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February 14, 2008


The Cambridge Companion to Giotto

Edited by Anne Derbes, professor of art at Hood College and Mark Sandona, professor of English, Hood College

Cambridge University Press, £18.99. ISBN 9780521779845

This introduction to one of the most important masters of early Italian art provides an overview of Giotto's life and career and essays by leading authorities on topics including critics, workshop practices, and patronage.


Competition, Strategy and Management in China

By Fang Lee Cook, professor of human resource management and Chinese studies, Manchester Business School

Palgrave, £26.99. ISBN 9780230516946

As companies take more control over their business and human resources strategies, Cook explores the growing strength of the private sector in China, the changes this has caused and the global competition that industries face.


The Fortunes of Apuleius and the Golden Ass: A Study in Transmission and Reception

By Julia Haig Gaisser, Eugenia Chase Guild professor emeritus in the humanities, Bryn Mawr College

Princeton University Press, £.95. ISBN 9780691131368

Gaisser undertakes a historical study of this book, the only ancient Roman novel to survive in its entirety, from its origins into the medieval library of Monte Cassino, the hands of Italian humanists and its translation into Spanish, French, German and English.


Macroeconomic Theory: A Dynamic General Equilibrium Approach

By Michael Wickens, professor of economics, University of York

Princeton University Press, £32.95. ISBN 9780691116402

Rigorous mathematics skills are needed for this book aimed at economists in government, central and commercial banking, but Wickens tries to describe fundamental concepts in an easy-to-understand way.


Learning with Animation: Research Implications for Design

Edited by Richard Lowe, professor of learning technologies, Curtin University, and Wolfgang Schnotz, professor of general and educational psychology and head of multimedia research group, University of Koblenz-Landau

Cambridge University Press, £48 and £16.99. ISBN 9780521851893 and 617390

The international authors clarify and integrate the major themes of current research into learning with animation, exploring requirements for the principled design of learning resources.


Middle English Literature

By Christopher Cannon, fellow of Girton College and senior lecturer in English, University of Cambridge

Polity, £55.00 and £17.99. ISBN 9780745624419 and 4426

In this account of Middle English literature from the Norman Conquest to the beginning of the 16th century, Cannon argues that this age was momentous in our literary history.


Screening Novel Women: From British Domestic Fiction to Film

By Liora Brosh, lecturer in literature and film, Monmouth University

Palgrave, £45.00. ISBN 9780230008465

Brosh offers an analysis of how the cinema has captivated audiences by refashioning 19th-century novels in terms of 20th-century anxieties about women.


Human Heredity

By Michael Cummings, research professor, Illinois Institute of Technology

Brooks Cole, £41.99. ISBN 9780495554479

By demonstrating the process of science while focusing on basic genetics concepts, this text equips readers with a working knowledge of heredity without the rigorous scientific and quantitative details.


The SAGE Companion to the City

Edited by Tim Hall, subject group leader in social and policy sciences, University of Gloucestershire; Phil Hubbard, professor of urban social geography, University of Loughborough; and John Rennie Short, professor in the department of public policy, University of Maryland

Sage, £75.00 and £24.99. ISBN 9781412902069 and 2076

This guide to all areas of urban studies offers a contemporary cutting-edge reflection and measured historical and geographical reflection.


Spaces, Objects and Identities in Early Modern Italian Medicine

Edited by Sandra Cavallo, reader in early modern history, Royal Holloway, University of London, and David Gentilcore, reader in history, University of Leicester

Blackwell, £19.99. ISBN 9781405180405

An international team of scholars presents research being undertaken on early modern Italy that questions the conventional boundaries of medical history.


A Reader in the Anthropology of Religion

Edited by Michael Lambek, professor of anthropology, University of Toronto

Blackwell, £60.00 and £22.99. ISBN 9781405136150 and 6143

Lambek has collected some of the most significant classic and contemporary writings in the field to examine numerous aspects of religion in a diversity of cultures, linking it to some of the broader questions of culture and politics.


