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March 19, 2009

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- The Manager's Tale: Stories of Managerial Identity

By Patrick Reedy, lecturer in organisational behaviour, University of Nottingham. Ashgate, £55.00. ISBN 9780754646648

Using the ideas of Heidegger, Sartre and Ricoeur, this book addresses what being a manager means to those who do managerial work and why being a manager has become so attractive to so many people.

- Asset Pricing Theory

By Costis Skiadas, Harold L. Stuart professor of finance, Northwestern University. Princeton University Press, £29.95. ISBN 9780691139852

Skiadas develops the fundamentals of arbitrage pricing, mean-variance analysis, equilibrium pricing and optimal consumption/portfolio choice in discrete settings, but with emphasis on geometric and martingale methods that facilitate an effortless transition to the more advanced continuous-time theory.

- Rethinking Growth: Social Intrapreneurship for Sustainable Performance

By Walter Baets, professor of complexity, knowledge and innovation, Euromed Marseille Ecole de Management. Palgrave Macmillan, £55.00. ISBN 9780230201392

Baets aims to provide the reader with a transversal, holistic view on issues of social responsibility, sustainable development and growth that will allow readers to change their behaviours.


- How to Succeed at University: An Essential Guide to Academic Skills and Personal Development

By Bob Smale, senior lecturer in industrial relations, and Julie Fowlie, senior lecturer in management development, both at University of Brighton. Sage, £14.99. ISBN 9781412947176

Packed with activities and reflective questions, this informative guide provides clear-cut strategies for achieving success as a student. It focuses specifically on the continuing personal development process and the goal of employability.


- Social Innovation and Territorial Development

Edited by Diana MacCallum, lecturer in urban and regional planning, Griffith University, Frank Moulaert, professor of spatial planning, Catholic University of Leuven, Jean Hillier, professor of town planning, Newcastle University, and Serena Vicari Haddock, associate professor of urban planning, University of Milan. Ashgate, £55.00. ISBN 9780754672333

This volume presents an exploration of social innovation and how it can affect life, society and economy, especially within local communities. It addresses questions about the nature of social innovation as a process and a strategy and explores what opportunities may exist for social innovation to nourish human development.

- For the Rock Record: Geologists on Intelligent Design

Edited by Jill S. Schneiderman, professor of earth science, Vassar College, and Warren D. Allmon, adjunct associate professor in geological and biological sciences, Cornell University. University of California Press, £32.95. ISBN 9780520257580

In this volume, a team of earth scientists reveals that the flaws of intelligent design are not limited to the biological sciences. Indeed, the geological sciences offer some of the best refutation of intelligent design arguments.


- Prophecy, Alchemy, and the End of Time: John of Rupescissa in the Late Middle Ages

By Leah DeVun, assistant professor of history, Texas A&M University. Columbia University Press £29.50. ISBN 9780231145381

To understand scientific knowledge today, DeVun asks that we revisit John of Rupescissa's life and the critical events of his age, such as the Black Death, the Hundred Years' War and the Avignon papacy, through his eyes.

- The Rise and Fall of the Shah: Iran from Autocracy to Religious Rule

By Amin Saikal, professor of political science and director of the Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies, Australian National University. Princeton University Press, £14.95. ISBN 9780691140407

Saikal examines the rule of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, especially from 1953 to 1979, in the context of his regime's dependence on the US and his dreams of transforming Iran into a world power.


- Product Liability Law in Transition: A Central European Perspective

By Magdalena Tulibacka, research officer in European civil liability systems, University of Oxford. Ashgate, £65.00. ISBN 9780754647102

This volume examines the evolution of Central European product liability regimes, with particular reference to the effect of the implementation of the Product Liability Directive in the context of the recent enlargement of the European Union.

- The European Social Model and Transitional Labour Markets: Law and Policy

Edited by Ralf Rogowski, associate professor and reader in law, University of Warwick. Ashgate, £65.00. ISBN 9780754649588

This volume brings together theoretical, empirical and comparative perspectives on the European social model and transitional labour market policy. It presents country studies of labour market reforms in Europe and discusses implications for social and employment policies as well as mobility and security patterns in Europe and beyond.

- Law, Mind and Brain

Edited by Michael Freeman, professor of English law, University College London, and Oliver R. Goodenough, professor of law, Vermont Law School. Ashgate, £70.00. ISBN 9780754670131

This edited collection brings together contributions from experts working in criminal behaviour and justice. It is international and interdisciplinary in approach and is a valuable addition to the emerging field of neurolaw.


