New fellows at Academy of Social Sciences

Thirty-three leading social scientists have been just elected as fellows of the Academy of Social Sciences.

March 13, 2015

With expertise in areas ranging from gerontology to migration geography, forensic psychology to transgender rights, they have all made a substantial contribution to social science in a variety of contexts, whether through higher education, government or learned societies.

Among academics honoured are Craig Calhoun, director of the London School of Economics; and James Wilsdon, professor of science and democracy at the University of Sussex, who also chairs the Campaign for Social Science.

Fellowships have also been awarded to Jane Elliott, chief executive of the Economic and Social Research Council; Rita Gardner, director of the Royal Geographical Society; Lord Kerslake, former head of the UK Civil Service; Andy Ross, an economist at High Oak Enterprises; and Tim Whitaker, director of policy and communication at the General Dental Council.

The remaining new academic fellows are:

·         Yehuda Baruch, professor of management at the University of Southampton

·         Julian Birkinshaw, professor of strategy and entrepreneurship at the London Business School

·         Hugh Bochel, professor of public policy at the University of Lincoln

·         Richard Collier, professor of law and social theory at Newcastle University

·         Colin Copus, professor of local politics at De Montfort University

·         David Crighton, honorary professor of psychology of Durham University (and consultant forensic psychologist)

·         Vaneeta-marie D’Andrea, professor emerita in the sociology of education, University of the Arts London

·         Nicholas Deakin, emeritus professor of social policy at the University of Birmingham

·         Isabel Dyck, professor emeritus in geography at Queen Mary, University of London

·         Jane Falkingham, professor of demography and international social policy at the University of Southampton

·         Becky Francis, professor of education and social justice at King’s College London

·         Theresa Gannon, professor of forensic psychology at the University of Kent

·         Erica Haimes, professor of sociology at Newcastle University

·         Sara Horrell, university senior lecturer in economics at the University of Cambridge

·         Christopher Hughes, professor of international politics and Japanese studies at the University of Warwick

·         David James, professor in social sciences at Cardiff University

·         David Jary, emeritus professor at Staffordshire University

·         Jill Manthorpe, professor of social work at King’s College London

·         James Nazroo, professor of sociology at the University of Manchester

·         Edoardo Ongaro, professor of international public services management at Northumbria University

·         Deborah Oxley, professor of social science history at the University of Oxford

·         Martin Partington, emeritus professor of law at the University of Bristol

·         Hilary Sommerlad, professor of law at the University of Birmingham

·         Aileen Stockdale, professor of environmental planning at Queen’s University Belfast

·         Celia Wells, professor of criminal law at the University of Bristol

·         Stephen Whittle, professor of equalities law at Manchester Metropolitan University.

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