General FAQs

Last updated: 20 January 2020

For more specific questions about THE subscriptions please visit Magazine Subscriptions FAQs.

What is a valid username?


A valid username can be anything between 3 and 30 characters and may contain numbers. We do not allow spaces or symbols in a username.

Can I create multiple usernames?


No, it’s not possible to create multiple usernames linked to the same email address.

When trying to register, I get an error message "This email address already exists". What does this mean?


If you get this error message, this means we already have an account linked to your email address. You can reset the password for your account here.

Is it possible to change my username?


Yes, send an email request to from the email address registered on our site quoting your preferred new username. Please remember symbols or spaces are not allowed in a username.

How do I delete my existing registration?


To remove your existing registration, please email Remember to include your THE username and send your request from the registered email address.

What can I do if I have forgotten my password?


How can I change the email address/password linked to my THE registration?


To change your email address or password, log onto the site. Once logged in, click on your avatar appearing at the top right My Account’ and edit the details you wish to change.

What web browsers does the site support?


We aim to ensure that the THE website is compatible with recent versions of major browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Safari, Chrome and Firefox. We recommend that if you have older versions of any browser you perform a quick update to get the most out of our website.

What are the advantages of switching to a newer browser?


Switching to a newer browser could give you a lot of advantages:

  • Security - Newer browsers protect you better against scams, viruses, trojans, phishing and other threats. They also fix security holes in your current browser!
  • Compatibility - Newer browsers are more likely to display content as intended. 
  • Better experience - With new features, extensions and better customisability, you will have a more engaging web-experience.

How do I update my browser?


Updating is easy, takes just a few minutes and is totally free. All browsers have the same basic features and interface. Just choose a browser to download from the original vendor's website:

  • Firefox - Widely-used open-source browser, highly extendable and customisable.
  • Google Chrome - Google's browser with compact interface. Automatically always up to date!
  • Microsoft Edge - Microsoft Edge is the fast, safe web browser that gives you one continuous browsing experience from your Android phone to your Windows 10 device.
  • Safari - Apple's fast browser, runs on both Mac and Windows machines.

How do I subscribe to newsletters?


To receive THE newsletters, you need to create a free account on the THE website and subscribe to newsletters during the registration process (or at a later date by editing your account preferences). 

How do I manage my preferences?


Log into the website. Once logged in, click on your user account icon (appearing at the top right of the screen). You can now personalise your newsletters by selecting your areas of interest. Some of these may already be ticked based on your website activity or profile information. You can tick or untick as many preferences as you wish. Remember to click the ‘Save my changes’ button before you leave the page.

If you’re a subscriber to one of our premium products, then you’ll be able to manage your preferences for them on this page too.

How do I opt out of all email communications?


In the “My Account” newsletter section untick all boxes. Remember to click the "Save my changes" button before you leave the page.

Please allow up to 48 hours for your request to be processed. You can also reverse your decision at any time by ticking the box and saving your changes.

I am already opted out of all email communications. How do I opt back in?


Tick the boxes for the information you wish to receive in “My Account” (when logged in, click on the user account icon that appears in the top right of the screen.

What emails are not covered by the preference centre?

  • Welcome emails
  • Service emails e.g. notifications of important website updates or changes to your account
  • Account and customer service emails e.g. password reminder
  • Premium product e-receipts and reminders


I am not able to log into my account. What should I do?

Could you please log out, clear the cache, refresh the page and log back in as this should resolve the issue and you should then have full access. 

If the problem still occurs please email with a screenshot of the error message/s you are getting from the email address you are logging in with and we can then further investigate this for you.