do attitudes powering ‘beautiful minds’


Universities should play a key role in teaching Canadians about their nation’s racist past and the possible ways to redress it, says Glen Jones

Miles Cole illustration (31 August 2017)

Wise and honourable assessors of grant applications must be allowed to use their discretion, says Sui Huang

Protesters carrying signs

Amid growing indifference to the public value of universities, the LSE’s Minouche Shafik suggests four ways to restore confidence and pride in the academy