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Link through to the new THE Student platform


With contention about diversity adding to concerns about employability and declining student numbers, does Classics in the US need rebranding or rethinking? Paul Basken reports

In the third decade of the so-called Asian century, European and North American universities and governments continue to neglect the world’s most populous continent. As Asia grows ever more powerful, this must change, scholars tell Joyce Lau

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With funding crunch time looming, some UK policymakers seem set on limiting education opportunities while advocating their benefits to society

Susan McHugh enjoys a detailed analysis of how our relations with dogs reveal some essential truths about what it means to be human

The professor of psychiatry and author of Of Fear and Strangers discusses learning about America from Twain, the ‘history of xenophobia’ and how to address it


    Teaching Excellence Summit

    Tianjin, China

    Building knowledge, transforming skills

    To raise teaching standards in China and beyond, this summit will explore the latest innovative methods and best teaching practices from around the globe, as well as the crucial role that universities play in preparing graduates for the fourth industrial revolution.

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    Innovation & Impact Summit

    Stockholm, Sweden

    What makes a successful innovation climate?

    Leaders will gather to explore issues that affect the creation of a positive environment for innovation, and to question how universities can sustain that environment. The summit will also see the reveal of the THE University Impact Rankings 2022.

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