Study in Indonesia

Although the island of Bali often gets the attention, Indonesia, which spreads over 5,200km, actually comprises 17,000 islands with more than 500 languages spoken. The largely volcanic nature of the islands has created tall cloud-swept mountains amid the green rice terraces and rainforests. 

Walk through Indonesia's lush rainforests and you could see orangutans hanging about in their natural habitat, or visit the Unesco World Heritage side Borobudur, built in the 8th century, to see the world's largest Buddhist monument. 

Jakarta, the capital, is a huge cosmopolitan city, which draws students in with its interesting fusion of culture. It’s the economic and cultural centre of the country. Known as the Indonesian equivalent of New York, Jakarta offers some of the best nightlife in Asia. 

Higher education in the country has seen a massive growth since its independence in 1945. There were only 10 institutions of higher education in 1950, while now there are almost 3,000. 

The University of Indonesia has campuses in Depok, West Java and Jakarta and the library is considered the largest in Southeast Asia, holding 1.5 million books. Other universities within Indonesia include: Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Gadjah Mada University (UGM) and Airlangga University. 

Famous Indonesians include model Inka Williams, and actors Yoshi Sudarso and Iko Uwais. 

Top universities in Indonesia

Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB)> 800th
University of Indonesia> 800th
*University's current rank in the overall World University Rankings

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Statistics about Indonesia

  • Expenditure on education out of total expenditure 20.52%
  • Of which, on higher education 15.8%
  • Enrollment rate in higher education 24.25%
  • Population 261,115,456
  • Unemployment 5.6%
  • Annual GDP 5.02%
Data source: The World Bank