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Best universities in Canada for education degrees 2023

Explore the best universities in Canada for education degrees, using data from the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023

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January 10 2023
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Top six universities in Canada for education degrees 2023

Canada Education Rank 2023 WUR Education Rank 2023 University City
1 13 University of Toronto Toronto
2 22 University of British Columbia Vancouver
3 39 McGill University Montreal
4 65 Western University London
5 =89 Simon Fraser University Burnaby
6 =100 University of Montreal Montreal

In Canada, teacher certification differs slightly between provinces. Generally speaking, you can become a qualified teacher in Canada by earning a bachelor of education degree from an approved university and completing a period of supervised classroom teaching as part of the course. Or you can complete an undergraduate degree in any subject and then enrol on a postgraduate teacher education programme.

Education can be also be studied as an academic discipline beyond teacher training. Courses will bring together disciplines such as sociology, politics, history and psychology to investigate a broad range of education-related issues, from social mobility to international policy.

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Below are the best universities in Canada for education degrees, according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023.

5. Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University was established in 1965 and consists of three campuses in British Columbia - Burnaby, Surrey and Vancouver.

The faculty of education offers undergraduate programmes, teacher education, professional diplomas and graduate programmes to help students find the right path for them into education. 

Students have the option to study a range of courses including a bachelor of education or bachelor of general studies to a masters in educational psychology or a PhD in arts education. 

4. Western University

Western University was established in 1878 and welcomed its first students in 1881. It hosted the first French immersion program in 1932 and still continues to this day.

Students will spend 50 per cent of their learning time in classrooms and communities learning practical skills throughout their degree. Once their degree is complete they will be technically skilled to join any school board and will have experience to share a rewarding curriculum designed for equity, diversity and inclusion. You will have the ability to choose whether you want to practice in one school and experience teaching in all grades or gain experience from multiple schools as you complete the New Teacher Induction Program (NTIP).

Postgraduates will gain a more focussed experience as a master of arts or master of professional education allowing them to continue into working in everything from adult education and international teaching to corporate training and working in social services.

The university also offers a doctorate of philosophy programme and a educational doctorate for those who wish to continue after postgraduate studies.

3. McGill University

The Faculty of Education at McGill University offers both undergraduate and postgraduate education programmes in a variety of specialisations.

Undergraduate course offerings include a bachelor of education degree that can be earned alongside other disciplines. For example, the music education programme allows students to gain a bachelor of music and a bachelor of education leading to teacher certification. Students can elect whether to focus on elementary or secondary education as part of the course.

Graduate options in education at McGill are designed to help students broaden their knowledge, practical skills and career prospects. There is a range of master’s, doctoral and certificate-level programmes. Master’s programmes include educational psychology, educational leadership and education and society. PhDs are also offered in educational studies and educational psychology.

What can you do with an education degree?

2. University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia offers several undergraduate bachelor of education pathways, with language specialisations and an Indigenous teacher education programme. Those who opt for the secondary option will choose the subjects they wish to teach and will be given placements accordingly. On the Indigenous teacher education programme, students will learn how Indigenous culture can be integrated with mainstream education. Students begin their studies in a field centre, allowing groups to bond throughout their studies.

The University of British Columbia also offers master’s courses with more than 30 different specialisations, including early childhood education; art education; business education; curriculum and leadership; and education and technology. Throughout these programmes, students will combine practical learning with research.

One unique programme is the master of museum education, which focuses on the learning that happens in museums and similar environments.

In addition to the bachelor’s and master’s programmes, the Education Faculty at UBC offers 13 DPhil courses, covering everything from educational studies to counselling psychology.

1. University of Toronto

The University of Toronto offers two teacher training programmes, a master of teaching and a master of child studies and education.

The master of teaching is designed for those looking to work in education, and it can be taken in three different fields: primary, junior or senior. The child studies and education master’s focuses on practice-based work. After completing either one, students can apply to the Ontario College of Teachers for certification.

Other master’s courses include the master of adult education and community development, which focuses on how adults learn in different environments. You can also study the following specialisations at master’s or doctorate level: curriculum and pedagogy; developmental psychology and education; language and literacies education; educational leadership and policy; higher education; school and clinical child psychology; and social justice education.

Best universities in Canada for education degrees 2023

Click each institution to view its full World University Rankings 2023 results. 

Canada Education Rank 2023 WUR Education Rank 2023 University City
1 13 University of Toronto Toronto
2 22 University of British Columbia Vancouver
3 39 McGill University Montreal
4 65 Western University London
5 =89 Simon Fraser University Burnaby
6 =100 University of Montreal Montreal
=7 126–150 University of Alberta Edmonton
=7 126–150 University of Ottawa Ottawa
=7 126–150 Queen’s University Kingston
=10 151–175 University of Calgary Calgary
=10 151–175 University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon
12 176–200 York University Toronto
13 201–250 Concordia University Montreal
14 251–300 Université du Québec Quebec City
=15 301–400 Université Laval Quebec City
=15 301–400 University of Manitoba Winnipeg
=15 301–400 University of Victoria Victoria
=18 401–500 Ontario Tech University Ontario
=18 401–500 University of Windsor Windsor
=20 501–600 Lakehead University Ontario
=20 501–600 Memorial University of Newfoundland Newfoundland and Labrador

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