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Why I love studying in Brussels

Why do students love studying in Brussels? Watch this video to discover the best bits about studying in the capital of the European Union

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Seeta Bhardwa

Editor, THE Student
February 15 2018
Why I love studying at a university in Brussels


Although Brussels isn’t commonly known as a popular university city, there is a lot that this small European capital can offer students.

Probably most famous for being the home of the European Union parliament, it is also known for its cobbled streets, chocolate, lace factories and, of course, the grand Market Square were one can sit and enjoy a coffee and admire the gilded buildings. 

However, aside from all those wonderful things, students say that studying here is a multicultural experience, and that it is very easy to meet students from all over the world. In fact, Université Libres de Bruxelles and Vrije University Brussel were both featured in the top 200 universities with the highest percentage of international students in the world

Julia Jadin, an economics student from Université Libres de Bruxelles, says that this is one of the reasons why she loves studying in Brussels, along with the fact that the nightlife is pretty good. This sentiment is echoed by Bruno Arondel, a political science student from Saint Louis University, who says that he enjoys going out in Brussels, that it is fairly cheap and is easy to navigate. 

Dinesh Lourdes, a journalism student at the Vrije University of Brussels, states that as a student from Malaysia he likes the way that the education system in Brussels is structured, and how it is different to that in Malaysia. 

Watch the video below to discover the many reasons why students love studying in Brussels. 

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