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February 11, 2010

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- Modernism After Wagner

By Juliet Koss, associate professor and chair of art history, Scripps College. University of Minnesota Press, $88.50 and $29.50. ISBN 9780816651580 and 1597

Koss explores the history and legacy of Wagner's concept and the cultural context from which it emerged.


- ? Wax Trash and Vinyl Treasures: Record Collecting as a Social Practice

By Roy Shuker, associate professor, School of English, Film, Theatre and Media Studies, Victoria University of Wellington. Ashgate, £55.00. ISBN 97807546678

Record collecting is frequently linked primarily with rock and pop music. Shuker focuses on these broad styles, but also includes other genres and their collectors, notably jazz, blues, exotica and "ethnic" music.

- Cold War on the Home Front: The Soft Power of Midcentury Design

By Greg Castillo, associate professor of architectural history, University of California, Berkeley. University of Minnesota Press, $75.00 and $24.95. ISBN 9780816646931 and 6920

Castillo reveals the tactics used by the US Government to seduce Soviet citizens with state-of-the-art consumer goods, and the reactions of the Communist Party.


- Innovation, Intellectual Property, and Economic Growth

By Christine Greenhalgh, professor of applied economics and fellow, St Peter's College, Oxford, and Mark Rogers, fellow in economics, Harris Manchester College, Oxford. Princeton University Press, £62.00 and £29.95. ISBN 9780691137988 and 7995

Combining microeconomics, macroeconomics and theory with empirical analysis, the authors introduce students to the complex process of innovation.


- Global Warming and Climate Change: Prospects and Policies in Asia and Europe

Edited by Antonio Marquina, chair in international security and co-operation, Complutense University of Madrid. Palgrave Macmillan, £75.00. ISBN 9780230237711

This compendium examines the impact of climate change on natural resources, the frequency and expansion of natural disasters and migration.

- Introduction to Methods and Models in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology

By Stanton Braude, lecturer in biology, Washington University in St Louis, and Bobbi S. Low, professor of resource ecology, University of Michigan. Princeton University Press, £44.95 and £20.95. ISBN 97806911231 and 7248

This textbook introduces students to quantitative models and methods in ecology, behavioural ecology, evolutionary biology and conservation.

- Region: Planning the Future of the Twin Cities

By Myron Orfield, associate professor of law, University of Minnesota, and Thomas F. Luce, Jr, director of research, Institute on Race and Poverty, University of Minnesota. University of Minnesota Press, $39.95. ISBN 9780816665563

In Region, Orfield and Luce analyse the impact of planning failures and the promise of successful growth, and offer trenchant policy recommendations for a better future.


- The Viewer and the Printed Image in Late Medieval Europe

By David S. Areford, assistant professor in art history, University of Massachusetts Boston. Ashgate, £65.00. ISBN 9780754667629

Structured around case studies and driven by material, contextual and iconographic analysis, Areford argues that early European single-sheet prints are best understood as highly accessible objects shaped and framed by individual viewers.

- Sweden, the Swastika and Stalin: The Swedish Experience in the Second World War

By John Gilmour, honorary fellow in Scandinavian studies, University of Edinburgh. Edinburgh University Press, £70.00. ISBN 97807486462

Gilmour aims to fill a gap in the existing literature on the Second World War by covering the range of challenges, threats, issues, dilemmas and changes faced and dealt with by Sweden during the period.

- Performing the Nation in Interwar Germany: Sport, Spectacle and Political Symbolism, 1926-36

By Nadine Rossol, Government of Ireland postdoctoral fellow in history, University of Limerick. Palgrave Macmillan, £50.00. ISBN 9780230217935

Rossol argues that political aesthetics and mass spectacles were not invented by the Nazis but characterised the period from the mid-1920s to the mid-1930s, and re-examines the role of state representation and propaganda in the Weimar Republic and the Nazi dictatorship.

- The Undivided Sky: The Holocaust on East and West German Radio in the 1960s

By Rene Wolf, teaching associate in history, Royal Holloway, University of London. Palgrave Macmillan, £55.00. ISBN 9780230576766

Wolf gives an account of radio programming and audience responses in the divided Germany of the 1960s by looking at reportage of major war-crime trials of the time, issues of the Holocaust and German national identity.

- Capitalism and the Jews

By Jerry Z. Muller, professor of history, Catholic University of America. Princeton University Press, £16.95. ISBN 9780691144788

Drawing on economic, social, political and intellectual history from medieval Europe to contemporary America and Israel, Muller examines the ways in which thinking about capitalism and Jews have gone hand in hand.

- Alibis of Empire: Henry Maine and the Ends of Liberal Imperialism

By Karuna Mantena, assistant professor of political science, Yale University. Princeton University Press, £.95. ISBN 9780691128160

Mantena challenges the idea that the British Empire was primarily legitimated by liberal notions of progress and civilisation, instead arguing that as it gained its farthest reach, its ideology was transformed by a self-conscious rejection of the liberal model.


