Grant winners

August 20, 2009



Award winner: Jane Chapman

Institution: University of Lincoln

Value: £56,549

Women, press and protest in British and French India, 1928-48

Focusing on the role played by women in securing independence for India, Dr Chapman and her team will study the impact of female economic and political protests and investigate the role they played in disputes in the French outpost of Pondicherry. The project will also examine the failure of The Pioneer newspaper, which collapsed because of the withdrawal of advertisers owing to the paper's pro-nationalist coverage of female boycotts. The results from the research will be published in a book due out in 2012 and will also appear in two academic articles.

The Leverhulme Trust

A maximum of £45,000 has been awarded to each experienced UK-based researcher under the Leverhulme Trust's research-fellowship scheme, which will provide support for up to two years.


Steven Abel PhD

Professor in Mathematical Sciences

Durham University

Applications of dynamical supersymmetry breaking

Arif Ahmed PhD

Lecturer, Faculty of Philosophy

University of Cambridge

The source of modality

Monica Azzolini PhD

Lecturer in European History, c. 1500-1800

University of Edinburgh

Political uses of astrology in Renaissance Italy

George Banting PhD

Professor of Molecular Cell Biology and Head of Department of Biochemistry

University of Bristol

What do viroporins do to tetherin?

Gunnar Beck DPhil

Reader in EU Law and Legal Theory

SOAS, University of London

Legal reasoning and the European Court of Justice

Tim Birks PhD

Professor, Department of Physics

University of Bath

Light guidance in non-uniform fibre structures

Kasia Boddy PhD

Senior Lecturer, Department of English

University College London

The great American novel

Leonid Bogachev PhD

Reader in Probability, School of Mathematics

University of Leeds

Asymptotic problems in probability

Michael Boots PhD

Professor of Disease Biology

University of Sheffield

Modelling the evolution of hosts and parasites

Thomas Bridges PhD

Professor of Applied Mathematics

University of Surrey

Three-dimensional shallow-water sloshing in rotating vessels

Stephen Bygrave PhD

Reader in English

University of Southampton

Priestley, Enlightenment and Counter-Enlightenment

Bridget Byrne DPhil

Lecturer, Department of Sociology

University of Manchester

Citizenship ceremonies: narrations of nation?

Urszula Clark PhD

Reader in English

Aston University

Language and place: Birmingham

Jonathan Clayden PhD

Professor of Organic Chemistry

University of Manchester

Artificial allosteric communication

Davide Consoli PhD

Research Fellow, Manchester Institute of Innovation Research

University of Manchester

Knowledge and medical innovation in oncology

John Dickie DPhil

Reader in Italian Studies

University College London

Blood brotherhoods: a history of Italy’s mafias

Antony Dnes PhD

Professor of Economics

University of Hull

Marriage and cohabitation: similarities and legal change

John Drew PhD

Senior Lecturer in English Literature

University of Buckingham

Pioneering content for Dickens Journals Online

Sarah Dromgoole PhD

Professor of Maritime Law

University of Nottingham

Recovering ocean treasures: policy and regulation

Peter Duncan PhD

Senior Lecturer in Russian Politics and Society

University College London

Nationalism and pragmatism in Russian foreign policy

Karen Leigh Edwards PhD

Senior Lecturer, Department of English

University of Exeter

Political animals in early modern England

Brent Emerson PhD

Reader, School of Biological Sciences

University of East Anglia

Environmental DNA assessment of the cryptozoa

David Fanning PhD

Professor of Music

University of Manchester

The life and works of Mieczyslaw Weinberg, 1919-96

Rob Fender PhD

Professor of Physics

University of Southampton

Transient astrophysical phenomena with LOFAR

Glenn Fulcher PhD

Senior Lecturer in Education (Applied Linguistics)

