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February 7, 2008


- The Tomb in Ancient Egypt: Royal and Private Sepulchres from the Early Dynastic Period to the Romans

By Aidan Dodson, research fellow of archaeology and anthropology, University of Bristol, and Salima Ikram, associate professor of Egyptology, American University in Cairo

Thames Hudson, £29.95. ISBN 9780500051399

This claims to be the first full survey of Egyptian royal and private tombs, illuminating the work of the key scholars who excavated tombs.


- Light, Air and Openness: Modern Architecture Between the Wars

By Paul Overy, senior research fellow in the history and theory of modernism, Middlesex University

Thames Hudson, £24.95. ISBN 9780500342428

Overy examines the relationship between the modernist architecture of the 1920s and 1930s and the preoccupation with fresh air and sunshine, space, health, hygiene and whiteness.


- Beyond Good Company: Next Generation Corporate Citizenship

By Bradley Googins, executive director, and Philip Mervis and Steven Rochlin, both research fellows, Centre for Corporate Citizenship, Boston College

Palgrave Macmillan, £17.99. ISBN 9781403984838

This book takes a practice-oriented look at corporate citizenship and uses behind-the-scenes examples from well-known companies to show that for many firms social responsibility is becoming more integrated into corporate strategy.


- Blackwell Introductions to the Classic World: Greek Tragedy

By Nancy Sorkin Rabinowitz, Margaret Bundy Scott professor of comparative literature, Hamilton College

Blackwell, £50.00 and £19.99. ISBN 9781405121606 and 1613

Rabinowitz sets ancient tragedy into its original theatrical, political and ritual context and applies modern critical approaches to understanding why tragedy continues to interest audiences.

- Magic in the Ancient Greek World

By Derek Collins, associate professor of Greek and Latin at the University of Michigan

Blackwell, £55.00 and £16.99. ISBN 9781405132381 and 2398

Collins explores the widespread use of spells, drugs, curse tablets and figurines in the ancient world, the practitioners of magic who used them, and how this magic worked.


- Organizing Knowledge: An Introduction to Managing Access to Information

By Jennifer Rowley, professor of information and communications, and Richard Hartley, head of information and communications, Manchester Metropolitan University

Ashgate, £25.00. ISBN 9780754644316

The fourth edition of this student text incorporates extensive revisions reflecting the increasing shift towards a networked and digital information environment, and how this impacts on documents, information, knowledge, users and managers.


- Global Efforts to Combat Smoking: An Economic Evaluation of Smoking Control Policies

By Rajeev K. Goel, assistant professor of economics, Illinois State University, and Michael A. Nelson, professor and chair of the department of economics, University of Akron

Ashgate, £50.00. ISBN 9780754648659

The authors bring together the findings of economists on the effectiveness of price and non-price policy initiatives to combat smoking and draws conclusions regarding the efficacy of the various policy measures.

- The Economists' Voice: Top Economists Take on Today's Problems

By Joseph E. Stiglitz, professor of economics, Columbia University, and Aaron S. Edlin, Richard Jennings professor of economics, University of California, Berkeley

University of Columbia Press, £14.95. ISBN 9780231143646

More than 30 of the world's top economists offer innovative policy ideas and insightful commentary on pressing economic issues such as global warming, the global economy and government spending.


- Reading to Learn in the Content Areas, International Edition

By Judy S. Richardson, professor of teacher education, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Raymond F. Morgan, professor of reading education, and Charlene Fleener, director of the graduate reading programme, Old Dominion University

Wadsworth, £29.99. ISBN 9780495506744

Richardson, Morgan and Fleener seek to provide a realistic and practical treatment of reading and methodology issues, theory, research and historical perspective.


- W. H. Auden Prose Volume 3 (1949-1955)

Edited by Edward Mendelson, professor of English and comparative literature and Lionel Trilling professor in the humanities, Columbia University

Faber and Faber, £40.00. ISBN 9780571237616

This fifth volume includes the essays, reviews and other prose that Auden published or prepared for publication between 1949 and December 1955, shortly before he was elected professor of poetry at the University of Oxford.


- Visualization, Modeling and Graphics for Engineering

By Sheryl Sorby, professor in civil and environmental engineering, Michigan Technological University, and Dennis Lieu, professor in mechanical engineering, University of California, Berkeley

Cengage Delmar Learning, £69.00. ISBN 9781401842499

The blend of modern and traditional topics in this text shows how computer modelling techniques have changed the engineering design process. From this new perspective, the book focuses on the evolved design process.


