Top universities where you can study law

Could you argue a case to a jury? Do you envision yourself a successful corporate lawyer with a six-figure salary? Maybe you want to use your legal expertise to represent people in need as a human rights lawyer? Whatever your ambitions, most prestigious lawyers begin their careers by studying for a law degree.

Law is a demanding profession and competition for the top jobs is fierce but a degree in law gives you a solid grounding and the necessary experience. Most law degrees start with the basics and history of the law of the country where the course is being taught. These include things like tort law, contract law, public law and understanding law.

Other subjects will include criminal law and land law with the option to specialise later on. Many law degrees feature the opportunity to study abroad, providing a chance to learn the legal system of another country.

Classes mostly take the form of lectures and seminars and some universities help with work placements in the final year. Work experience is important and it is a good idea to try for a mini-pupillage, shadowing a working legal professional.

Law graduates go on to a range of interesting and often lucrative careers. You could work as a solicitor or a barrister or work as a legal secretary for a company or even in the law department of a corporation. NGOs and charities always need legal advisors and many lawyers choose to give part of their time to pro-bono work providing legal aid to those who otherwise couldn’t afford it.

Law graduates are in high demand with employers due to their strong legal knowledge, critical skills and the ability to work under pressure

15 November