University of Leicester

Practical language testing

Robert Garner PhD

Professor of Politics

University of Leicester

A theory of justice for animals

Ruth Glynn PhD

Senior Lecturer in Italian

University of Bristol

Women, terror and trauma in Italian culture

Nikolaos Gonis DPhil

Reader in Papyrology

University College London

Greek papyri from Hermopolis under the Umayyads

Lee Grieveson PhD

Reader in Film Studies

University College London

Movies and conduct

Anne Griffiths PhD

Professor, Personal Chair in Anthropology of Law

University of Edinburgh

Gendered dynamics of land tenure in Africa

Anna Elizabeth Gruetzner Robins PhD

Reader, History of Art Department

University of Reading

London artists in the 1890s

Kun Guo PhD

Senior Lecturer in Cognitive Psychology

University of Lincoln

Exploitation of natural regularities in vision

Amin Hajitou PhD

Lecturer, Gene Therapy

Imperial College London

Transduction of mammalian cells bacteriophage

James Harris DPhil

Lecturer in Philosophy

University of St Andrews

A new intellectual biography of David Hume

Alfred Hiatt PhD

Reader, School of English and Drama

Queen Mary University of London

Dislocations: reading medieval maps

Jeremy Hicks PhD

Senior Lecturer, School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Queen Mary University of London

From Mamlock to Nuremberg

Nicholas Higham PhD

Professor of Early Medieval and Landscape History

University of Manchester

The Anglo-Saxons: politics, culture and society

Hilary Hinds PhD

Senior Lecturer in English

University of Lancaster

George Fox and the rhetoric of early Quakerism

Julian Hiscox PhD

Senior Lecturer in Virology

University of Leeds

The nucleolar proteome in virus infection

Robert Holdsworth PhD

Professor of Earth Sciences and Head of Department

Durham University

Frictional slip localisation along weak faults

Clare Hutton DPhil

Lecturer, Department of English and Drama

Loughborough University

The textuality of Joyce’s Ulysses

Ben Jackson DPhil

University Lecturer and Tutorial Fellow in Modern History

University of Oxford

At the origins of Neo-Liberalism, c. 1930-62

Patricia Jeffery PhD

Professor of Sociology

University of Edinburgh

Improvising lives: social change in rural India

Geraldine Johnson PhD

University Lecturer in History of Art and College Fellow of Christ Church

University of Oxford

Touch, tactility and Italian Renaissance art

George Kassimeris PhD

Senior Lecturer, School of Law, Social Sciences and Communications

University of Wolverhampton

Why do terrorists give up?

Prashant Kidambi DPhil

Lecturer in Colonial Urban History

University of Leicester

Sport and the imperial bond

Zachary Kingdon PhD

Curator of African Collections

World Museum Liverpool

West African donors to UK ethnography collections

Walter Köckenberger PhD

Reader and Associate Professor in Physics

University of Nottingham

DNP NMR studies of protein folding

Christos Kotsogiannis PhD

Associate Professor in Economics

University of Exeter

Climate change and international trade

Peter Kramer MA

Senior Lecturer in Film Studies

University of East Anglia

Controversies: A Clockwork Orange (1971)

Rachael Langford PhD

Senior Lecturer in French, School of European Studies

Cardiff University

Images of the Congo in Francophone visual culture

Cherry Leonardi PhD

Lecturer in African History

Durham University

A history of chiefship in southern Sudan

Ruth Levitas PhD

Professor of Sociology and Head of Department

University of Bristol

Utopia as method

Ping Lin PhD

Professor/Chair of Numerical Analysis, Department of Mathematics

University of Dundee

Numerical analysis for multi-scale models

Nicholas Long PhD

Professor of Applied Synthetic Chemistry

Imperial College London

Multi-modal molecular imaging agents

Kate Lowe PhD

Professor of Renaissance History and Culture

Queen Mary University of London

Black slaves in Renaissance Italy, c.1450-c. 1550

Patricia Lundy PhD

Senior Lecturer, Department of Sociology

University of Ulster

Can the past be policed?

