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Best universities for education degrees in the UK 2024

These are the best universities in the UK for education degrees, according to data from the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2024

    December 7 2023
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    Top 10 universities in the UK for education degrees 2024

    Scroll down for the full list of best universities in the UK for education degrees

    UK Education Rank 2024  Education rank 2024  University City/town
    1  3  University of Oxford Oxford
    2  4  University of Cambridge Cambridge
    3  11  UCL London
    4  33  University of Edinburgh Edinburgh
    5  =35  King’s College London London
    6  41  Lancaster University Lancaster
    7  59  University of Bristol Bristol
    8  67  University of Birmingham Birmingham
    9  =68  University of Nottingham Nottingham
    10  =77  University of Manchester Manchester

    Education can be studied at many different levels in the UK. Some students choose to complete an undergraduate degree in a subject of their choice and then do a one-year PGCE to become a qualified teacher. 

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    Some universities offer undergraduate education degrees with an option to become a qualified teacher by the end.

    There are also various master’s courses in education, allowing students to specialise in certain topics to develop their knowledge and research skills in the education field.

    These are the best universities for education in the UK. 

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    5. King’s College London

    King’s College London offers education courses at the postgraduate level through PGCE teacher training, master’s and doctoral courses.

    The education master’s programme is a one-year programme that allows flexible and subject-specific learning. Students will gain an understanding of educational policies, and develop research skills to enhance classroom practice.

    PGCE teacher training leads to Qualified Teacher Status, and with access to about 200 schools across London and the wider area, students can learn and develop their skills through 120 days of school placements.

    There is also the option to study education research at either a master’s (MPhil) or PhD level. This is a two- to four-year full-time course allowing students to critically analyse, research and respond to changes in policy in education.

    4. University of Edinburgh

    The University of Edinburgh offers a numbers of undergraduate and postgraduate education degrees. There is a three-year bachelor’s degree in childhood practice, examining issues of childhood, well-being, development and rights. It is accredited by the Scottish Social Services Council.

    There are also four-year master’s programmes specialising in learning in communities, and primary education with Gaelic for both fluent speakers and learners.

    Then there is a one-year PGDE, the Scottish equivalent of a PGCE, at primary or secondary level. The university has a partnership with Place2Be mental health charity, providing teachers with extra resources to help them support the well-being of their students and their families.

    3. UCL

    UCL offers a range of education degrees, including an undergraduate education studies bachelor’s, several master’s and doctoral programmes, as well as PGCEs in early years, primary and secondary.

    The education bachelor’s degree is three years in duration. During their third year, students can conduct research in areas they are interested in. To achieve Qualified Teacher Status, students can apply for a one-year teacher training programme after their studies.

    Both research and taught degrees are offered to postgraduate students, including education and technology (MA), early years education (MA), and education and child psychology (DEdPsy). PGCE teacher training is also offered, where students can select one subject for specialist study.

    What can you do with an education degree?

    2. University of Cambridge

    Education is offered at both undergraduate and postgraduate level at the University of Cambridge.

    The undergraduate education degree is three years in duration and accepts only 42 students per year. They can choose one of three tracks: education, psychology and learning; education, policy and international development; or education, English, drama and the arts.

    In their first year, students study major themes in education, including inequality and digitalisation. Second year includes two compulsory papers: designing educational research, and the emergence of educational thinking and systems, and the other papers are track-specific. The third year includes a compulsory dissertation and two papers on issues in education, and two track-specific papers.

    Postgraduates wishing to study education can choose a PGCE, master’s or doctoral degree. The PGCE course is taken as a specialism in primary or secondary (high school) education. Both options include significant placement time, with secondary PGCE students spending at least 120 days of the course in schools.

    The master’s (MPhil) programme is 10 months long and applicants can choose from seven different courses. Teaching is mostly interactive, not lecture-based.

    The PhD programme in education is three to four years in length, with 46 students accepted per year.

    1. University of Oxford

    The University of Oxford offers several postgraduate education programmes, including a doctor of philosophy (DPhil) in education, as well as several master of science (MSc) education degrees. Topics could include child development and education, comparative and international education, digital and social change, higher education, and research design and methodology.