What's Wrong with the European Union and How to Fix it

By Simon Hix, professor of European and comparative politics, London School of Economics

Polity, £50.00 and £14.99. ISBN 9780745642048 and 2055

Taking a diagnosis and cure approach to the European Union's difficulties, Hix tackles the problems of undertaking economic reforms and defining its place in the world as well as public apathy towards the EU.

Ideology and Politics

By John J Schwarzmantel, senior lecturer in politics, University of Leeds

Sage, £65.00 and £21.99. ISBN 9781412919722 and 9739

Schwarzmantel seeks to offer an accessible account of a new era of ideological politics, where neoliberalism has spawned a diverse global range of "ideologies of opposition".

Introduction to Media and Politics

By Sarah Oates, senior lecturer in politics, University of Glasgow

Sage, £65.00 and £22.99. ISBN 9781412902618 and 2625

This introduction, which draws together evidence from around the world, balances theory with case studies on elections, war, terrorism and the emerging role of the internet to provide students with an understanding of the relationship between the media and the political sphere.


The Cultural Foundation of Nations: Hierarchy, Covenant and Republic

By Anthony Smith, president of the association for the study of ethnicity and nationalism, London School of Economics

Blackwell, £19.99. ISBN 9781405177986

Smith challenges the prevailing idea of nationalism as a product of modernity and demonstrates that different political forms of community and collective identity from pre-modern times have contributed to the formation and character of nations.

Rethinking Trafficking in Women: Politics out of Security

By Claudia Aradau, lecturer in international studies, The Open University

Palgrave, £15.00. ISBN 9780230573314

Aradau explores the complex relationship between security, subjectivity and politics, arguing that security practices reproduce a politics that opposes freedom and breeds inequality.

Governing the Present: Administering Economic, Social and Personal Life

By Peter Miller, professor of accounting at the London School of Economics, and Nik Rose, professor of sociology, London School of Economics

Polity, £50.00 and £16.99. ISBN 9780745641003 and 1010

This text aims to cast a new light on some of the leading issues in contemporary social science modernity, democracy, reflexivity and individualisation.

An Introduction to Social Anthropology: Sharing our Worlds

By Joy Hendry, professor of social anthropology, Oxford Brookes University

Palgrave, £55.00 and £19.99. ISBN 9780230005266 and 53

The updated second edition of this textbook continues to offer a broad introduction to the discipline and adds two new chapters.


Enterprise Resource Planning

By Bret Wagner, assistant professor of operations management, Western Michigan University and Ellen Monk, lecturer in the department of accounting,

University of Delaware Delmar, £33.99 ISBN 9781423901792

Wagner and Monk show readers how enterprise resource planning software can improve the functions of a company, how it can streamline operations and how the functional areas of any package relate to each other.

Offshore Outsourcing of IT Work: Client and Supplier Perspectives

By Mary C. Lacity, professor of information systems at the University of Missouri, research affiliate at Templeton College, University of Oxford and doctoral faculty adviser, Washington University; and Joseph Rottman, assistant professor of information systems, University of Missouri-­St Louis

Palgrave, £30.00 ISBN 9780230521858

This book considers the biggest challenges for offshore client-supplier relationships, including the protection of intellectual property and managing knowledge transfer and offshore outsourcing at project level.


Public Sector Economics

By Richard W. Tresch, professor in the department of economics, Boston College

Palgrave, £34.99 ISBN 9780230522237

In this exposition of public sector economic theory, Tresch aims to provide a balanced and thorough view of mainstream concepts with a strong theoretical focus throughout.

Why Are There So Many Banking Crises? The Politics and Policy of Bank Regulation

By Jean-Charles Rochet, professor of mathematics and economics, University of Toulouse, and visiting professor, London School of Economics

Princeton University Press, £29.95 ISBN 9780691131467

Rochet makes the case that although many banking crises are precipitated by financial deregulation and globalisation, political interference often causes crises, illustrating his point by examining the causes of recent banking crises around the world.


