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May 29, 2008

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- A Shoemaker's Story: Being Chiefly about French Canadian Immigrants, Enterprising Photographers, Rascal Yankees, and Chinese Cobblers in a Nineteenth-Century Factory Town

By Anthony W. Lee, associate professor of art history, Mount Holyoke College. Princeton University Press, £26.95. ISBN 9780691133256

Lee seeks to understand the social forces that brought into being a now-famous 1870 photograph of 75 Chinese immigrant workers brought into a Massachusetts town as scab labour by a shoe manufacturer, and the events and images it subsequently spawned.

- (J)Who Owns Antiquity? Museums and the Battle over Our Ancient Heritage

By James Cuno, president and director, Art Institute of Chicago. Princeton University Press, £14.95. ISBN 9780691137124

Cuno argues against the view that ancient artefacts can be declared state property, saying that this impedes common access to our common heritage and encourages a dubious and dangerous politicisation of antiquities and of culture itself.


- Chemical Biophysics: Quantitative Analysis of Cellular Systems

By Daniel Beard, associate professor of computational bioengineering, Medical College of Wisconsin, and Hong Qian, professor of applied mathematics adjunct in bioengineering, University of Washington. Cambridge University Press, £40.00. ISBN 9780521870702

This text provides an engineering-based approach to biochemical system analysis for graduate-level courses on systems biology, computational bioengineering and molecular biophysics.


- Leadership and Management in China: Philosophies, Theories, and Practices

Edited by Chao-Chuan Chen, professor of management and global business, Rutgers University, and Yueh-Ting Lee, dean of college of arts and sciences, University of Toledo. Cambridge University Press, £60.00. ISBN 9780521879613

This book explains how ancient Chinese thinking and Western ideas have shaped the development of leadership styles in China. Leadership theories associated with Confucianism, Daoism, legalism, the arts of war and the writings of Mao and Deng are analysed by both Chinese and Western experts.

- Improving Healthcare Team Communication: Building on Lessons from Aviation and Aerospace

By Christopher P. Nemeth, research associate and assistant professor in the Cognitive Technologies Laboratory, University of Chicago. Ashgate, £55.00. ISBN 9780754670254

This book reports on recent field research to address what is already known, and what needs to be learned, about team communication among operators in aviation and aerospace.

- Cruising in the Global Economy: Profits, Pleasure and Work at Sea

By Christine B. N. Chin, assistant professor of international relations, American University. Ashgate, £55.00. ISBN 9780754672425

Interdisciplinary in nature, this analysis elicits an examination of states' relationship to, among other things, the maritime regulatory structure governing ship ownership, management and operations; and the employment of foreign migrant workers as seafarers.

- Consumer Behaviour: Applications in Marketing

By Robert East, professor of consumer behaviour, Kingston University, Marc Vanhuele, associate professor of marketing, HEC School of Management, and Malcolm Wright, head of the school of marketing, University of South Australia. Sage, £29.99. ISBN 9781412934312

This book includes the psychological and social issues that students typically cover on a consumer behaviour course, along with an exploration of more quantitative approaches to marketing research and evidence-based marketing solutions.


- The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, Second Edition

Edited by Steven N. Durlauf, professor of economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison and Lawrence E. Blume, Goldwin Smith professor of economics and professor of information science, Cornell University. Palgrave Macmillan, £1360.00. ISBN 9780333786765

Written by over 1500 contributors, this new edition, published in eight volumes and in an online format, retains many classic essays of enduring importance and contains more than 1800 articles.

- Information and Learning in Markets: The Impact of Market Microstructure

By Xavier Vives, professor of economics and financial management, IESE Business School. Princeton University Press, £32.50. ISBN 97806911439

A graduate-level textbook that analyses how markets aggregate information, and examines the impacts of specific market arrangements on the aggregation process and overall performance of financial markets.

- Innovation and Inequality: How Does Technical Progress Affect Workers?

By Gilles Saint-Paul, professor of economics, Birkbeck, University of London. Princeton University Press, £29.95. ISBN 9780691128306

Providing a synthetic theoretical analysis of the mechanisms by which technical progress and innovation affect the distribution of income, this book reveals how different categories of workers gain or lose from innovation, and how that crucially depends on the nature of the innovation.


