Shopping district superimposed over head of Buddha

Soul traders: the ‘faithonomics’ of religion

What price eternal life? Matthew Reisz meets a scholar who uses economics to explain our belief in the hereafter

Group of people angry at one man

Tufts president: ‘call people out’ over offensive comments

Anthony Monaco adds that the US has a more ‘holistic approach’ to recruiting students than the UK

A part-time PhD not for turning

Gayle Munro on the disparaging comment that fuelled her thesis and the perception that non-traditional doctoral students lack commitment

Danny Allison illustration (27 October 2016)
Author Ian Rankin, University of East Anglia

UEA’s Ian Rankin on Rebus, writing and regrets

We talk to the renowned crime author about the challenge of writing, professorial aspirations and how long it takes to finish The Times crossword

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Students running during protest, University of the Witwatersrand

Vice-chancellors warn that leading researchers will flee if unrest over tuition fees is not resolved swiftly

South African students protesting for free education

Universal free higher education regarded as unaffordable in country’s current economic crisis

Cliff fall sign

Ucas data for early-deadline courses are first sign of possible reaction to referendum result

People pointing fingers at guilty-looking man

Badly rated teachers more likely to distrust data, Israeli study finds

Horse and jockey crashing into hedge

New Aston vice-chancellor Alec Cameron also says that Brexit could lead to ‘aggressive’ recruitment of students in Europe

Large crowd of people

Leru analysis points to problems with Horizon 2020

An image of a boy taken from Higher Fees, Higher Debts: Greater Expectations of Graduate Futures? A Research-Informed Comic

Student artists at Staffordshire University have transformed academic research on graduate debt into a full-length comic

St John's University campus building

Indian private university adds Long Island to list of global campuses, but faces opposition on Boston plans

Li Qing Quan of Shenzhen and Emeric Peyredieu du Charlat of Audencia

Dean of new French-Chinese institution excited by opportunities in ‘dynamic’ part of the world

Flags of European Union member countries

European University Association research flags pressure points across continent

Reflection of Facebook logo on person's eye

New paper finds that effective social media does help to attract and retain students

Red carpet

Country is the latest to wonder whether separate admissions processes for international students are fair


Loan will contribute to ‘improving education in Hungary’


Female engineer measuring voltage on conductor board

Isolation and ‘blatant sexual harassment’ among the issues reported by female engineering scholars, writes Brian Rubineau

Sizwesandile Mnisi and the rest of the cast of The Fall.

A trip to the theatre prompts Martin Hall to think afresh about the demonstrations gripping his country’s campuses

Theresa May entering 10 Downing Street, London

UK prime minister Theresa May must prove her ‘fixer’ reputation by consulting vice-chancellors and ensuring overseas students feel welcome again, says David Boddy


Podcast (old microphone placed on office desk)

The latest edition of Times Higher Education discussed by the editorial team

In Numbers

Princeton University

Times Higher Education analysis reveals the institutions with the most affiliated Nobel prizewinners this century


Woman sitting alone on empty lecture hall

The official weekly newsletter of the University of Poppleton. Finem respice!


Nate Kitch illustration (27 October 2016)

With the right strategies, becoming the leading country for scholarship and science is within the UK’s grasp, says Jamie Martin

A pyramid of people (illustration)

World-leading institutions will require greater funding, internationalisation and autonomy, says C. Raj Kumar

Danny Allison illustration (27 October 2016)

Gayle Munro on the disparaging comment that fuelled her thesis and the perception that non-traditional doctoral students lack commitment

Anti-riot policeman reacts towards student protestor, University of the Witwatersrand

Campus violence could halt the homeward flow of the internationally mobile researchers South Africa’s academy needs


Tom Solomon, Institute of Infection and Global Health, University of Liverpool

The professor of neurology on the doctor’s life, treating and befriending a treasured author and bringing memoir, medical biography and pop-sci together in writing Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Medicine

The Jewish old age home in Chelm, 1918

William Kolbrener on a study of the tales that centre on a place that is both a real Polish city and an imaginary realm

Albert Einstein

Blow your mind by travelling to the bizarre yet beautiful frontier of physics, says Tara Shears

An open book at twilight

A weekly look over the shoulders of our scholar-reviewers


Duke University sports fans painted blue

When it comes to student engagement, US institutions in the research elite typically have a lot of ground to make up

Johannesburg skyline

The event will include the official launch of the 2017 THE BRICS & Emerging Economies Rankings

Harvard University campus

Eight subject rankings reveal elite group of 14 US and European universities thriving across disciplines