Plan for change

Universities are constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of a diverse and international sector.
Changes within a university can impact rankings metrics and performance. THE Explore takes the guessing away.

THE Explore allows you to create hypothetical scenarios by changing your institutions core inputs and running them against the most recent World University Ranking. This will give you a view of how changes across your institution (such as staff numbers, research output, funding etc..), can impact your World University Rankings performance.


Create scenarios, with the option to change data inputs across:

  • Your entire institution as well as across THE’s 11 subject areas
  • Institutional data, including staff and student numbers, degrees and income
  • Reputation votes, both teaching and research
  • Research output and FWCI
  • There’s no limit to how many scenarios you can create
  • Ability to download scenarios and visuals


Based on your new inputs, you can then re-calculate the ranking (against the existing year’s submission), to derive:

  • How these changes within your institution would have impacted your rankings performance (in the current year)
  • How would individual faculties perform?
  • How would your institution now rank and perform compared to your peers?
  • Would the changes have a positive or negative impact on your rankings performance?
Please note that given changing rankings populations, distributions as well as the changing performances of other universities, THE Explore cannot forecast future performance, and is designed to be used to create hypothetical scenarios using the current year’s rankings data.

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