Shahn Majid PhD

Professor of Mathematics

Queen Mary University of London

Quantum spacetime and cosmology

Carol Mavor PhD

Professor of Art History and Visual Studies

University of Manchester

Black and blue: Barthes, Duras, Marker and Resnais

Paul McDonald PhD

Professor of Film and Television

University of Portsmouth

The commercial and cultural value of film stardom

Michèle Mendelssohn PhD

University Lecturer in English

University of Oxford

Race for beauty?: cultural politics of aestheticism

Francesco Mezzadri PhD

Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics

University of Bristol

The dbar problem in beta=2 non-Hermitian ensembles

Nayanika Mookherjee DPhil

Lecturer in Social Anthropology and Director of Undergraduate Studies

University of Lancaster

Arts of reconciliation and the 1971 Bangladesh War

Sian Moore PhD

Reader, Working Lives Research Institute

London Metropolitan University

Statutory recognition and collective organisation

Lucy Munro PhD

Senior Lecturer in English

University of Keele

The English Archaic

Máiréad Nic Craith PhD

Professor in European Culture and Society

University of Ulster

Cross-cultural autobiography and language identity

Mike O’Mahony PhD

Senior Lecturer in History of Art

University of Bristol

The visual culture of sport and the Olympic Games

Henry Patterson BA

Professor of Politics

University of Ulster

The Irish state and border security, 1969-1994

Mark Pearce PhD

Associate Professor in Archaeology

University of Nottingham

Exploring the north Italian early Neolithic

Ruth Pearson DPhil

Professor of Development Studies, POLIS

University of Leeds

Women’s work worldwide: continuity and change

Paul Quigley PhD

Lecturer in American History

University of Edinburgh

Shifting grounds of nationhood: the American South, 1846-1865

Geoffrey Quilley PhD

Senior Lecturer in Art History

University of Sussex

British art and the East India Company

Roy Quinlan PhD

Professor of Biological Sciences

Durham University

Subcellular control of eye lens optics

Hugh Roberts PhD

Senior Lecturer in French

University of Exeter

A critical edition of the works of Bruscambille

Dilys Rose BA

Creative Writing Fellow

University of Edinburgh

In the Land of the Unspeakable

Donald Sassoon BSc PhD

Professor of Comparative European History

Queen Mary University of London

The anxious triumph of capitalism

Quentin Sattentau PhD

Professor of Immunology, Sir William Dunn School of Pathology

University of Oxford

Understanding the molecular basis of allergy

Julie Scholes PhD

Professor of Plant and Microbial Sciences

University of Sheffield

Is Striga a lateral root in reverse?

Kim Schulte PhD

Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies

University of Exeter

Sister languages in contact

Nuala Sheehan PhD

Reader in Statistical Genetics

University of Leicester

Statistical methods for high density genetic data

Michael Sheringham PhD

Marshal Foch Professor of French Literature

University of Oxford

Archival identities

William Spence PhD

Professor of Theoretical Physics

Queen Mary University of London

New developments in gauge theory and gravity

Nicholas Stargardt PhD

Tutorial Fellow and CUF Lecturer, Faculty of History and Magdalen College

University of Oxford

German morale in the Second World War

Robert Storrie PhD

Curator, Americas

British Museum

Being human

Stefan Szeider PhD

Lecturer, Department of Computer Science

Durham University

Finding shortcuts for hard reasoning problems

Andrew Thomas PhD

Senior Lecturer, Environmental and Geographical Sciences

Manchester Metropolitan University

Resilience of desert biological soil crusts

Mark Thompson PhD

Writer and Part-Time Editor at the Open Society Foundation

University College London

Completion of a book about Danilo Kiš

Charles Townshend DPhil

Professor of International History

University of Keele

The republican counter-state in Ireland, 1919-1923

Martine Julia van Ittersum PhD

Lecturer in European History

University of Dundee

The working papers of the Dutch jurist Hugo Grotius (1583-1645): transmission and dispersal

