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As China’s influence grows, UK scholars question how best to collaborate. A post-Brexit transition may offer change to more than our EU relationship

6 February

Mid-career learners, and some of the world’s biggest employers, are looking beyond the ‘graduate club’ for laser-targeted courses and skills

23 January

A decade dominated first by austerity and then by Brexit has brought UK higher education to a tipping point as the election looms

5 December

In a marketised system, student numbers are rising. Small universities offer a collegial approach and, for some, better, not bigger, is the key to excellence

21 November

Some are wary property development will detract from core missions. But it can provide helpful home improvements and boost community partnerships

24 October

As student numbers pass the 50 per cent mark, it is more important than ever to promote the value of HE, and counter perceptions that more means worse

10 October

Obama’s election supposedly heralded a ‘post-racial’ era, yet inequalities persist for the black community. Today, HBCUs have lessons for us all

3 October

Top universities demand the best in the world as leaders. But when does a fresh international outlook outweigh domestic knowledge and experience?

5 September

Technological advances mean an ever evolving workplace. While no one can predict the future, HE investment in lifelong learning will surely help us adapt

8 August

Brexit will be a disaster for HE, but do the new prime minister’s past utterances offer clues on what else universities might expect?

1 August