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The UK may lead Europe in terms of internationalisation, but other countries are surprisingly strong and gaining ground. Ellie Bothwell reports


Having put students and teaching quality at the heart of its US rankings, THE intends to extend its innovative approach to Europe. Phil Baty writes

Nanyang Technological University

Su Guaning, president emeritus of Nanyang Technological University, says the best universities have a local rival

Asian universities overtake top Western brands in the Times Higher Education ranking of the world’s most prestigious universities 

Laying out stars

Experts within their field are best placed to assess a university’s expertise in a subject. Here we analyse how top universities are perceived by subject

Harvard graduates

Harvard faculty, students and alumni illuminate what the university does and shape its reputation like no other communications tool, says Paul Andrew

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Susannah Baker and Anna Myers say that creating a distinctive university profile requires a clear idea of who you are and what strengths you offer

Book with heart-shaped pages

Complaints about university PR units often stem from inflated expectations and bad practice. Mark Ferguson offers tips on how to master media

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Brand has substance: it is the distillation of an institution’s mission and relevance, says Phil Baty

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Underpinning THE’s World Reputation Rankings is our Academic Reputation Survey, and this is how we collect, collate and calculate the figures

Jean-Lou Chameau

Ellie Bothwell talks with the KAUST president about effective leadership, securing funding and the importance of keeping the local public onside

best universities for student to staff ratio
Universities with the highest student to staff ratio named
Colourful world map

Ahead of his address at Going Global 2017, Phil Baty looks at the relationship between the world’s best universities and their place in the world

Best universities in the Middle East and North Africa.
The best universities in the Arab World have been named
looking through a gap

University appeals ICO notice to publish report on refusal to take part in league tables

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Balkan country’s higher education system punches above its weight in new ranking


The Times Higher Education table of the world's most prestigious universities will be announced in Massachusetts 

international students
Universities with the highest percentage of international students named
Golf: the long game

As tactics to maximise rankings become common knowledge and fluctuation diminishes, universities will re-focus on a diversifying array of missions, says Merlin Crossley

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On the eve of the first round of France’s presidential elections, Matthew Reisz considers its complex higher education sector and the appetite among politicians, institutions and academics for reform