Cultivate a sense of belonging on campus

A student’s experience of higher education can be greatly enhanced by an institution’s deliberate and considered actions towards building a sense of belonging on campus. But this goal is made that much more difficult in the wake of constant change brought on by industry-disrupting innovations. And with a section of the student body that lives off campus or who have commitments outside their studies, the challenge can sometimes seem almost too great. This collection of resources homes in on what belonging means in higher education, how we can cultivate it and how we can create and protect inclusive spaces for our students.

Multiracial group of students taking a selfie in the park

Where’s Hector? How a scavenger hunt helps first-year students explore the university campus

A collaborative discovery activity has benefits that go beyond simply helping new students get to know the university grounds. It fosters belonging and fun – and even promotes physical well-being, writes Hector Viveros Tapia

Hector Viveros Tapia

Macquarie University