Study abroad scholarship form

How a scholarship helped me land my dream job

A Santander Universities scholarship was crucial for Maria to move to London to attend university and ultimately end up in her dream job 

New York

Brits in America: New York, New York

Having the city of New York incorporated into every aspect of Bonnie's curriculum at Barnard College helps her to discover more parts of her new home

World Mental Health Day.

What do student mental health services look like around the world?

Students around the world will experience mental health conditions in the same way, yet mental health services in universities around the world vary 

You know you're a graduate when

You know you’re a graduate when...

Every graduate can relate to these seven experiences post-university. Just make sure you have a solid answer for the cashier at Tesco

A typical day in the life of a Harvard student

Brits in America: a day in the life of a Harvard student

Raphaëlle describes a typical day in the life of a Harvard University student and examines the reasons why Harvard has such a high reputation 

Top tweets that sum up freshers week

13 tweets that are peak freshers’ week

Freshers’ week is a highly unique experience to the UK university scene and can be perfectly summed up in these tweets 

why I love studying in Berlin, university in Berlin

Why I love studying in Berlin

It’s fun, cheap and packed full of students...just some of the reasons why Berlin has become such a popular student city

A day in the life of a UK university student

A day in the life of a university student in the UK

What does a typical day look like for a UK university student? It varies but blogger Holly Brandon reveals just how days are spent as a university student in the UK