International Green Learning and Skills Accelerator

Welcome to the International Green Learning and Skills Accelerator; created by the United Nations Environment Programme and Times Higher Education to catalyse and advance the contribution of higher and further education towards the global transition to a greener economy and planet.

The Accelerator has been created to overcome boundaries, build new coalitions and rapidly accelerate change. With the backing of the UN Environment Programme and Times Higher Education, this new Accelerator is designed to utilise the global breadth of the worldʼs most ambitious learning institutions, and in line with the Green Jobs for Youth Pact, connect the investment power of the worldʼs biggest and most innovative employers and the political influence of the worldʼs most courageous leaders, to guide change in the educational offer for learners.

We welcome interest and contributions from across industry sectors, training and skills providers and every country in the world.

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Why is the Accelerator needed?


Knowledge and skills for the green transition are vital for business leadership, innovation, and a productive, adaptable workforce. But provision is slow and irregular.


Education is a key catalyst for societal transformation. It is clear that young people are calling for change and want to be taught something different, while the current workforce need updating and retraining to drive the green economy.


Further and Higher Education Institutions and partners have a key opportunity to provide the learning and skills needed to accelerate the green transition. But to do this they need clarity, direction, and tools such as frameworks and accreditations to help increase the speed of change.

How will the Accelerator work?

Times Higher Education, the independent global authority on universities, and the UN Environment Programme have committed to supporting and empowering the world's further and higher education institutions to advance their contribution and leadership towards a just, equitable and sustainable economy.

Coalitions of partners representing educators, learners, business, employers and governments based around national regions and industry sectors will collaborate and report on how they understand and create change in the delivery of green skills, in support of the Green Jobs for Youth Pact.

A Global ‘Accelerator’ Board will establish a common data taxonomy on learning and skills for green jobs and how we accredit the training and education necessary for all learners, across all regions and all economies. We will report progress and seek feedback at COP, the World Academic Summit, the Global SDG Congress and other major global events.


Global Green Skills

A glance at the LinkedIn Global Green Skills Report 2023

1 in 8
workers have one or more green skills
increase in the median for the share of green talent in the workforce between 2022 and 2023
increase in the median for LinkedIn job postings requiring at least one green skill between 2022 and 2023

National Hubs

The International Green Learning and Skills Accelerator will support activities run through national hubs, that reflect regional economic conditions and demands.

National Hubs must include members representing government, education providers, employers and learners, and will be expected to be inclusive across industry or economic sectors, whilst directing focus at specific industry policy areas.

National Hubs will be supported in commissioning and undertaking research, reviewing and promoting resources, and sharing their experiences in major global forums for policy-makers, including events run by the UN and Times Higher Education.

To find out how you can be involved or start your own national hub, please contact us

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