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Best universities in Australia for engineering degrees 2024

Explore the best universities in Australia for engineering degrees using data from the Times Higher Education World University Rankings

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December 1 2023
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Top 5 universities for engineering in Australia 2024

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Australia engineering rank 2024  Engineering rank 2024  University City
1  =54  Monash University Melbourne
2  58  The University of Queensland Brisbane
3  =64  UNSW Sydney Kensington
4  68  University of Sydney Sydney
5  =69  University of Melbourne Melbourne

Engineering is a good degree choice for any student who wishes to understand how the world is designed and is looking to pursue a career in an industry such as construction, business, transport, government and many more.

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At Australian universities, engineering students can choose from a range of specialisations including civil engineering, electrical engineering, aerospace engineering and more. Many students will choose to stay on for a postgraduate course in order to further narrow down their speciality before entering the world of work.

Many engineering courses expect students to carry out some work experience, with some including a year in industry as part of their programme.

Below are the best universities in Australia for engineering degrees.

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5. University of Melbourne

At the University of Melbourne, undergraduate students can choose the bachelor of science, design or biomedicine and then select an engineering major.

To become an internationally accredited engineer, students must complete a two-year master of engineering programme in their chosen specialisation.

Engineering specialisations include: biomedical, chemical and biochemical, civil, electrical, energy, mechanical and more.

Students at the University of Melbourne can access the Melbourne Entrepreneurial Centre, which helps students to get business ideas off the ground with a range of masterclasses, workshops and pitch nights.

The Faculty of Engineering is a partner in the AOTULE network, which provides exchange opportunities at a number of engineering schools across Asia and Oceania.

4. University of Sydney

There are seven different engineering schools at the University of Sydney: aerospace, mechanical and mechatronic; biomedical; chemical and biomolecular; civil; computer science; electrical and information engineering; and project management.

Across these schools, both undergraduate and postgraduate courses are available.

The University of Sydney encourages its students to undertake internships and work placements during their degree, assisted by the institution’s network of more than 1,200 industry partners. The department also offers opportunities to study and research abroad, for either a semester or a year.

There are many clubs and societies for engineering students, covering everything from civil engineering to motor sports. Students can also enter themselves into competitions such as the Formula Society of Automotive Engineers Australasia competition, where students design, build and race a car. There’s also a competition in partnership with Dymocks Australia, where undergraduate students create innovative solutions to challenges with the chance of winning $5,000.

3. UNSW Sydney

UNSW Sydney has eight different schools of engineering: biomedical; chemical, civil and environmental; computer science; electrical and telecommunication; mechanical and manufacturing; minerals and energy resources; and photovoltaic and renewable energy engineering.

Across these schools, more than 20 undergraduate degrees are available.

Most of the bachelor’s degrees in the UNSW Sydney engineering department include 60 days of industry training. The institution also offers a flexible first-year degree programme for those who have yet to decide on a specialism. Alternatively, students who are certain about the branch of engineering they wish to pursue may choose a more focused degree programme.

Among the range of postgraduate courses are ones in environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, telecommunications and civil engineering. During their degree, all postgraduate students are required to complete a thesis based on their individual research interests.

There is a student society for each engineering school, as well as societies for mechatronics, robotics and women in renewable energy.

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2. The University of Queensland

Before joining an engineering course at The University of Queensland, students must complete the compulsory “Get Set Quiz” to gain an idea of what students will need to know before coming to university.

The first year of the undergraduate course is flexible, allowing students to try out courses in all six of the engineering specialisms on offer before choosing an area to focus on.

Alternatively, students can choose to study in their chosen specialism from day one if they wish.

All engineering students must complete 450 hours of engineering professional practice (EPP) and submit five reflections on this time before graduation. These hours are made up of real industrial engineering practice to prepare students for work after university.

Students also have the opportunity to study abroad for a semester or two. The University of Queensland has partnerships with more than 150 universities across 37 countries, so students can choose from a wide variety of cultures.

Engineering-related student societies at the university include Skirts in Engineering, the Australian Computer Society and the prestigious Engineers Australia.

1. Monash University

The bachelor of engineering degree at Monash University starts with a common first year, during which students learn the fundamentals of engineering and its role in society.

All first-year students take classes in nine engineering specialisations to help them decide which area to focus on from second year onwards.

The engineering specialisations are: aerospace, biomedical; chemical; civil; electrical and computer systems; environmental; materials; mechanical; robotics and mechatronics and software.

The two-year master in engineering programme can be taken in five different engineering branches: chemical; civil; electrical; mechanical; and materials. All master’s students are expected to complete 12 weeks of CPD such as industry work experience, volunteering, career sessions and field trips.

There are two main campuses as part of Monash University: the Clayton Campus in Melbourne and the School of Engineering in Malaysia. Students at either have the opportunity to travel and experience both.

Top universities in Australia for engineering degrees 2024

Click each institution to view its full World University Rankings 2024 results. 

Australia engineering rank 2024  Engineering rank 2024  University City
1  =54  Monash University Melbourne
2  58  The University of Queensland Brisbane
3  =64  UNSW Sydney Kensington
4  68  University of Sydney Sydney
5  =69  University of Melbourne Melbourne
=6  101–125  University of Adelaide Adelaide
=6  101–125  Australian National University Canberra
=6  101–125  University of Technology Sydney Sydney
=6  101–125  University of Wollongong Wollongong
=10  126–150  Curtin University Perth
=10  126–150  Deakin University Geelong
=10  126–150  RMIT University Melbourne
=10  126–150  The University of Western Australia Perth
=14  151–175  Macquarie University Sydney
=14  151–175  Queensland University of Technology Brisbane
16  176–200  Swinburne University of Technology Hawthorn
=17  201–250  Griffith University Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan
=17  201–250  University of Newcastle Callaghan
=17  201–250  University of South Australia Adelaide
=20  251–300  Edith Cowan University Joondalup
=20  251–300  Murdoch University Murdoch
=20  251–300  University of Southern Queensland Toowoomba
=23  301–400  Charles Darwin University Casuarina
=23  301–400  University of Tasmania Hobart
=23  301–400  Western Sydney University Sydney
=26  401–500  James Cook University Cairns, Townsville
=26  401–500  Victoria University Melbourne
28  501–600  Federation University Australia Ballarat
29  601–800  Central Queensland University Rockhampton

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