Humanoid robot Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

How did some of the youngest institutions make such a strong showing in the rankings?

Cable car system, Ocean Park, Hong Kong, China

Rankings efforts must not detract from university mission, says Hong Kong University of Science and Technology president Tony Chan

Students outside Pompeu Fabra University communication campus

Pompeu Fabra University is implementing reforms to compete globally, says rector Jaume Casals

Man reading on bench, University of East Anglia

University of East Anglia, no longer under 50, continues to innovate and invest, says vice-chancellor David Richardson

Brisbane, Australia

Summit will take place on 5-7 April and officially launch the 150 Under 50 Rankings 2017, ranking the world's best universities under 50 years old

Winners' podium

In the second blog from the opening seminar of the Centre for Global Higher Education, Robert Tijssen says league tables are meeting growing demand from institutions as well as students

Ghana flags, THE Africa Universities Summit 2016

Times Higher Education event will explore how to educate Africa’s increasing number of young people

germany berlin research science precariat

Uwe Brandenburg explores the role that the Berlin government’s Excellence Initiative has played in the latest THE ranking

Suited man setting up row of international flags

Ellie Bothwell examines strengths and weaknesses in different higher education systems across the Continent

Barcelona, Spain

Conference will examine how young institutions are rapidly rising in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 

Giant magnet attracting money

Times Higher Education World University Rankings data reveal the 20 best institutions based on private-sector investment per academic

Use of foodbanks by students is on the rise

When universities chase ‘excellence’, argues Michelle Stack, ‘big capital’ calls the tune and some students go hungry

Elly Walton illustration (18 February 2016)

The country’s ambitious goals for its universities can’t be hit quickly or cheaply, says Philip Altbach, but they can be achieved

Plays of Shakespeare

Times Higher Education World University Rankings data reveal the best ancient institutions 

Hong Kong skyline

Event will explore Asia's place in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings

Middle East map

Any tables must reflect the nuances of the region, says Mohamed Salem

Saudi man riding horse, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

Institutions from eight countries feature in a snapshot university ranking for the region

Small building

Duncan Ross looks at how we selected the universities for our ranking of small institutions

Metrics and data

If you want to join our exciting global project, get in touch, says Phil Baty