Understand the strength of your university’s brand and reputation, globally

THE’s Reputation Dashboard remains the industry leading source of intelligence on how your university is perceived among leading academics from around the world, based on THE’s annual global academic survey.

“We purchased the Reputation Dashboard because we want to use the data and insights to help us shape our strategies and how we run campaigns. When it comes to research marketing and how to share our research with audiences around the world, we always want a very bespoke way to identify a specific market and identify the way to reach them as every market is different. That is how this database and in-depth information helps us on a project-to-project basis.

- Bristol University, UK

With proprietary data from over 100,000 survey respondents, benefits include:

  • Understanding the strength of your brand across the globe
  • Knowing which subjects you’re best known for
  • Analysing peer performance
  • Information to inform marketing resource and spend
  • Insights into influences on academics’ voting
  • Visibility of voter profiles

THE’s Reputation Dashboard helps leaders in marketing and institutional research understand voter profile, including demographics, location, discipline and other key characteristics, allowing you to tailor your institution’s strategy more effectively.

Subscribers receive access to:

  • Over 100,000 survey responses
  • 1 million votes cast
  • Votes for over 2,500 institutions
  • 31 subject areas
  • National vs. international analysis
  • Raw data download

Key features

  • Deep dive into data on your reputation as perceived by published scholars around the world
  • Ascertain your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Country-level trends: What factors are important when voters are considering universities in
    particular countries? And what factors influence voters, country-by-country?
  • Demographics: How do voting patterns change by voter age, role, media preference and subject?
  • First-hand experience: How do voters respond when asked which institutions excel in their field
    in their direct experience working with them?
  • Raw votes: Weighted and unweighted reputation votes, including vote share percentage.

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