Cinema and Fascism: Italian Film and Society, 1922-1943

By Stephen Ricci, director of the moving image archive studies program, University of California, Los Angeles

University of California Press, £14.95 and £35.00 ISBN 9780520253551 and 3568

This study considers Italian filmmaking during the Fascist era and attempts to offer an original approach to the interwar years. Ricci directly confronts a long-standing dilemma faced by cultural historians, as the films are neither propagandistic nor openly fascist.


Sensory Evolution on the Threshold: Adaptations in Secondarily Aquatic Vertebrates

Edited by J. G. M. Thewissen, professor of anatomy, Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine, and Sirpa Nummela, academy research fellow, University of Helsinki

University of California Press, £44.95 ISBN 97805202583

The contributors explore the function and evolution of sensory systems in animals whose ancestors lived on land and investigate the dramatic transformation of the senses that occurred as amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals returned to aquatic environments.

Life as It Is: Biology for the Public Sphere

By William F Loomis, distinguished professor of biology, University of California, San Diego

University of California Press, £14.95 ISBN 9780520253575

Loomis considers the controversial issues of our day from a biological perspective: abortion, euthanasia, engineered evolution, cooperativity and the future of sustainable life on this planet.

From Dictatorship to Democracy: The Birth of the Third Hungarian Republic

By Ignacs Romsics, professor of history, Lorand Eotvos University

Columbia University Press, £35.50 ISBN 9780880336208

Romsics provides an account of Hungary’s history between the collapse of communism and the re-emergence of a parliamentary republic. Drawing on the debates that have grown out of the opposition, he focuses on the reformist efforts of the Hungarian Socialist Workers Party.

Hungary between the Two World Wars

By Maria Ormos, professor emeritus of history and rector, Janos Panonius University

Columbia University Press, £35.50 ISBN 9780880336215

Ormos focuses on the Horthy Period and assesses the human and material costs of the Soviet-dominated provisional wartime administration, as well as examining all the historical factors that affected Hungarian society during this era.

The Price of Whiteness: Jews, Race and American Identity

By Eric L Goldstein, associate professor of history and Jewish studies, Emory University

Princeton University Press, £11.95 ISBN 9780691136318

This book documents the uneasy place Jews have held in America’s racial culture since the late 19th century, tracing their often tumultuous encounter with race from the 1870s through to the Second World War.

Disrupting Science: Social Movements, American Scientists, and the Politics of the Military, 1945-1975

By Kelly Moore, assistant professor of sociology, University of Cincinnati

Princeton University Press, £19.95 ISBN 9780691113524

Moore describes how scientists formed new protest organisations that democratised science and made its pursuit more transparent and explores how scientists weakened their own authority even as they invented new forms of political action.


Logic Colloquium 2004

Edited by Alessandro Andretta, professor in mathematics, University of Turin, Keith Kearnes, professor of algebra, University of Colorado, and Domenico Zambella, professor of mathematical logic, University of Turin

Cambridge University Press, £40.00 ISBN 9780521884242

This volume includes surveys, tutorials and selected research papers from the 2004 annual European meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic known as the Logic Colloquium.


Epistemology: An Anthology

Edited by Ernest Sosa, professor of philosophy, Rutgers University; Jaegwon Kim, William Perry Faunce professor of philosophy, Brown University; Jeremy Fantl, assistant professor of philosophy, University of Calgary; and Matthew McGrath, associate professor of philosophy, University of Missouri-Columbia

Blackwell, £60.00 and £22.99 ISBN 9781405169677 and 9660

This second edition includes many of the most important contributions made in recent decades by leading authors in the field.

Kant and Scepticism

By Michael M Forster, professor of philosophy, University of Chicago

Princeton University Press, £17.95 ISBN 9780691129877

This book puts forward a reappraisal of Kant’s view on scepticism. Kant’s theoretical philosophy aims to answer scepticism and reform metaphysics, and Forster argues that those aims are closely linked.