- Food Fears: From Industrial to Sustainable Food Systems

By Alison Blay-Palmer, assistant professor in the department of geography and environmental studies, Wilfrid Laurier University. Ashgate, £55.00. ISBN 9780754672487

Drawing on a wealth of empirical research into mainstream and alternative North American food systems, this book argues that sustainable, grassroots, local food systems offer a template for meaningful individual activism.


- A History of Modern Sudan

By Robert O. Collins, professor emeritus of African history, University of California, Santa Barbara. Cambridge University Press, £40.00. ISBN 9780521858205

Robert Collins, a frequent visitor and veteran scholar of the region, traces Sudan's history across two hundred years to show how many of the tragedies of today are rooted in its past.

- The Social History of Roman Art

By Peter Stewart, senior lecturer in Roman archaeology, Courtauld Institute of Art. Cambridge University Press, £50.00. ISBN 9780521816328

This book offers a critical introduction to Roman art, focusing on selected examples and themes. It sets the images in context, explains how they have been interpreted, and explodes some of the modern myths that surround them.

- The Power of the Zoot: Youth Culture and Resistance during World War II

By Luis Alvarez, assistant professor of history, University of California, San Diego. University of California Press, £19.95. ISBN 9780520253018

Providing a new history of youth culture based on rare, in-depth interviews with former zoot-suiters, Alvarez explores race, region and the politics of culture in urban America during the Second World War.

- Classic Chic: Music, Fashion, and Modernism

By Mary E. Davis, associate professor of music, Case Western Reserve University. University of California Press, £12.95. ISBN 9780520256217

Focusing on the emergence of the movement known as Neoclassicism, Davis demonstrates that new aesthetic approaches were related to fashion in a manner that was perfectly attuned to the tastes of jazz-age sophisticates.


- Child Law for Social Work

By Jane Williams, lecturer in law, Swansea University. Sage, £19.99. ISBN 9781412908047

Williams examines key issues such as child protection, family support, care planning, adoption and case preparation for court.

- Effective Child Protection: Second Edition

By Eileen Munro, reader in social policy, London School of Economics and Political Science. Sage, £19.99. ISBN 9781412946957

This new edition is for anyone concerned with improving child protection practice. Building on the strengths of the first edition, it provides a deeper understanding of how practice judgments and decisions can be improved in child protection work.


- The Cambridge Companion to Don DeLillo

By John N. Duvall, professor of English, Purdue University. Cambridge University Press, £45.00. ISBN 9780521870658

This companion charts the shape of DeLillo's career, his relation to 20th-century aesthetics and his major themes. It also provides in-depth assessments of his best-known novels.

- Terry Eagleton

By James Smith, postdoctoral research fellow in English, University of Queensland. Polity, £50.00 and £15.99. ISBN 9780745636092 and 6108

This book undertakes a lucid and detailed analysis of Eagleton's work. It gives close attention to the full range of his major publications, examining their arguments and implications, as well as how they have intervened in wider debates in cultural theory.

- Shakespeare and Laughter: A cultural history

By Indira Ghose, professor of English, University of Fribourg. Manchester University Press, £55.00. ISBN 9780719076923

Billed as the first study to focus specifically on laughter, rather than comedy, in Shakespeare's work, this is aimed at an informed general readership as well as graduate students and scholars in the field.

- Michael Ondaatje

By Lee Spinks, senior lecturer in English literature, University of Edinburgh. Manchester University Press, £50.00 and £12.99. ISBN 9780719066320 and 6337

Starting from Ondaatje's beginnings as a poet, this volume offers an intensive account of each of his major publications, drawing attention to the various contexts and intertexts that have informed his work.


- Media in the Digital Age

By John V. Pavlik, professor of journalism and media studies, Rutgers University. Columbia University Press, £44.00 and £14.50. ISBN 9780231142083 and 2090

Pavlik critically examines our digital innovations - blogs, podcasting, peer-to-peer file sharing, on-demand entertainment, and the digitisation of television, radio, and satellites - and their positive and negative implications.


- Medical Decision Making: A Physician's Guide

By Alan Schwartz, associate professor of clinical decision making, and senior research specialist in general and emergency paediatrics, University of Illinois at Chicago, and George Bergus, associate professor of family medicine and psychiatry and director of performance-based assessment for the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine. Cambridge University Press, £29.99. ISBN 9780521697699

This book translates the research and theory from the science of decision-making into clinically useful tools and principles that can be applied by clinicians in the field.