- Projections 15: Twenty Years of European Cinema

By Peter Cowie, former visiting professor in film studies, University of California, Santa Barbara

Faber and Faber, £16.99. ISBN 9780571235292

This volume features articles and interviews with leading names in the film industry as well as audience members from across Europe discussing what it is that makes a European film.

- European Cinema after 1989: Cultural Identity and Transnational Production

By Luisa Rivi, lecturer of contemporary European cinema-television, University of Southern California

Palgrave Macmillan, £40.00. ISBN 9781403979988

Rivi brings post-1989 Europe and European cinema to full visibility and into the fray of contemporary debates on nationalism, post-colonialism, globalisation and transnational cinema.

- Transnational Feminism in Film and Media

Edited by Katarzyna Marciniak, associate professor in the department of English language and literature, Ohio University, Aniko Imre, postdoctoral research fellow, University of Amsterdam, and Aine O'Healey, professor of modern languages and literatures, Loyola Marymount University

Palgrave Macmillan, £40.00. ISBN 9781403983701

This collection of interdisciplinary essays examines current cinematic and media landscapes from the perspective of transnational feminist practices and methodologies, focusing on film, media art and video essays.


- Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity, International Edition

By John C. Kotz, professor emeritus in chemistry, State University of New York, and Paul M. Treichel, professor in chemistry, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Brooks/Cole, £45.99. ISBN 9780495387138

Kotz and Treichel have updated and revised their textbook with the latest research. The text also comes with an interactive software package that allows tutors to customise their homework plans to complement the textbook.

- Principles and Practice of Pharmacology for Anaesthetists

By Norman Calvey, honorary senior research fellow in the department of anaesthesia, and Norton Williams, lecturer in clinical pharmacology, University of Liverpool

Blackwell, £99.99. ISBN 97814051578

This fifth edition continues to provide a comprehensive scientific account of the principles of pharmacology, as well as practical guidance in the use of drugs relevant to clinical anaesthesia.


- A History of the Hellenic World: 323-30BC

By R. Malcolm Errington, emeritus professor of ancient history at the University of Marburg

Blackwell, £55.00 and £19.99. ISBN 9780631233879 and 3886

Errington offers an engaging look at the Macedonian monarchies in the period after the reign of Alexander the Great and examines their impact on the Greek world.


- Communication in Our Lives, International Edition

By Julia T. Woods, distinguished professor in interpersonal and organisational communication, University of North Carolina

Wadsworth, £44.99. ISBN 9780495566908

This textbook, now in its fifth edition, focuses on skills development and aims to encourage students to read about communication theories, research and skills and then apply them to their own lives.


- Battlestar Galactica and Philosophy: Knowledge Here Begins Out There

Edited by Jason T. Eberl, assistant professor of philosophy at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Blackwell, £9.99. ISBN 9781405178143

According to these essays, Battlestar Galactica is more than a television "space opera" - it offers a dramatic character study as characters confront existential, moral, metaphysical, theological and political crises.

- What We Say Goes: Conversations on US Power in a Changing World

By Noam Chomsky, professor in the department of linguistics and philosophy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Hamish Hamilton, £14.99. ISBN 9780241144015

In this collection of conversations, Chomsky explores international concerns including Iran, the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, and the Democratic victory in the US mid-term elections and its ramifications.

- Number and Numbers

By Alain Badiou, professor of philosophy, Ecole Normale Superieure

Polity, £50.00 and £16.99. ISBN 9780745638782 and 8799

Badiou offers a philosophically penetrating account with a powerful political subtext of the attempts that have been made over the past century to define the special status of numbers.

- The Philosophy of Religion: A Critical Introduction

By Beverley Clack, reader in philosophy of religion, Oxford Brookes University, and Brian Clack, assistant professor of philosophy, University of San Diego

Polity, £55.00. ISBN 9780745638676

This second edition has been revised and updated to include chapters on religious extremists and changes in the study of the philosophy of religion after 9/11.


- World Politics

By Charles W. Kegley, distinguished Pearce professor of international relations emeritus, University of South Carolina

Wadsworth, £39.99. ISBN 9780495565451

Kegley uses key concepts to analyse historical and contemporary developments in international relations, including topics such as terrorism and the environment while emphasising an institutional approach to resolving international conflict.


