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Striking visual display in King’s College London corridor symbolises how higher education is taking professorial problem seriously

Theresa May

John Morgan looks at the Tory manifesto pledge to keep students in net migration target and to hold ‘major review’ of tertiary funding

Horse race

Higher education might not be a central issue in the UK’s general election campaign, but it certainly has much riding on the outcome

Map of Europe

Giving employee rights to doctoral candidates seen as key step to make life in academia more attractive, Holly Else writes

Roulette table

As universities rely on multiple income streams to stay afloat, private money comes with caveats and portfolios must balance profit and principle

Two hands exchanging money

Despite the economic downturn following the last recession, a real-terms fall in pay at UK universities since 2010-11 was still surprising, writes Simon Baker

Men in suits

Women’s pay still lags behind men’s, and a lack of transparency around salaries makes it all the harder to address

Democrats and Republicans disagreeing

In an age of political civil war, the question of why the Right is so under-represented in academia is important

The Duke of York’s support for London Met shows how the Royal Family can make a difference in higher education, says Jack Grove

Carnival atmosphere at the London March for Science as events take place across the world

Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

John Morgan looks at reports PM may ‘soften’ stance on students and net migration figures 

An image from Blade Runner

While some fear a dystopian outcome in which private innovators bypass the university, others are more sanguine about the potential threats to the sector

John Morgan looks at how the HE Bill's future, the impact of Brexit and Labour's fee plans are all election issues for universities


Supervisors should be trained to spot the first sign of a problem, says Chris Havergal

Sydney Opera House, Australia

Massive investment in campus infrastructure gives Australia an advantage in the battle to recruit international students, writes Jack Grove from the Young Universities Summit in Brisbane

Broken lightbulb

New institutions across the world believe that they can compete with big-name universities that are stuck in the past, explains Jack Grove

Matthew Reisz discusses the preliminary results of the National Senior Management Survey

Theresa May signing Article 50 letter

John Morgan finds sector statements on ‘momentous day’ taste a little bland

Institutions that succeed in helping regional growth deserve being included in measures of performance, says Simon Baker

Man shouting into megaphone

The Excellence Initiative in Germany and the UK’s TEF may bring only bad news for universities’ reputations, says David Matthews