Jacques Vanneste PhD

Professor, School of Mathematics

University of Edinburgh

Acoustic mixing in fluids

Soumhya Venkatesan PhD

Lecturer, Department of Social Anthropology

University of Manchester

Makers of gods: materials, processes and rituals

Nikolaus Wachsmann PhD

Reader in Modern European History

Birkbeck College, University of London

The history of Nazi concentration camps, 1942-45

Brian Ward PhD

Professor of American Studies

University of Manchester

“By Elvis and all the Saints”: the American South and British popular music

Paul Webb PhD

Professor of Politics

University of Sussex

Representative politics and democratic disconnect

Ralph Wedgwood PhD

Professor of Philosophy and Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy, Merton College

University of Oxford

The requirements of rationality

Mark Whittow DPhil

Fellow and Tutor in History, St Peter’s College and University Lecturer (CUF)

University of Oxford

Feudal revolution


Iain Coldham PhD

Professor of Synthetic Organic Chemistry

University of Sheffield

Dynamics of interconversion of organolithiums

Helen Drake PhD

Senior Lecturer in French and European Studies

Loughborough University

Learned friends? France and Britain today

Ian Fairchild PhD

Professor of Physical Geography

University of Birmingham

Activating the speleothem archives

Francesco Giglio Dr iuris DPhil

Senior Lecturer in Law

University of Manchester

Advanced studies in Roman law

Katherine Hampshire PhD

Senior Lecturer in Anthropology

Durham University

Child mobility: moving forward

Mieko Kanno DPhil

Senior Lecturer in Music

Durham University

Performance and musical formation

Donna Landry PhD

Professor of English and American Literature and Director of the Centre for Studies in the Long Eighteenth Century

University of Kent

Hoofprinting: Evliya Çelebi and Lady Anne Blunt

Wendy Magee PhD

International Fellow in Music Therapy

Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, London

Music technology in therapeutic and health settings

Anastasia Nesvetailova PhD

Senior Lecturer in International Political Economy

City University

Financial innovation and crisis: towards a framework of systemic illiquidity

Peter Schroeder PhD

Senior Lecturer, Department of History

University College London

War, the state and international law in early modern Europe

Malcolm Thomas PhD

Senior Lecturer and Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Arts

Aberystwyth University International comparative perspectives on health


Claire Allan MA

Masters in applied development economics - South Africa

Melanie Blewett BA

Masters in environmental technology and international affairs - Austria

Anya Boyd MEng

Masters in energy studies and development– South Africa

Katherine Brooks BA MA

Self Portraits of Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1797-1861) – Japan

Zuzana Burivalova BA Masters in environmental sciences – Switzerland

Matthew Burke BSc PhD Controls on Esker sedimentary architecture – Canada

Timothy Elwell-Sutton BA MPhil Economic development and chronic disease in China – Hong Kong

Abigail Lockey BSc MArch The unspoken city – Brazil

Heather Moseley BA PgDip(RAM) Advanced level study of cello performance – Germany

Saul Mullard BA Mst DPhil The Sikkimese Palace collection – India

Jennifer Noble MChem The formation of carbon dioxide in molecular cores – France

Caroline Ritchie BA MMus MA in Spezialisierter Musikalischer Performance – Switzerland

Jamila Rodrigues BA MMus Choreography – South Africa

Ben Russell BA MSt The sarcophagus trade in the Roman Empire – Italy

Christopher White BA Masters of environmental and resource economics – Australia

Justin Yeoman MChem PhD Role of RNA in heterochromatin formation - India


Professor Glenda Abramson PhD At war: life writing in Hebrew on the First World War

Professor Peter Aczel DPhil Set-theoretical constructive mathematics

Professor Stephen Bann CBE PhD FBA Prints and the visual economy in 19th century France

Professor Michael Bassett PhD DSc Silurian brachiopod biofacies of Baltoscandia

R A Batchelor MSc Do calc-silicate rocks represent altered volcanic ashes?

