Japanese paper fish
Our new rankings focus on what institutions offer students
Man looking at robot

The Japan rankings are built around four pillars that demonstrate the broad strength of an institution

Institutions that succeed in helping regional growth deserve being included in measures of performance, says Simon Baker

King's College London

Nobel laureates and university presidents will speak at flagship THE event at King’s College London

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The National University of Singapore leads our 2017 ranking of the top universities in Asia
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There is no monopoly on quality in Asia – excellence is found continent-wide, says Phil Baty

A crowd of students at a campus in India

Innovation in private universities will help to transform Indian higher education, says Atul Chauhan

A University of Ulsan team have their efforts judged in a robotic boat competition in the US

South Korea’s University of Ulsan, a pioneer in academic and business collaboration, stresses the importance of communication for maximum engagement, writes Yeon-Cheon Oh

Image from China's mission to the Moon

Mainland partnerships and lunar missions show the benefits of collaboration, says Timothy W. Tong, the head of Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Two women look at pollen robots in Japan

Akiyoshi Yonezawa looks at what new domestic league table might tell the world about Japan’s strengths and weaknesses

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A nation’s income affects not only the quality of tertiary education but also the number enrolled

University of Sydney

THE analysis reveals the 53 institutions that could surpass Oxbridge and the Ivy League

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Times Higher Education will release more than 20 different rankings tables this year

China Medical University, Taiwan

First THE Asia Pacific university ranking will be launched at the event

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A round-up of the top 100 universities founded between 1945 and 1966 will be published for the first time

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New table will focus on teaching and learning as well as student success

Asia University Rankings 2017 methodology

Change for the better: fuelled by more comprehensive data, the 2017 Asia rankings probe deeper than ever


The event in South Korea will include the official launch of the THE Asia University Rankings 

Improvement, performance, rankings, success

THE’s Rankings Editor Phil Baty sets out why the World University Rankings are here to stay – and why that's a good thing

Student connections

The institutions with the strongest global connections have a ‘cultural disposition’ to think beyond borders. Ellie Bothwell reports