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10 top universities in the United States you can still apply to

It's not too late to apply for a top university in the United States. These 10 world-leading universities are still open for applications over the next six months for entry in autumn 2016.

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Carly Minsky

February 15 2016
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It might seem like all the deadlines to apply to a top university in the United States are clustered at the beginning of February, but fortunately, it’s not too late to get in an application.

Many leading colleges you may not have heard of continue to accept applications on a rolling basis, and others set their deadlines between March and September 2016.

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Of the 147 US universities in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2016, here is a selection of 10 universities that you can still apply to for entry in autumn 2016.

- See all 147 of the best universities in the United States

While not a complete list of all world-ranked universities still open for applications, all these institutions are counted among the 600 best universities in the world.

The choices below are based all over the US, including Louisiana and Texas in the South, Iowa in the Midwest, and New Jersey on the East Coast. Whatever environment you are looking for, the chance to make it happen for the upcoming year is still high.

Both the University of Arizona make the top 200 of the World University Rankings, so it is well worth getting your applications in sooner rather than later for the best chance of securing a place.

For more specific information about the application, check out the university profiles pages and the university websites.


Application deadline

World University Rank 2016

University of Iowa

1 March 2016


New Jersey Institute of Technology

1 March 2016


University of Utah

1 April 2016


Colorado School of Mines

1 April 2016


Louisiana State University

15 April 2016


University of Texas at Dallas

1 May 2016 (international)

1 July 2016 (domestic)


Oklahoma State University

1 June 2016


University of Arizona

1 July 2016


Missouri University of Science and Technology

1 July 2016


University of Arkansas

1 August 2016


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Carly Minsky

November 24 2015
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