- Sociolinguistics and Corpus

By Paul Baker, senior lecturer in linguistics and English language, Lancaster University. Edinburgh University Press, £70.00 and £29.99. ISBN 97807486363 and 7356

Baker covers the range of ways in which corpora can be employed in sociolinguistic inquiry, discussing analytical procedures such as frequencies, dispersions, keywords and concordances.


- Anti-Social Behaviour Orders: A Culture of Control?

By Jane Donoghue, deputy director of research and lecturer in law, University of Reading. Palgrave Macmillan, £50.00. ISBN 9780230594449

Donoghue offers an alternative perspective on antisocial behaviour management, which argues that Asbos are capable of enabling engagement between councils and residents.


- ? Shakespeare and Wales: From the Marches to the Assembly

Edited by Willy Maley, professor of Renaissance studies, University of Glasgow, and Philip Schwyzer, associate professor in English, University of Exeter. Ashgate, £55.00. ISBN 97807546692

The contributors to this volume establish a detailed historical context that illustrates the range and richness of Shakespeare's Welsh sources and resources, and confirms the degree to which Shakespeare continues to affect Welsh culture and identity.

- Masculinity in Four Victorian Epics: A Darwinist Reading

By Clinton Machann, professor of English, Texas A&M University. Ashgate, £50.00. ISBN 9780754666875

Offering readings of Tennyson's Idylls of the King, Barrett Browning's Aurora Leigh, Clough's Amours de Voyage and Browning's The Ring and the Book, Machann employs the methods of literary Darwinism to shed light on the issue of masculinity in the Victorian epic.

- Death in American Texts and Performances: Corpses, Ghosts, and the Reanimated Dead

Edited by Lisa K. Perdigao, associate professor in humanities and communication, Florida Institute of Technology, and Mark Pizzato, professor of theatre and film, University of North Carolina-Charlotte. Ashgate, £55.00. ISBN 9780754669074

This volume grapples with the paradox of how 20th-century artists depict the powerful reality of death when it exists in memory and lived experience as something that happens only to others.

- Arion's Lyre: Archaic Lyric into Hellenistic Poetry

By Benjamin Acosta-Hughes, professor of Greek and Latin, Ohio State University. Princeton University Press, £.95. ISBN 9780691095257

Acosta-Hughes examines how Hellenistic poetic culture adapted, reinterpreted and transformed Archaic Greek lyric.


- Indigenous Symbols and Practices in the Catholic Church: Visual Culture, Missionization and Appropriation

Edited by Kathleen J. Martin, assistant professor in ethnic studies, California Polytechnic State University. Ashgate, £55.00. ISBN 9780754666318

This text presents perspectives on the relationship between indigenous peoples and the Church, as well as stories, images and art as metaphors for survival.

- Siddha Yoga Practice: Discovering a New Religious Movement

By John Paul Healy, lecturer in social policy and research methods, Charles Sturt University. Ashgate, £55.00. ISBN 9780754669333

Healy explores insiders' experience of Siddha yoga practice.


- ? How to Find a Habitable Planet

By James Kasting, distinguished professor of geosciences, Pennsylvania State University. Princeton University Press, £20.95. ISBN 9780691138053

If other Earth-sized planets endowed with enough water and carbon are out there, chances are that some sustain life. Kasting describes the efforts to find them, and predicts that such discoveries will profoundly alter our view of the Universe.


- War and Peace in Modern India

By Srinath Raghavan, lecturer in defence studies, King's College London. Palgrave Macmillan, £52.00. ISBN 9780230242159

Raghavan presents a study of Indian foreign policy under Jawaharlal Nehru and considers his handling of disputes between 1947 and 1962.

- Forbidden Fruit: Counterfactuals and International Relations

By Richard Ned Lebow, James O. Freedman Presidential professor of government, Dartmouth College. Princeton University Press, £41.95 and £19.95. ISBN 9780691132891 and 2907

Lebow develops protocols for conducting robust counterfactual thought experiments and uses them to probe transformative international developments such as the end of the Cold War.

- Untying the Knot: Marriage, the State, and the Case for Their Divorce

By Tamara Metz, assistant professor of political science and humanities, Reed College. Princeton University Press, £19.95. ISBN 9780691126678

Metz argues that the state should create a legal status that supports all intimate caregiving unions.

- Politics of Happiness: What Government Can Learn from the New Research on Well-Being

By Derek Bok, 300th anniversary research professor, Harvard University. Princeton University Press, £16.95. ISBN 9780691144894

Bok examines how governments could use happiness research in a variety of policy areas to improve the quality of life of all citizens.

- Demanding Democracy: American Radicals in Search of a New Politics

By Marc Stears, university lecturer in political theory and fellow, University College, Oxford. Princeton University Press, £20.95. ISBN 9780691133409

Stears contends that radicalism still offers a compelling account of citizen behaviour, one that is fairer, more inclusive and democratic than those advanced by political theorists today.


- Aspects of Violence: A Critical Theory

By Willem Schinkel, associate professor of theoretical sociology, Erasmus University. Palgrave Macmillan, £55.00. ISBN 9780230577190

Schinkel argues for an "extended" definition of violence to avoid subscribing to commonsensical or state definitions of violence.

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