Zewail City of Science and Technology

Impact Rankings 2020
101–200 th
Impact Rankings: No poverty 2020
401–600 th
Impact Rankings: Good health and well-being 2020
Ahmed Zewail Road, October Gardens, 6th of October City, Giza, Egypt

About Zewail City of Science and Technology

Zewail City of Science and Technology is the brainchild of, and named after Egypt’s first Nobel Prize-winning scientist Ahmed Hussian Zewail.

The university was intended to have the same catalysing effect on Egyptian science that the Aswan Dam project had on industry in the 1960s.

The university is based in Giza City in Greater Cairo. The university is part of the National Project for Scientific Renaissance containing a university, research institutes and a science park. It was launched in the year 2000 and given fresh impetus after 2011.

The first students were enrolled in 2013.

A presidential decree was announced in 2014 which donated 198 acres for a purpose-built campus which is due to be opened in the future.

Zewail passed away in 2016 and was succeeded by Sherif Sedky, who was previously provost of the American University in Cairo.

Its vision is: “to be a world-class university that plays a pivotal role in addressing strategic challenges on the national and international level”.

Students can choose to study from six engineering and four science degree courses. Students are admitted through "holistic admissions", including an entrance test, designed to identify "knowledge, talent and a passion for innovation". The first commencement day, which saw 230 students graduating, was held in 2018.

There are seven research institutes, with plans to build five more. Nanoscience is a speciality research area and PhD student Israa Ali won a prize at the 2018 Geneva International Innovation Fair for "Nanofibre-based innovative technology for the treatment of eye diseases".

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