Study in Iran

Iran, historically known as Persia until 1935, is popular with travellers making their way through the Middle East, and there’s little wonder why. The country boasts a rich tapestry of culture and awe-inspiring landscapes.

There are many ancient Persian monuments, lavish Qajar mansions and world-renowned museums and art galleries in the bustling capital of Tehran, making it a hotspot for students. The capital hosts some of the country’s most well-known universities, including the University of Tehran, Sharif University of Technology and Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

Despite the abundance of appealing sights, visitors to Iran are often most impressed with the warmth of the country’s hospitality. Often keen for a glimpse of the outside world – and to get in on the world’s gossip, you might say – visitors in Iran are guaranteed invitations to family homes, spontaneous gifts and even impromptu guide services.

Studying in Iran offers a unique international and cross-cultural educational experience in a country where you will find much to see and plenty to do from historical sightseeing to Iran's nightlife, with bars and clubs and cabarets.

Famous Iranians include wrestler Iron Sheik, actor Mostafa Zamani and singer Sean Banan.

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Statistics about Iran

  • Expenditure on education out of total expenditure 18.57%
  • Of which, on higher education 29.41%
  • Enrollment rate in higher education 71.88%
  • Population 79,109,272
  • Unemployment 11.27%
  • Annual GDP 4.34%
Data source: The World Bank