Professor Margaret Bent CBE PhD FBA Veneto musical culture in the early quattrocento

Professor Clive Brasier PhD DSc Emerging hybrids of Dutch elm disease pathogen

Dr David Brown PhD Social history of Eastern Liberia

Professor John Milton Brown PhD FRS Laser magnetic resonance of free radicals

Dr Bob Colenutt PhD Community-led property development

Dr Cecil Courtney DPhil LittD Raynal: an edition and a historical bibliography

Professor Hugh Dickinson PhD DSc Control of maize seed development by small RNAs

Dr John Dudeney OBE PhD Cold politics: Antarctic science and governance

Professor David Ellis PhD That summer of 1816: Byron on the lake of Geneva

Mr Michael Edwards MPhil Restoring collective interest in urban development

Professor Clive Emsley DLitt Crime and the British military in the 20th century

Professor Edwards Fraenkel MA FRS Navier-Stokes solutions for diffusing vortices

Professor Sir Richard Gardner PhD FRS

Embryonic pre-patterning in mammals

Professor Peter Gill MA An evaluation of intelligence democratisation

Professor Glyn Hockey PhD Human work, energy and mental fatigue

Professor William Horbury DD FBA Toledoth Jeshu

Professor Patrick Joyce DPhil Freedom and the British since 1945

Dr Robert Lawson-Peebles DPhil Jazz in transatlantic perspective

Professor A C Legon PhD DSc FRS Structure and bonding in gas-phase metal complexes

Professor I C M MacLennan CBE PhD Antibody secreting cells in inflammation

Professor Richard Marks PhD The rood in medieval England and Wales

Professor Malcolm Molyneux OBE MD Using eye changes to improve monitoring of malaria

Professor Jonathan Parry PhD FBA Industry and inequality in central India

Professor Alan Ponter PhD Theoretical aspects of a method in computational mathematics

Professor Paul Racey PhD DSc FRSE Ecology and conservation biology of Malagasy bats

Professor John Simons DSC FRS Getting into shape: biomolecules in the gas phase

Professor Christopher Smout CBE PhD FBA FRSE

Environmental history of the Firth of Forth

Professor Sally Tomlinson MSocSci PhD

Learning difficulties in a global knowledge economy

Professor David W H Walton PhD

Cold politics: antarctic science and governance


Peter Ainsworth MSci MA PhD

Department of Philosophy

University of Bristol

Ontic structural realism

Jyoti Belur BA MA MA MA PhD

Jill Dando Institute of Crime Science

University College London

Countering Naxal terrorism: police perspectives

Elizabeth Boyle MA MPhil PhD

Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic

University of Cambridge

Religion and thought in Ireland, c. 1050-1150

Karina Caputi Licenciada en Fisica PhD

Institute for Astronomy

University of Edinburgh

Galaxy buildup over the first half of cosmic time

Sarah Cockram MA MPhil PhD

School of History, Classics and Archaeology

University of Edinburgh

Animals and image at the Italian Renaissance court

Daniel Cook BA MA PhD

Department of English

University of Bristol

The art of the anecdote

Camillia Cowling BA MA PhD

Centre for Research on Cuba, Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies

University of Nottingham

Violence, race and gender in slave societies

Ildiko Csengei BA MA PhD

Faculty of English

University of Cambridge

War and feeling in British Romanticism

Surekha Davies BA MPhil PhD

School of History, Classics and Archaeology

Birkbeck College, University of London

European knowledge of distant peoples, 1550-1700

Ermelinda Di Lascio BA MPhil PhD

Department of Classics and Ancient History

Durham University

Aristotle on fallacies

Rebecca Dixon BA PGCE MA PhD

Department of French, School of Modern Languages and Cultures

University of Leeds

Cultural consumption at court: Burgundy, 1445-68

Laurence Douny BA MA PhD

Department of Anthropology

University College London

Re-thinking the Mande through weaving technology

Isabelle Durance BSc PhD

School of Biosciences

Cardiff University

Stream resistance to climate change

Mayada Elsabbagh BSc PhD

Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development, Department of Psychology

