A group of flamingos and a Marabou stork

The only conservative scholar on campus?

A right-wing philosopher in Texas tells John Gill how a minority of students can shut down debates and intimidate lecturers – and why he backs Trump

A worker directs pedestrians on a street in the central business district of Sydney

Global visa crackdowns herald era of ‘contested’ mobility

Higher education figures warn that US and Australian policies could threaten academic and student movement 

Higher Education and Research Bill passed by UK parliament

Bill to further market approach in England backed by MPs and Lords

Chequered flag waving
Dale Edwin Murray illustration (27 April 2017)

Freedom of speech is not just for academics

Universities should not be neutral about attempts to ‘no platform’ speakers. They must defend students’ right to hear orthodoxy challenged, says Steve Fuller

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Chequered flag waving

Bill to further market approach in England backed by MPs and Lords

Michael Ignatieff says commitment to migrants exacerbated conflict with Hungarian government

Conservative peer attacks ‘brightest and best’ rhetoric used by ministers

Researcher talks of anger over job loss caused by federal hiring freeze

A worker directs pedestrians on a street in the central business district of Sydney
Warnings that US and Australian policies threaten academic and student movement
Survey of would-be undergraduates finds teaching quality is the most important factor in decision-making
Worried man wiping forehead
Two academics explain how to beat some of the typical anxieties associated with a doctoral degree
international students
Universities with the highest percentage of international students named
Shakira Martin

‘Centrist’ candidate wins majority in first round of ballot

Nigel Lawson, Lord Lawson

Former chancellor claims ‘politically correct’ students hold sway over ‘totally supine university authorities’

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Newman v-c suspects ‘drive to limit number of institutions that are able to recruit international students’
Family riding a bike
Students' work on quantum computing demonstrates their role on the front line of discovery
Liberal Democrats sign

Vince Cable and Julian Huppert back party to overtake Labour in ‘university seats’

People fighting over giant Euro note

System rewards academics whose work is used in teaching – but at potential bureaucracy cost


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Building a world-class institution from scratch is easier said than done, warns Jamil Salmi

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