- Safety at the Sharp End: A Guide to Non-Technical Skills

By Rhona Flin, professor of psychology, University of Aberdeen

Ashgate, £65.00 and £25.00. ISBN 9780754645986, and 6006

In covering the identification, training and evaluation of non-technical skills, Flin has written a book for individuals studying crew resource management and other safety or human factors courses.

- Sex and the Psyche: The Truth about Our Most Secret Fantasies

By Brett Kahr, senior clinical research fellow in psychotherapy and mental health, Centre for Child Mental Health, London

Penguin, £12.99. ISBN 9780141024844

Kahr examines the sexual imagination after undertaking what is claimed to be Britain's biggest-ever sex survey to answer questions on why people fantasise, what it reveals about the self and the fantasies of both sexes.

- Key Concepts in Health Psychology

By Ian Albery, course director for addiction psychology and counselling, London South Bank University, and Marcus Munafo, lecturer in the department of experimental psychology, University of Bristol

Sage, £19.99. ISBN 9781412919333

Albery and Munafo provide a one-stop analysis of key issues in contemporary health psychology.


- Generalist Social Work Practice

By Joseph Walsh, associate professor of social work, Virginia Commonwealth University

Brooks/Cole, £29.99. ISBN 9780534641306

Walsh provides undergraduate and masters-level students with the introductory knowledge and skills needed to work with individuals, families, groups, communities and organisations.

- Migration and Domestic Work: European Perspective on a Global Theme

Edited by Helma Lutz, professor of sociology, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt

Ashgate, £55.00. ISBN 9780754647904

This volume brings together contributions by European and US-based researchers to look at the connection between migration and domestic work on an empirical and theoretical level.

- The Student's Companion to Social Policy

Edited by Pete Alcock, professor of social policy and administration and head of the School of Social Sciences, University of Birmingham; Margaret May, principal lecturer in teaching, learning and human resource management, and Karen Rowlingson, professor of social policy and director of research, Institute of Applied Social Studies, University of Birmingham

Blackwell, £24.99. ISBN 9781405169011

The third edition of this introduction to contemporary British social policy has been updated to reflect policy changes and innovations.

- Social Theories of Risk and Uncertainties: An Introduction

Edited by Jens Zinn, senior research fellow at the School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research, University of Kent, Canterbury

Blackwell, £55.00 and £21.99. ISBN 9781405153355 and 3362

Leading experts in the field provide an introduction to mainstream theorising on risk and uncertainty in sociology, exploring key topics including risk society and reflexive modernisation.

- Gang Leader for a Day: A Rogue Sociologist Crosses the Line

By Sudhir Ventakesh, faculty fellow in the department of sociology, Columbia University

Allen Lane, £18.99. ISBN 9780713999938

After being held hostage by a gang in Chicago, Ventakesh found his curiosity piqued by the workings within the gang and returned to ingratiate himself in gang culture. This book recounts his experiences during his time with the gang.

- Gender, Identity and Imperialism: Women Development Workers in Pakistan

By Nancy Cook, assistant professor of sociology, Brock University

Palgrave Macmillan, £42.50. ISBN 9781403979919

An ethnographic study showing how Western women living in Pakistan as international development workers built new identities in a Muslim community.

- Cultural Studies of the Modern Middle Ages

Edited by Eileen A. Joy, assistant professor of English, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Myra J. Seaman, associate professor of English, College of Charleston, Kimberly Bell, assistant professor of English and foreign languages, Sam Houston State University, and Mary K. Ramsey, visiting professor of English, Fordham University

Palgrave Macmillan, £40.00. ISBN 9781403973078

Contemporary entertainment, current politics and medieval history and culture are brought together in an attempt to investigate the intersecting relations between reality and fiction in relation to issues such as morality, identity, and justice, both in the past and the present.

- In Love and Struggle: Letters in Contemporary Feminism

By Margaretta Jolly, senior lecturer, Centre for Continuing Education, University of Sussex

University of Columbia Press, £23.50. ISBN 9780231137928

Jolly covers the complicated dynamics of the relationship between writer and addressee, the part that letters play in specific movements for social justice, and the continuing complexity and vibrancy of the letter form.

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