Student volunteering

Why student volunteering matters

Volunteering is a great way to enhance skills and give back to the community. During Student Volunteering Week, students are encouraged to find opportunities that best suit their interests
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What it's like to study a modern languages degree

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Student life in London: culture and cuisine

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‘I love this country too much to idly stand by’

Bushra Hamid, whose parents came to the US from Syria, gives her personal take on the current political climate

12 monthly resolutions for graduate students

A handy guide to staying on track with your studies this year
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Tips for getting your dream graduate job

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Are universities failing their students on fossil fuel issues?

A campaigner from Fossil Free UCL explains why students must hold their universities to account on environmental issues
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Why do German students choose to study in the UK?

A German student at the University of Oxford analyses why German students love to study at British universities – and how Brexit might change this