Birkbeck College, University of London

Bridging the gap between lab measures and biomarkers

David Erdos BA MA PhD

Centre for Socio-Legal Studies

University of Oxford

Data protection and the open society

Richard Farmer MA MA PhD

Film Studies, Department of Scandinavian Studies

University College London

Film exhibition and cinemagoing in wartime Britain

Rosemary Farr BA MA PhD

Department of Archaeology

University of Southampton

Relating to a rising sea: the prehistoric Solent

Helen Foxhall Forbes BA MPhil PhD

School of Historical Studies

University of Leicester

Heaven and earth in Anglo-Saxon England

Christian Goeschel BA MPhil PhD

School of History, Classics and Archaeology

Birkbeck College, University of London

Organised crime in Germany, 1918-1948

Stuart Greaves MSci PhD

School of Chemistry

University of Bristol

Gas-liquid reactions; the pseudo-surface approach

Julia Griggs BA MA PhD

Department of Social Policy and Social Work

University of Oxford

Just like dad: a multigenerational fathering study

Oliver Harris BA MA PhD

School of Historical Studies

University of Newcastle

Characterising prehistoric communities

Robert Heinemann MSc PhD

School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering

University of Manchester

Snake drilling for orthopaedic surgery and beyond

Rachel Hewitt BA MSt PhD

School of English and Drama

Queen Mary University of London

The disappointed: Romanticism’s dashed hopes

May Ingawanij BSc MSc MRes PhD

Centre for Research and Education in Arts and Media

University of Westminster

Historicising cinema experience in cold war Siam

Thomas Ings BSc MRes PhD

School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Queen Mary University of London

Winter bumblebees: a response to global change?