    Many of these programmes offer full-time and part-time options to give students a choice to complete studies alongside work if required.

    The year-long MSc courses focuses on key issues in education today. They are assessed mostly through written assignments, and in some cases examinations or a dissertation project.

    The DPhil in education is three to four years in duration and provides graduates with research skills and knowledge around three major themes: language, cognition and development; policy, economy and society; and pedagogy, learning and knowledge.

    At the moment, the University of Oxford does not offer any undergraduate education courses. 

    Best universities in the UK for education degrees 2024

    Click each institution to view its full World University Rankings 2024 results. 

    UK Education Rank 2024  Education rank 2024  University City/town
    1  3  University of Oxford Oxford
    2  4  University of Cambridge Cambridge
    3  11  UCL London
    4  33  University of Edinburgh Edinburgh
    5  =35  King’s College London London
    6  41  Lancaster University Lancaster
    7  59  University of Bristol Bristol
    8  67  University of Birmingham Birmingham
    9  =68  University of Nottingham Nottingham
    10  =77  University of Manchester Manchester
    11  86  University of Warwick Warwick
    12  =87  University of Glasgow Glasgow
    13  =90  University of Bath Bath
    14  =92  Durham University Durham
    =15  101–125  Cardiff University Cardiff
    =15  101–125  University of Leeds Leeds
    =15  101–125  The Open University Nationwide
    =18  126–150  University of Exeter Exeter
    =18  126–150  University of Sheffield Sheffield
    =18  126–150  University of Southampton Southampton
    =18  126–150  University of York York
    =22  151–175  University of Leicester Leicester
    =22  151–175  Queen’s University Belfast Belfast
    =22  151–175  University of Reading Reading
    25  176–200  Swansea University Swansea
    =26  201–250  University of East Anglia Norwich
    =26  201–250  Edinburgh Napier University Edinburgh
    =26  201–250  University of Lincoln Lincoln
    =26  201–250  Manchester Metropolitan University Manchester
    =26  201–250  Newcastle University Newcastle
    =26  201–250  University of Sussex Brighton
    =32  251–300  University of Aberdeen Aberdeen
    =32  251–300  Brunel University London London
    =32  251–300  University of Dundee Dundee
    =32  251–300  Keele University Keele
    =32  251–300  Middlesex University London
    =32  251–300  Oxford Brookes University Oxford
    =38  301–400  Coventry University Coventry
    =38  301–400  Goldsmiths, University of London London
    =38  301–400  University of Huddersfield Huddersfield
    =38  301–400  University of Hull Hull
    =38  301–400  Leeds Beckett University Leeds
    =38  301–400  Liverpool John Moores University Liverpool
    =38  301–400  Northumbria University Northumbria
    =38  301–400  Nottingham Trent University Nottingham
    =38  301–400  University of Plymouth Plymouth
    =38  301–400  University of Portsmouth Portsmouth
    =38  301–400  Sheffield Hallam University Sheffield
    =38  301–400  University of Stirling Stirling
    =38  301–400  University of Strathclyde Strathclyde
    =51  401–500  Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) East Anglia
    =51  401–500  University of Bedfordshire Luton
    =51  401–500  University of Central Lancashire Preston
    =51  401–500  Edge Hill University Ormskirk
    =51  401–500  Kingston University London
    =51  401–500  Ulster University Ulster
    =51  401–500  University of the West of England Bristol
    =51  401–500  University of the West of Scotland Paisley
    =51  401–500  University of Wolverhampton Wolverhampton
    =60  501–600  Birmingham City University Birmingham
    =60  501–600  University of Brighton Brighton
    =60  501–600  Canterbury Christ Church University Kent
    =60  501–600  Cardiff Metropolitan University Cardiff
    =60  501–600  University of Chester Chester
    =60  501–600  De Montfort University Leicester
    =60  501–600  University of Derby Derby
    =60  501–600  University of East London London
    =60  501–600  University of Greenwich London
    =60  501–600  University of Hertfordshire Hatfield
    =60  501–600  University of Roehampton London
    =60  501–600  University of South Wales Newport
    72  601+  University of Winchester Winchester

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