The best universities in Egypt

Explore the best universities in Egypt based on data collected by Times Higher Education

April 20 2019
Best universities in Egypt

Egypt has long been considered the “cradle of civilisation”. Ancient Egypt was one of the first nations to pioneer modern examples of building, politics, agriculture and writing. 

Now, it is of course also well known for its iconic monuments and rich history: the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, the Valley of the Kings as well as the ancient cities of Memphis and Thebes.

Egypt is home to an extensive higher education system and is the most represented African country in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings

American University in Cairo

The American University in Cairo was founded in 1919 and is one of the leading English-language, American-accredited institutions of higher education in the country. 

Students and faculty come from more than 60 countries. The institution offers 37 undergraduate courses, 44 masters and two PhD programmes that are rooted in liberal arts education. 

The university is home to the largest English-language academic library in Egypt, three modern theatres and 15 cross-disciplinary research centres. 

Benha University

Benha University is a public university in the northern Egyptian city of Benha. It is still a relatively young university having been founded in 1976 as a branch of Zagazig University, but became an independent entity in 2005. 

There are 15 faculties including medicine, veterinary science, arts and law. The faculty of agriculture, which was founded in 1911 is considered one of the oldest faculties of agriculture in Egypt. 

The university has an admissions policy based on entrance examinations and students’ past academic records and grades. It has one of the least selective admission rates in the country. 

Beni-Suef University

Beni-Suef University is a co-educational non-profit public higher-education institution, situated on the banks of the River Nile in the large city of Beni Suef.

There are 12 faculties within the university including commerce, law, education and arts, computers and information, industrial education and engineering, veterinary medicine, science, medicine, pharmacy, physical education and the institute of nursing. 

There are three campuses, one at the entrance of the city, one to the east of the Nile and a new campus that is also to the east of the Nile. 

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Kafrelsheikh University

Having only opened in 2006, Kafrelsheikh University is a very young institution. The institution’s buildings had previously been part of Tanta University

The university has a large, modern campus surrounded by plenty of greenery. There are 19 faculties, five of which are scientific, seven are health-related and the other six are dedicated to the humanities. 

It is also the second most environmentally friendly university in the Arab World and is gaining a national reputation as a research centre. 

Mansoura University

Mansoura University started off as a faculty of medicine under the University of Cairo in 1962. In 1972 it was established as a university under the name East Delta University, but was renamed Mansoura University a year later. 

The university’s main campus is located in the centre of the city of Mansoura and is comprised of 15 faculties as well as three large accommodation complexes, a student hospital, restaurants, a dining hall and a well-equipped sports complex. 

The university is also known for its medical facilities, with nine major hospitals and medical centres including a children's hospital, a medical experimental research centre and a urology and nephrology centre – the largest of its kind in Africa. 

Suez Canal University

When Suez Canal University was first established in 1977, there were only six faculties: science; agriculture; engineering; technology; and the faculty of education. Today there are more than 20 faculties divided between the different campuses in Ismailia, Suez, Port Said and El-Arish. 

The Medical Education Department at the university was established in 2001 and was the first such department to be established in the Arab-region Egyptian universities. 

And the rest...

Many more universities from Egypt are featured in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. The University of Cairo (actually located in Giza) is one of the country’s oldest institutions and has more than 200,000 students. 

Or you could head right to the top of the country to the historical city of Alexandria to check out the University of Alexandria or Tanta University in the neighbouring city of Tanta. 

The top universities in Egypt 2019

Click on each institution to see its full World University Rankings 2019 results 

Egypt Rank World University Rank 2019 University City/Area
=1  601–800  American University in Cairo Cairo
=1  601–800  Benha University Benha 
=1  601–800  Beni-Suef University Beni Suef
=1  601–800  Kafrelsheikh University Kafr-El-Sheikh 
=1  601–800  Mansoura University Mansoura 
=1  601–800  Suez Canal University Ismailia 
=7  801–1000  Alexandria University Alexandria 
=7  801–1000  Cairo University Giza 
=7  801–1000  Fayoum University Faiyum 
=7  801–1000  Sohag University Sohag 
=7  801–1000  Tanta University Tanta 
=12  1001+  Ain Shams University Cairo 
=12  1001+  Al-Azhar University Cairo 
=12  1001+  Assiut University Assiut 
=12  1001+  Helwan University Ain Helwan 
=12  1001+  Menoufia University Menofia 
=12  1001+  Minia University Minya 
=12  1001+  South Valley University Qena 
=12  1001+  Zagazig University Zagazig 

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