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Top 20 university careers services in the UK

University is the stepping stone to your future, and this includes choosing a career path. These are the UK universities with the best careers services based on student reviews

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Seeta Bhardwa

Editor, THE Student
October 18 2017
Top 20 UK university careers services


While it is important to enjoy your university experience in the moment, it is always worth having an idea in the back of your mind about what you plan to do when you leave university. It might be further study, it might be travelling or it might be heading straight into a career.

Accessing your university careers services is a good way to receive advice about what options are open to you, whether you might need to learn any new skills, internships that will help you to gain experience and guidance for writing CVs and cover letters.

To help students work out which universities provide the best careers services, Student Crowd asked 7,348 students about the careers services available at their institution using the university review form and rating their university careers services out of five.

Loughborough University took the first-place position, with one student stating that “there is no end of opportunities to help me socially, personally and for my future career”.

The rest of the top five, in descending order, are: the University of Sheffield, the University of Dundee, the University of Leeds and Teesside University.

Top 20 university careers services in the UK

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