Study in Morocco

A walk through one of Morocco's ancient medinas to sample mint tea or a famous tagine – an aromatic stew cooked in a clay pot – can feel like stepping back in time. Morocco is situated on the north shore of Africa, a stone’s throw from Spain and the Mediterranean, and within reach of the Middle East.

All of these cultures have influenced Morocco during its history. Arabic, Berber and French are all commonly spoken, and the three Abrahamic religions mingle with pagan beliefs. Perhaps the most well-known city is Casablanca, the largest population centre and the setting for the classic Humphrey Bogart movie.

The capital is the less famous, but beautiful, city of Rabat, with its old town and historical monuments. Rabat is also home to several universities, such as Mohammed V University. Cadi Ayyad University, located in the popular tourist destination Marrakesh, consistently ranks as one of the country’s best performing universities. Perhaps the most remarkable university in Morocco is Al Quaraouiyine in Fes, which has claims to be the world’s oldest continually operating educational institution. It first opened its doors in 859, making it well over a thousand years old.