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The best universities in Australia and New Zealand

Eleven universities in Australia and New Zealand are counted among the best 250 in the world.

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October 6 2015
Melbourne skyline, Australia


The best universities in Australia and New Zealand all fall within the top 250 universities in the world, according to the THE World University Rankings 2015-16.

Australia dominates the list of the region’s 11 best universities, with eight universities all ranked among the best 150 in the world, and one university in the top 250.

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But two spots go to the University of Otago in New Zealand, tied in the 201-250 band with the University of Technology, Sydney. Given that there are only eight universities in the New Zealand, this makes for an impressive result.

All but one of New Zealand’s universities are among the 800 best in the world, compared to 31 of Australia’s 43 universities.

The University of Melbourne’s provost, Margaret Sheil, said the ranking was a source of pride for her university, and reflects its strong national and international track record.

“Australian universities, much like Australians, are outward looking and globally focused. We attract, welcome and seek the best students and academics from all over the world,” she explained.

Even better news for prospective students is that from 2012 the Australian government has been streamlining its student visa policy to make study in Australia easier for international students.

Professor Sheil added: “Australian universities, including the University of Melbourne, have taken full advantage of globalisation and the way this diminishes the barriers previously enforced by physical geography.”

University Country Rank 2015-16
University of Melbourne Australia 33
Australian National University Australia 52
University of Sydney Australia 56
University of Queensland Australia Australia 60
Monash University Australia 73
University of New South Wales Australia 82
University of Western Australia Australia 109
University of Adelaide Australia 150
University of Auckland New Zealand 173
University of Otago New Zealand 201-250
University of Technology Sydney Australia 201-250

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