challenges for international students in the UK

From India to the UK: a checklist for international students

Arya Sharma presents a checklist of things you should think about before coming to study in the UK as an international student

Finding a summer internship

Brits in America: cramming my summer with internships

Raphaelle has packed her summer full of internships and work experience, something that appears to be the norm for Harvard University students 

an open letter to racism

Pathway to university: an open letter to racists

Racism is an unfortunate scenario that many international students may face. Gwen Sim opens up about her experiences that, while hurtful, do not overshadow how much she has enjoyed studying abroad

Why I love studying in London

Why I love studying in London

London is one of the most popular destinations for students. Watch this short video to find out just why so many students love studying in this busy capital city 

finding a job as an international student

A year in London: figuring out this whole job hunting thing

Reona’s latest blog looks at how international students can prepare for their careers even if graduation is still some time away

How easy is it to move to America?

Brits in America: how easy is it to move to the US?

Bonnie’s latest blog is full of tips for students on how to successfully move to America

Keeping anorexia at bay while at university

Keeping anorexia at bay while at university

Hope Virgo’s story of beating anorexia while at university could help other students in the same position

Doing a PhD, doing politics

PhD diary: doing a PhD, doing politics

As a PhD student, Charlie questions how he can get involved in politics outside the realm of his research