Michael Jones BA MA PhD

Faculty of English

University of Cambridge

Protestant medievalism in 16th century England

Sara Jones BA MA PhD

School of Modern Languages

University of Bristol

Reconstructing the Stasi

Bronach Kane BA MA PhD

Department of History

Queen Mary University of London

Gender and social belonging in England, 1250-1500

Sucheta Kapoor BA MA MSt DPhil

School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies

University of Liverpool Philosophy to art: Flaubert’s dialogue with India

Nicholas Karn BA MSt DPhil

Department of History, School of Humanities

University of Southampton Law and procedure in Anglo-Norman England

Thomas Karshan BA MPhil DPhil

School of English and Drama

Queen Mary University of London

Indeterminacy and play in literary modernism

Klara Kemp-Welch BA MA PhD

Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London

Festivals and friendships: networking the Bloc

Aristea Koukiadaki LLM PhD

Warwick Business School

University of Warwick

European market integration and social rights

Borja Legarra Herrero BA BA MA PhD

School of Archaeology and Ancient History

University of Leicester The emergence of the Mediterranean

Maria Liakata MSc DPhil

Department of Computer Science

Aberystwyth University Reasoning with scientific papers

Rhiannon Lloyd BSc PhD

Institute of Zoology

Zoological Society of London

Secret of a good hybrid-nuclear-mtDNA cooperation

Dean Machin BA MA PhD

Department of Philosophy

University of Warwick

Supra-national political legitimacy

Alex Mallett BA MA PhD

Department of History

Royal Holloway, University of London

The crowd in the Counter-Crusade

Felicity Matthews BA MA PhD

Department of Politics

University of Sheffield

Governing climate change in an era of uncertainty

Briony McDonagh BA MA PhD

School of Geography

University of Nottingham

Elite women and the agricultural landscape, 1700-1830

Peter McLoughlin BA MA PGCE PhD

School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy

Queen’s University Belfast

European integration and Irish nationalism

Richard Meek BA MA PhD

Department of English

University of Hull

The relativity of sorrows

Paul Melo e Castro BA MPhil PhD

Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies

University of Leeds

The Indo-Portuguese short story

Rikard Mikalsen BSc PhD

Sir Joseph Swan Institute for Energy Research

Newcastle University

Dual fuel CHP system using renewable fuels

Charles Miller BA MA PhD

School of Arts, Histories and Cultures

University of Manchester

Picasso and surrealism

Kaeten Mistry BA PhD

Department of Politics and International Studies

University of Warwick

Framing CIA covert action in US politics and cultures

Femke Molekamp BA MPhil DPhil

Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies

University of Warwick

Early modern female devotional reading

Gabriel Moshenska BSc MA PhD

Institute of Archaeology

University College London

Theatre of the past: history of public archaeology

Julius Mugwagwa BSc MSc MBA DPhil

Department of Design, Development, Environment and Materials

Open University

Cross-national technology regulation in Africa

Jerome Neufeld BASc MSc MPhil PhD

Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics

University of Cambridge Fluid dynamics of multiphase geophysical systems

Marie-Astrid Pezze DEA Maitrise PhD

School of Psychology

University of Nottingham

Accumbal dopamine and cognitive deficits

Anke Plagnol BA MA PhD

Department of Sociology

University of Cambridge Female labour force participation and well-being

Thomas Pryce BSc MSc PhD

Institute of Archaeology

University of Oxford

Southeast Asian archaeometallurgical landscapes

April Pudsey BA MA PhD

School of Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology

University of Liverpool

The family and its life course in Roman Egypt

Sujith Puthiyaveetil BSc MSc PhD

School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Queen Mary University of London

A new perspective on the biology of chloroplasts

Alan Scott BA MA PhD

Department of German

University of Nottingham

The development of the Dutch and German genitive

Thomas Scott-Phillips MMath MSc PhD

School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences

University of Edinburgh

Change and emergence in communication systems

Philip Sexton BSc PhD

School of Earth and Ocean Science

Cardiff University

Ventilation history of the ocean’s thermocline

Andrew Shaw BA MA PhD

Department of Archaeology

University of Southampton The advent of behavioural modernity in the Levant

Hidetsugu Shiozawa BSc Phys PhD

Advanced Technology Institute

University of Surrey Exploring nano-test tube science

Isabel Shutes BA MSc PhD

Centre on Migration, Policy and Society

University of Oxford Migration and the transformation of social care

Hazel Sparkes MChem PhD

Department of Chemistry

Durham University

New perspectives on solid-state chemistry

Philip Spence BSc PhD

Division of Parasitology

National Institute for Medical Research

The role of Foxp3+ regulatory T cells in malaria

Mark Sprevak BA MPhil PhD

Faculty of Philosophy

University of Cambridge

The computational foundations of cognitive science

Chris Stamatakis BA MSt DPhil

Faculty of English Language and Literature

University of Oxford

Denizened wit: Tudor reinventions of Italian verse

Timothy Stanley BA MPhil PhD

Department of History

Royal Holloway, University of London Patrick Buchanan and US conservatism, 1964-2000

Sonya Taylor BSc MSc PhD

Faculty of Biomedical and Life Sciences

University of Glasgow

Switch-hitting proteis in Plasmodium

Gil Toffell BA PhD

School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Queen Mary University of London

Jewish cinema culture in interwar Britain

Maria Ttofi BA BA MPhil PhD

Institute of Criminology

University of Cambridge

Why do children at risk not become offenders?

Chris Venditti BSc MSc PhD

School of Biological Sciences

University of Reading

The evolutionary sources of organismic diversity

Jamie Wood BA MA PhD

Department of Religions and Theology

University of Manchester

Conversion, conflict and community

Rosie Wyles BA PhD

Department of Classics

University of Nottingham Madame Dacier’s gender and the classical tradition

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