- Magical Realism and the Postcolonial Novel: Between Faith and Irreverence

By Christopher Warnes, lecturer in English, University of Cambridge. Palgrave Macmillan, £50.00. ISBN 9780230545281

Warnes locates the origins of the term in the work of Novalis, and examines its relations with Romanticism, arguing that magical realism's relationships with the novel are characterised by contrasting orientations: towards faith and irreverence.


- Journalism: Principles and Practice

By Tony Harcup, senior lecturer in journalism, University of Sheffield. Sage, £21.99. ISBN 9781847872500

This essential guide is fully revised and includes interviews with practitioners working across print, broadcast and online journalism. It contains insights from online journalists on blogging, the use of video and audio on the web, interactive maps and other ways of doing journalism online.


- Friedrich Nietzsche

Edited by Tracy Strong, professor of political science, University of California, San Diego. Ashgate, £130.00. ISBN 9780754625896

Included within this collection is a new translation of one of Nietzsche's most controversial writings, The Greek State, as well as a lengthy bibliography of writings on Nietzsche and politics.

- Strange Wonder: The Closure of Metaphysics and the Opening of Awe

By Mary-Jane Rubenstein, assistant professor of religion and feminist, gender and sexuality studies, Wesleyan University. Columbia University Press £26.50. ISBN 9780231146326

Rubenstein locates a reopening of wonder's primordial uncertainty in the work of Martin Heidegger, for whom wonder is first experienced as the shock at the groundlessness of things and then as an astonishment that things nevertheless are.


- Women's Work and Lives in Rural Greece: Appearances and Realities

By Gabriella Lazaridis, senior lecturer in politics, University of Leicester. Ashgate, £55.00. ISBN 9780754612124

This new volume explores the limits and possibilities of economic change in transforming the lives of women in rural Greece at a time of great economic and political change.

- Group Rights

Edited by Peter Jones, professor of political philosophy, Newcastle University. Ashgate, £140.00. ISBN 9780754623700

These essays tackle a range of issues relating to group rights, such as whether rights should be ascribed to groups, whether group rights threaten the freedom and wellbeing of individuals or complement them and the differences between group rights and human rights.


- Against Theory of Mind

Edited by Ivan Leudar, professor of analytical and historical psychology, University of Manchester, and Alan Costall, professor of theoretical psychology, University of Portsmouth. Palgrave Macmillan, £55.00. ISBN 97802305539

The contributors to this volume lay out the historical roots of the theory of mind idea and indicate better alternatives, such as ecologically informed narrative psychology.


- Gendered Journeys, Mobile Emotions

Edited by Gayle Letherby, professor of sociology, University of Plymouth, and Gillian Reynolds, research fellow at Surge (Applied Research Centre in Sustainable Regeneration), Coventry University. Ashgate, £55.00. ISBN 9780754670346

The focus of this book is the emotional relationship that individuals and groups have with travel. Emphasis is placed on the experience of travel itself and attention is given to a variety of travel experiences.

- Black Beauty: Aesthetics, Stylization, Politics

By Shirley Anne Tate, senior lecturer in interdisciplinary gender studies, University of Leeds. Ashgate, £55.00. ISBN 9780754671459

Tate offers an exploration of beauty, race and identity politics that combines rich ethnographic research among black British women of Caribbean heritage with a discussion of the broader "Black Atlantic" context.

- Sociology

By Anthony Giddens, professor emeritus of sociology, London School of Economics. Polity, £65.00 and £25.99. ISBN 9780745643571 and 3588

Giddens, in this sixth edition, provides an authoritative overview of recent global developments and new ideas in sociology. Classic debates are also given careful coverage, with complex ideas explained in an engaging way.

- Social Justice in the Global Age

By Olaf Cramme, lecturer in European politics, London Metropolitan University, and Patrick Diamond, senior visiting fellow in politics, London School of Economics. Polity, £55.00 and £16.99. ISBN 9780745644196 and 4202

This book seeks to articulate a modern conception of social justice in an era of globalisation and the radical reforms needed to address poverty and inequality both in the developing and the industrialised economies of the Western hemisphere.

- Gender

By Raewyn Connell, university chair in the department of education and social work, University of Sydney. Polity, £45.00 and £14.99. ISBN 9780745641515 and 1522

This second edition offers an introduction to modern gender studies. It provides a contemporary framework for gender analysis that moves from personal experience to global problems and offers a perspective on gender issues today.

- Longing and Belonging: Parents, Children, and Consumer Culture

By Allison J. Pugh, assistant professor of sociology, University of Virginia. University of California Press, £32.95 and £12.95. ISBN 9780520258433 and 8440

Pugh teases out the complex factors that contribute to how we buy, finding that children's desires stem less from striving for status or falling victim to advertising than from their yearning to join the conversation at school or in the neighbourhood.

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