World University Rankings 2015-2016: full results out now

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Jo Johnson, Minister for Universities and Science Jo Johnson: TEF will include metrics on widening participation

Higher education Green Paper due in the next few weeks, says minister at Conservative Party conference

Theresa May: rules ‘must be enforced’ on overseas students

Home secretary takes swipe at university ‘lobbyists’ but no mention about speculation that she has lost support of Cameron on students being included in net migration count

neutrinos sun bombarded nobel winning scientists Neutrino experts share Nobel Prize in Physics

Japanese and Canadian professors awarded prize for their work on ‘nature’s most elusive elementary particles’

David Willetts David Willetts: Tory areas are ‘culprits’ if too many people go to university

Former universities minister criticises colleagues by pointing out irony that to cut participation, it is affluent South where numbers would need to be cut

University of Cambridge UK universities are top destinations for mobile Nobel laureates

The University of Cambridge is the top UK institution for hosting both international and British students who go on to win Nobel prizes, finds British Council

MIT and Imperial launch seed fund to support ‘risky’ research

Money to be set aside for ‘blue skies’ fundamental research

Heavy Space Utilisation, Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A), London V&A artwork delivers a retort to management-speak

Falmouth deputy v-c’s remarks spur artists’ sharp comment on changes to arts education

Study abroad scholarship form US universities invest $185 million in study abroad

Institutions signed up to IIE’s Generation Study Abroad initiative have pledged to create scholarships for under-represented students, says report

Megan Dunn, president of the National Union of Students NUS to probe institutional racism allegations

Independent audit ordered by president in wake of claims by black students’ officer

2015 Nobel Prize for Medicine announced

Scientists from Japan, China and Ireland awarded for their work tackling parasitic diseases

Beetle crawling on small stones Mass-produced PhDs lie at heart of Russia’s ‘plague’ of doctoral fraud

Academic ‘scallywags’ are gaining doctorates thanks to the circulation of dodgy theses within some universities, says the founder of plagiarism pressure group

First Syrian refugee welcomed to Mexico on scholarship scheme

Habesha Project aims to ‘send a message of solidarity to the Syrian nation’

Conveyor belt of books Zimbabwe’s import duty on books alarms universities

Fears that 40 per cent levy could leave academics and students unable to access new research


Mao Zedong statue What Youyou Tu’s Nobel prize victory means for Chinese science

China’s long wait for a home-grown Nobel prize in science is now over, but concerns over its university culture remain

prevent agenda downing street dossier henry jackson society The questions raised by Prevent ‘naming and shaming’

The ‘naming and shaming’ of universities that have hosted extremist speakers has raised more questions about the intentions of the Prevent agenda, says Jack Grove

George Osborne Anarchists at the Tory gate – but where’s higher education hiding?

John Morgan blogs from the Conservative Party conference in Manchester


Person standing on big toe of sitting Buddha statue, Leshan What it's like to work with the academic greats

Five contributors recall friendships and encounters with preeminent scientists, writers and philosophers

Donkey being led by carrot How to manage rapid change

Steve Olivier offers tips for a smoother transition

Person in ghillie suit reading on bench The story of a shy academic

Joe Moran on the little-known benefits of being a shrinking violet

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THE World University Rankings THE podcast: World University Rankings 2015-2016 results

The results of the 2015-2016 Times Higher Education World University Rankings, discussed by the THE editorial team.

In Numbers

Imperial College London Hammersmith campus Top 25 UK universities for graduate employment

London institutions top Good University Guide 2016 list based on graduate job prospects


Woman wearing red catsuit Laurie Taylor – 1 October 2015

The official weekly newsletter of the University of Poppleton. Finem respice!


First, second and third place winners' podium Not all that counts can be counted

The UK has performed well in our expanded World University Rankings, but intangible assets are a vital source of strength

Person hiding face with hat brim MI5 files are worth the wait for researchers

Declassified after 50 years, the papers aren’t always reliable sources of information, but they help historians fill in the blanks, says Geoff Andrews

Elly Walton illustration (1 October 2015) We must do more to tell the full story of impact

Most REF case studies related simple, short-term impacts, missing a host of wider, longer-term effects, argues Trisha Greenhalgh

THE World University Rankings THE podcast: World University Rankings 2015-2016 results

The results of the 2015-2016 Times Higher Education World University Rankings, discussed by the THE editorial team.

mic, microphone, podcast THE podcast: 24-30 September 2015 issue review

This week's edition discussed by the Times Higher Education team

Hand cutting red cloth with scissors Cut from a different cloth

In an age of extroverts, a scholar’s paean to shyness and Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘radio phone-in’ PMQs tack against the prevailing winds

David Humphries illustration (24 September 2015) Words fail us: university marketing-speak

A Russell Group tagline rap is further proof that we need to reform the academy’s approach, argues Philip Moriarty

Arsene Wenger, Theo Walcott, Arsenal, Barclays Premier League match Why experiment with UK science funding?

Naomi Weir urges caution in the face of plans to reform an efficient research funding system


On the Commodity Trail: The Journey of a Bargain Store Product from East to West, by Alison Hulme

A remarkable investigation into the global traffic in cheap shelf-fillers uncovers both meanness and meaning in the market, says Louise Crewe

You may have missed

Why McMaster University gave its female academics a pay rise

When his university found evidence of a £2,000 gender pay gap, it knew what was the right thing to do - and it did it, says David Wilkinson

Welcome to the hot seat, Mr Johnson

David Bell has some words of wisdom for Jo Johnson, the new minister for universities and science, as an ‘eventful’ five years loom

Momentum builds on fossil fuel divestment

‘Domino theory’ points to UK academy’s future financial environment

REF 2014

REF tactics: can you win by fielding the whole team?

Universities, and especially the research elite, faced a choice between aiming for highest quality scores and the greatest number of staff submitted

N8 remains optimistic despite REF slide

The director of a partnership of research-intensive universities is upbeat about future outlook

Overseas academics ‘should have REF input’

LSE pro-director also calls for metrics to measure impact


World University Rankings World University Rankings 2015-2016: results announced

US continues to lose its grip as institutions in Europe up their game

THE World University Rankings THE podcast: World University Rankings 2015-2016 results

The results of the 2015-2016 Times Higher Education World University Rankings, discussed by the THE editorial team.

BRICS logo cropped BRICS & Emerging Economies Rankings 2016 results coming 2 December

Times Higher Education BRICS & Emerging Economies Rankings 2016 will include 200 universities for the first time

Men deflating hot air balloon, Great Prosser Balloon Rally OECD’s Ahelo will fail to launch, says education director

Project to measure learning outcomes globally could have got off the ground ‘if UK had signed on’

Stanford University, Reuters Top 100 Most Innovative Universities 2015 The world’s most innovative universities

US institutions top the inaugural Reuters Top 100 Most Innovative Universities table

World University Rankings 2015-2016 results coming 30 September THE World University Rankings consulted by one in three international students

Times Higher Education rankings almost the most used league table in India

Africa map on canvas Africa university ranking 'could drive sector's development'

Conference hears that bespoke THE measures could help to incentivise improvement and attract public funding