Students support university staff strike

A student’s view on the pension strikes: support your lecturers

As university staff gear up to strike, one student explains exactly what the strikes are about and why students should stand in solidarity with their lecturers

student volunteering while at university.

Student volunteering: working with a major charity

Students can volunteer with charities while they are at university to learn new skills, make new friends and ultimately boost their career prospects

PhD diary: imparting knowledge to the younger generation

PhD Diary: imparting knowledge to the younger generation

Telling school pupils what it is like to be a PhD student gave Charlie a better appreciation of his position

UK university tuition fee review

Required reading: what you need to know about the UK tuition fee review

A review into post-18 education for students in the UK has been launched and here are the key facts you need to know

Seven essential things to know about international student centres

Pathway to university: seven essential things to know

Looking back on her first term at the Durham University International Study Centre, Gwen Sim reveals the seven things that all prospective students should know

Why I love studying at a university in Brussels

Why I love studying in Brussels

Why do students love studying in Brussels? Watch this video to discover the best bits about studying in the capital of the European Union

Indian international student in the UK

From India to the UK: my first year as an international student

In the first of her blogs for THE Student, Arya Sharma explains how she settled into her first year at a UK university as an international student from India

Man holds Syrian passport, Luebeck, Germany, 2015

From a Syrian refugee to a UK university student

Amr shares his story of coming to the UK from Syria, and how a scholarship for refugees from the University of Hertfordshire helped achieve his dreams of continuing his studies