Best ‘Golden Age’ universities 2019

The Golden Age ranking uses Times Higher Education data to cast a spotlight on the best universities established for more than 50 years, but less than 80 years

June 26 2019
golden age ranking

The universities in the Times Higher Education “Golden Age” ranking were established between 1945 and 1967. The ranking takes its name from what was a Golden Age in global higher education, characterised by rapid university expansion and increasing investment in research. 

Because of the age of these universities (older than 50 years old but under 80), they fall outside the parameters of our overall Young University Rankings that looks at institutions under 50 years of age. They make up a unique group of higher education institutions that have embedded academic practices but haven’t been around for hundreds of years. 

There are two appearances in the top 10 from the University of California System, with the University of California, San Diego topping the list and the University of California, Irvine in joint eighth place. The US has 19 universities in the ranking overall. 

The UK’s sole representative in the top 10 is the University of Warwick. However, the UK has a strong presence in the ranking with 24 universities making the list, including the University of York, the University of Surrey and Keele University

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India is another well-represented country in the ranking, with 15 institutions, owing to the creation of multiple technology universities in the country during this time period. 

Many of the universities in this ranking score highly for teaching and research. 

This ranking has been released in conjunction with the Young University Rankings, which lists the best universities under 50 years old. This ranking was produced using the same methodology as the World University Rankings, which can be viewed here.

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Golden Age university ranking 2019: Top 100

Golden Age Rank 2019 University Country/region
1 University of California, San Diego United States
2 Australian National University Australia
3 Chinese University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
4 Seoul National University South Korea
5 University of Warwick United Kingdom
6 Monash University Australia
7 University of Science and Technology of China China
=8 University of California, Irvine United States
=8 UNSW Sydney Australia
10 Free University of Berlin Germany
11 University of Southampton United Kingdom
12 University of York United Kingdom
13 University of Mannheim Germany
14 University of Exeter United Kingdom
15 Lancaster University United Kingdom
16 Ulm University Germany
17 University of Sussex United Kingdom
=18 University of California, Santa Cruz United States
=18 Eindhoven University of Technology Netherlands
20 Newcastle University United Kingdom
21 University of Twente Netherlands
22 University of Konstanz Germany
23 University of East Anglia United Kingdom
24 University of Bergen Norway
25 University of Calgary Canada
26 University of Gothenburg Sweden
27 Tel Aviv University Israel
28 University of California, Riverside United States
29 King Abdulaziz University Saudi Arabia
30 University of Dundee United Kingdom
31 Brandeis University United States
32 University of Bath United Kingdom
33 Macquarie University Australia
34 University of Waterloo Canada
35 Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Russian Federation
=36 University of Illinois at Chicago United States
=36 University of Surrey United Kingdom
38 University of South Florida United States
39 University of Navarra Spain
40 Stony Brook University United States
41 Simon Fraser University Canada
42 Ruhr University Bochum Germany
=43 University of Essex United Kingdom
=43 University of Trento Italy
45 Flinders University Australia
46 University of Southern Denmark Denmark
47 University of Oulu Finland
48 Umeå University Sweden
=49 Heriot-Watt University United Kingdom
=49 University of Newcastle Australia
51 University of Malaya Malaysia
52 La Trobe University Australia
53 University of Victoria Canada
54 Kyung Hee University South Korea
55 University of Stirling United Kingdom
56 City, University of London United Kingdom
=57 University of Kent United Kingdom
=57 York University Canada
59 Huazhong University of Science and Technology China
60 Aston University United Kingdom
61 Loughborough University United Kingdom
62 Brunel University London United Kingdom
63 Indian Institute of Technology Bombay India
64 University of Waikato New Zealand
65 Bar-Ilan University Israel
66 University of Strathclyde United Kingdom
67 Hong Kong Baptist University Hong Kong
68 University of Campinas Brazil
69 University of Alabama in Huntsville United States
70 Tampere University of Technology Finland
71 Teikyo University Japan
72 China Medical University, Taiwan Taiwan
73 Keele University United Kingdom
74 South China University of Technology China
75 Binghamton University, State University of New York United States
=76 Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur India
=76 Johannes Kepler University of Linz Austria
=76 Taipei Medical University Taiwan
79 University of Guelph Canada
=80 Indian Institute of Technology Delhi India
=80 National Chiao Tung University Taiwan
82 King Saud University Saudi Arabia
83 Novosibirsk State University Russian Federation
84 University of Salento Italy
85 Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia Peru
86 University of Maryland, Baltimore County United States
=87 Amirkabir University of Technology Iran
=87 Massey University New Zealand
89 Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur India
90 East China Normal University China
91 Beihang University China
=92 Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology China
=92 Savitribai Phule Pune University India
=92 The University of the West Indies Jamaica
95 Hacettepe University Turkey
=96 University of Central Florida United States
=96 University of Nantes France
=96 National Taiwan Normal University Taiwan
99 University of Ioannina Greece
100 Université de Sherbrooke Canada

View the full Golden Age ranking here 

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