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Threats over content available in China reveal difficult line academic community must tread

Bailing out a boat

Universities used to be thought unsinkable, but the unthinkable – an institution going to the wall – is now a genuine, if yet remote, prospect

London sunset

UK needs an antidote to London dominance and toxic deindustrialisation, says John Morgan

admissions Ucas contextual data

Think carefully about treating students differently because of their backgrounds

neon sign

Institutions are feeling under attack; they need to counter their critics by showing proudly and publicly the immense good work they do

Tool box

Universities claim to bestow on graduates the key to open the door to any job: critical thinking. But even if they do, are employers interested?

There are several stumbling blocks on the way to negotiating access to European research funding, writes Holly Else

Measuring salary

Amid fresh criticism of executive remuneration, perhaps universities need to rethink the issue of vice-chancellors’ salaries

Woman looking into ear trumpet

As the row over fees reignites and mutates into a debate over the very purpose of universities, silence reigns on the issue of hyper-selectivity

Deckchairs in a park

Academics may see their work as a calling, which makes it hard for them to switch off. But vacations are essential for well-being – and a bit of fun

Traditional Chinese medicine

Chris Parr visits a university aiming to be the best in the world at both Western and traditional Chinese medicine

Brexit negotiations sign

Wherever you are, populism and its effect on universities is never far from conversation, finds Chris Parr

Jeremy Corbyn flag at Glastonbury

Few in academia will have celebrated Brexit’s first anniversary but the unpredictable year since the vote has shown the power of a united voice

Oversized 'Approved' stamp

The stamp of government approval means TEF ratings will carry significant weight, writes Chris Havergal

Matthew Reisz enjoys an evening in the company of a Nobel Laureate and academic superstar

Theresa May

John Morgan looks at how the PM’s woes may have beneficial side-effects

Polling station

Duncan Ross looks back at Times Higher Education’s predictions of how students could swing the general election

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn records stunning results in university seats on back of £11.2bn policy, writes John Morgan

Man on bicycle

John Morgan looks at the ‘culture wars’ approach to universities emerging on the Right, and the counter-arguments

Striking visual display in King’s College London corridor symbolises how higher education is taking professorial problem seriously