- Practical Health Promotion

By John Hubley, principal lecturer in health promotion, and June Copeman, senior lecturer in nutrition and dietetics, Leeds Metropolitan University. Polity, £65.00 and £19.99. ISBN 9780745636658 and 6665

This introductory health promotion textbook assumes no previous knowledge of the subject and focuses particularly on the range of skills needed to become an effective practitioner.


- The Politics of Postsecular Religion: Mourning Secular Futures

By Ananda Abeysekara, associate professor of religious studies, Virginia Tech. Columbia University Press, £29.50. ISBN 9780231142908

Abeysekara contends that democracy is founded on the idea of a promise deferred to the future and that religious-political identity can be critiqued, neutralised, improved and changed, even while remaining inseparable from the genocide of the past.


- Left and Right in Global Politics

By Alain Noel, professor of international business, Universite de Montreal, and Jean-Phillipe Therien, professor of political science, Universite de Montreal. Cambridge University Press, £45.00. ISBN 9780521880015

Interpreting the left-right dichotomy as an enduring debate about equality, Noel and Therien analyse opinion polls and social discourses to demonstrate how this debate shapes both individual and collective views of public affairs.

- Re-envisioning Sovereignty: The End of Westphalia?

Edited by Trudy Jacobsen, research assistant with the Key Centre for Ethics, Law, Justice and Governance, Griffith University, Charles Sampford, professor and foundation dean of law, director of the Institute for Ethics, Governance and Law, Griffith University, and convenor of the Australia Research Council's Governance Research Network, Ramesh Thakur, professor of political science and senior vice-rector for peace and governance, United Nations University. Ashgate, £55.00. ISBN 9780754672609

This volume explores a wide range of issues that have altered the theory and practice of state sovereignty. Interdisciplinary in its analysis, the book discusses the contemporary meaning and relevance of sovereignty and how it relates to the constitution of international order.

- Civil Society and Nuclear Non-Proliferation: How do States Respond?

By Claudia Kissling, research fellow, Transformations of the State Research Centre, University of Bremen. Ashgate, £55.00. ISBN 9780754673002

Since the end of the Cold War, globalisation has brought new actors to the political arena, including civil society and non-governmental organisations. Kissling addresses the topic of civil society participation in the nuclear non-proliferation regime.


- Embodied Grounding: Social, Cognitive, Affective, and Neuroscientific Approaches

Edited by Gun R. Semin, academy professor of psychology, Utrecht University, and Eliot R. Smith, professor of psychology and cognitive science, Indiana University. Cambridge University Press, £45.00. ISBN 9780521880190

This volume brings together varied developments in neuroscience, cognitive science, social psychology and affective sciences and furnishes a comprehensive overview of this intellectual movement in the cognitive-behavioural sciences.


- European Society

By William Outhwaite, chair of sociology, Newcastle University. Polity, £50.00 and £15.99. ISBN 9780745613314 and 3321

Outhwaite argues that it makes sense to speak of a European society above and beyond its component states and regions, going beyond the study of individual states and specific regions of Europe to examine the changing contours of the continent as a whole.

- (?)The Comfort of Things

By Daniel Miller, professor of material culture, University College London. Polity, £20.00. ISBN 9780745644035

This book takes readers to an ordinary street and leads them into the lives of 30 households, revealing the aspirations and frustrations, the tragedies and accomplishments that are played out behind the doors.

- Informal Learning in Youth Work

By Janet R. Batsleer, principal lecturer in health and social change, Manchester Metropolitan University. Sage, £20.99. ISBN 9781412946193

This book offers perspectives on all aspects of informal education in the youth work setting, exploring key issues such as communication, power relations, ethics and gender.

- (?)Credit and Blame

By Charles Tilly, Joseph L. Buttenwieser professor of social science at Columbia University until his death in April 2008. Princeton University Press, £14.95. ISBN 9780691135786

Drawing examples from fields including literature, history and pop culture, Tilly argues that the human race seeks not only understanding through credit and blame but also justice.

- Coming of Age in Second Life: An Anthropologist Explores the Virtually Human

By Tom Boellstorff, associate professor of anthropology, University of California, Irvine. Princeton University Press, £17.95. ISBN 9780691135281

Bringing anthropology into territory never before studied, this book demonstrates that in some ways humans have always been virtual, and that virtual worlds in all their rich complexity build upon a human capacity for culture that is as old as humanity itself.

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