Social science

Shamit Saggar

The new chair of the Campaign for Social Science on ethnic minorities, the similarity between law and academia and universities swallowing the management textbook

Tattoo artist

Matthew Reisz considers different styles of scholarship and whether we are forced to choose between them

People on their phones

Social scientists must create a culture in which individuals regularly observe, analyse and interpret their own data, says Geoff Mulgan

Stop Ebola sign written on wall

Social scientists are innovating to ensure their research is relevant, but more must be done, says Rick Delbridge

Jon Krause illustration

The publication game that researchers are obliged to play has stripped the purpose out of social research. Time to change the rules, says Yiannis Gabriel

Mountain and money

Economists’ stock plummeted with the financial crash. The authors of a new book suggest that reading novels could sharpen their insights, while four academics consider how the field might need to change

Rainbow flag at a rodeo

Texas-born scholar Angelia Wilson talks to Matthew Reisz about the changing face of political studies, Trump and the Christian Right, and a Bible Belt road trip

Reflection of man in cracked mirror

To defend the values of reason from political attack we need to be more discriminating about the claims made in its name, says John Hendry

Anthony Giddens

Former LSE director on how he overcame academic struggles to become Bill Clinton’s favourite political theorist, and the future for Labour

Illustration of a university seminar

Comparing free-market politics with state socialism may be an intellectual dead end, says Aniko Horvath

A woman wearing a kimono

East Asia’s most iconic garment is as dynamic as any Western mode of dress, finds Joy Hendry

General John Pershing inspects female telephone operators serving in Europe

June Purvis on the female pioneers on the frontline in the war to end all wars

A historic Alleanza Nazionale election campaign event in Rome

Matthew Feldman on a timely history that roams over the Continent

A billboard with a job plea advertisement

Job hunting? Like it or loathe it, LinkedIn is key and emotional labour is mandatory, says Philip Roscoe

Miles Cole illustration (30 March 2017)

Prostitutes need the help of economists to argue for the rights and protections that other workers take for granted, says Victoria Bateman

Mitch Blunt illustration (23 March 2017)

Without more conservative perspectives in the academy, lawmakers will increasingly ignore and potentially defund social science, says Musa al-Gharbi

Gravitational waves

The principles of scepticism and open-mindedness are vital in a post-truth world, an expert on experts tells Matthew Reisz

opinion illustration

Discriminating in hiring practice against particular intellectual perspectives is no less sinister than discriminating against particular political persuasions, says Glenn Geher

Woman pulling blind down over an eye
Liz Morrish reflects on why she chose to tackle the failings of the neoliberal academy from the outside
A man dressed as a penis

Researcher argues for the importance of getting to grips with the male organ