Being and Number in Heidegger’s Thought

By Michael Roubach, lecturer in philosophy, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Continuum, £65.00 ISBN 9781847060303

Roubach examines the relationship between mathematics and ontology in Heidegger’s thought, from his earliest writings up to and including his work of the 1930s, with focus on the philosopher’s magnum opus, Being and Time.

Justice: Rights and Wrongs

By Nicholas Wolterstorff, Noah Porter professor emeritus of philosophical theology, Yale University

Princeton University Press, £23.95 ISBN 9780691129679

Wolterstorff combines moral philosophy and Christian ethics to develop a theory of justice as grounded in rights, discussing what it means to have a right and locating rights in the respect due the worth of the rights-holder.


The Politics of Economic Inequality in Developing Countries

By Philip Nel, professor of political studies, University of Otago

Palgrave, £50.00 ISBN 9780230537798

Nel shows that economic inequality has great significance for the achievement of economic, political and human development in developing countries, and that a high level of inequality undermines a country’s growth potential.

Fear of Enemies and Collective Action

By Ioannis D. Evrigenis, assistant professor in political science, Tufts University

Cambridge University Press, £45.00 ISBN 9780521886208

Drawing on the fear of external threats, this book develops a theory of “negative association”, tracing its role from Greek and Roman political thought, through Machiavelli, Hobbes and the realists of the 20th century.

Reviving the Invisible Hand: The Case for Classical Liberalism in the Twenty-First Century

By Deepak Lal, professor emeritus of political economy, University College London

Princeton University Press, £13.50 ISBN 9780691136387

In this call for a global return to a classical liberal economic order, free of interference from governments and international organisations, the author takes unusual stands such as defending the existence of child labour in the developing world.


Psychological Consultation and Collaboration in School and Community Settings

By A. Michael Dougherty, dean of the college of education and allied professions, Western Carolina University

Wadsworth, £54.50 ISBN 9780495507819

Dougherty provides a generic application model that students can use to survey various approaches to consultation, examine the organisational context of consultation, and review the numerous ethical and professional challenges that consultants face as they deliver their services.


Social Problems

By Joel Charon, professor of sociology, Minnesota State University, and Lee Vigilant, associate professor of sociology, Minnesota State University

Wadsworth, £32.99 ISBN 9780495504313

The articles in this book combine a structural-conflict approach and include classic and contemporary readings covering a range of issues from around the world.

The Women’s Movement against Sexual Harassment

By Carrie N. Baker, associate professor of sociology and anthropology, Berry College

Cambridge University Press, £45.00 and £16.99 ISBN 9780521879354 and 704946

Baker recounts the story of how a social movement placed sexual harassment on the public agenda in the 1970s and 1980s and how the collaboration of women from varying racial, economic and geographic backgrounds strengthened the movement.

Seven Rules for Social Research

By Glenn Firebaugh, distinguished professor of sociology and demography, Pennsylvania State University

Princeton University Press, £14.95 ISBN 9780691135670

This book teaches social scientists how to get the most out of their technical skills and tools, providing a resource that fully describes the strategies and concepts no researcher or student of human behaviour can do without.

Unequal Chances: Family Background and Economic Success

Edited by Samuel Bowles, research professor and director of the behavioural sciences programme, Santa Fe Institute, and professor of economics, University of Siena; Herbert Gintis, professor emeritus of economics, University of Massachusetts; and Melissa Osbourne Groves, associate professor of economics, Towson University

Princeton University Press, £14.95 ISBN 9780691136202

This book aims to provide new answers to the question of whether wealth provides more opportunities. It includes essays from leading economists, sociologists, biologists, behavioural geneticists and philosophers.

Violence: A Micro-Sociological Theory

By Randall Collins, Dorothy Swaine Thomas professor of sociology, University of Pennsylvania

Princeton University Press, £26.95 ISBN 9780691133133

Collins argues that violent confrontation goes against human physiological hardwiring, regardless of the underlying conditions or motivations, and he aims to overturn views about the root causes of violence while offering solutions for confronting it in the future.

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