Founded in 1963, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is a comprehensive research university with a global vision and a mission to combine tradition with modernity, and to bring together China and the West.

CUHK is the only university in Hong Kong that offers a collegiate system and experience uniquely integrated into a modern university education.  The nine Colleges of CUHK offer a plethora of non-formal learning opportunities to complement the formal curricula.

At CUHK, a wide range of academic programmes leading to the bachelor’s degree are organized in its eight Faculties, including Arts, Business Administration, Education, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Science, and Social Science.

Given its geographical location and traditions and ties, CUHK enjoys special advantages in the study of Chinese language, culture, economics, etc.  Different specialties in engineering (electronic, information, automation, etc.) command world-leading positions.  Its Business School, Law School, and Medical School are reputable training grounds for professionals in their respective fields as well as centres of seminal research. 

CUHK has long been promoting interdisciplinary research excellence on a local, national and international scale.  It has identified four research priorities, which are China StudiesTranslational BiomedicineInformation and Automation Technology and Environment and Sustainability. The University is a world leader in non-invasive prenatal testing theory and methodgenomic studies on plants for sustainable agriculture and food security, and network coding theory that revolutionized data transmission and network applications.

The prowess, variety and impact of research at CUHK can be further demonstrated from its establishment of five state key laboratories, past and ongoing Areas of Excellence research projects, and the many research institutes and collaborations with eminent overseas research institutions. CUHK is a member of the Worldwide Universities Network.

CUHK has the largest, most scenic and sustainably designed and maintained campus in Hong Kong, complete with learning facilities and cultural, sport, social and other amenities.  The campus is conveniently located in Shatin, a suburb in the northeastern part of the city.

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At CUHK, a wide range of academic programmes leading to the bachelor’s degree are organized in its eight Faculties, including Arts, Business Administration, Education, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Science, and Social Science. Some 74 major and 71 minor programmes are offered by 58 schools/departments in the framework of a basically four-year undergraduate curriculum.  A total of 229 postgraduate programmes leading to master’s and PhDs are offered through the Graduate School.  

CUHK’s students are hailed locally from Hong Kong and non-locally from China and over 40 countries in the rest of the world.  The international mix of the study body is further enhanced by the presence of exchange students from CUHK’s overseas partner institutions, making the campus a culturally integrated learning environment. 

Unique College System

CUHK is the only university in Hong Kong that offers a collegiate system and experience uniquely integrated into a modern university education.  The nine Colleges of CUHK offer a plethora of non-formal learning opportunities to complement the formal curricula, nurturing students’ interpersonal skills and cultural sensitivity and building up their confidence and sense of social responsibility. 

Strong General Education

General education has been an integral part of the Chinese University’s undergraduate experience since its early days.  CUHK students receive the benefits of a generalist education and gain specialist knowledge and skills in their chosen major fields.  The success of its general education programme did not go unnoticed.  It received the Exemplary Program Award for Improving General Education from the Association for General and Liberal Studies (AGLS) in 2015.

Reputable Teaching and Learning

The quality of teaching and learning at CUHK is reputable, receiving high commendations in the two rounds of quality audit carried out by the University Grants Committee (UGC), the funding authority in Hong Kong, in 2008 and 2015. 

Our Graduates and Alumni

A good number of CUHK graduates pursuing further studies get accepted by prestigious overseas institutions of their choice.  The graduating class find themselves much welcome by local employers and multinational companies and 80% of them are able to secure employment within the first year of their graduation.  CUHK graduates are consistently highly rated in government and private employer surveys.

A network of over 170,000 CUHK alumni reaches into all professions and sectors—financial, IT, entrepreneurial, education, civil service, to name but a few.  The alumni's care for the good of “CU”, as it is sometimes called affectionately by its members, is an unfailing resource for current students in terms of mentorship opportunities, career guidance and even early career launch.

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The Chinese University of Hong Kong is a forward-looking comprehensive research university. CUHK attracts streams of students outside the region, and faculty members are recruited from around the world. The University is home to some 2,100 faculty staff, nearly 50% of which are international faculty, spreading across eight Faculties—Arts, Business Administration, Education, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Science, and Social Science.

In pursuit of its mission and vision, CUHK adopted a five-year Strategic Plan 2016-2020 to enable the University to realize its full potential and better fulfil its mission to serve society.

Quality Teaching and Learning

The curriculum at CUHK is characterized by bilingualism and multiculturalism, and discipline speciality is complemented by a general education programme of broad-based relevance. The eight Faculties, the Graduate School, and an array of cross-discipline research institutes and ancillary academic units/centres join hands to provide a rich educational experience for students. Supported by the Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research (CLEAR), the University seeks continuous quality enhancement in teaching and learning and the use of innovative pedagogies.

Research Excellence

CUHK is committed to research of the highest standards, spanning basic research in a broad range of subject areas as well as applied research of social and industrial relevance. An array of research institutes and centres are established to specialize in interdisciplinary research. The University encourages international research collaboration and a number of joint research units in partnership with external academic institutions have been established to pool resources for the advancement of knowledge in different subject areas. Opportunities are also available for consultancy, technology transfer, and collaborative projects with external communities.

Devoted to excellence in teaching, research and knowledge transfer, the University considers human resources as its key assets and is determined to bolster its scholarly, faculty and research capacity. Apart from offering generous funding and schemes to support research and knowledge transfer, faculty members can tap into grants offered by mainland China through its wholly-owned CUHK Shenzhen Research Institute in Shenzhen, which serves as a pivotal base for conducting research, training and technology transfer to complement national development plans for the Pearl River Delta region. The University’s close proximity to the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, the territory’s research incubator, facilitates entrepreneurial and start-up development. Practical assistance is also rendered to researchers by the Office of Research and Knowledge Transfer Services.

Great campus in a Great City

The 137.3-hectare campus is the largest and greenest campus in Hong Kong. The University is a multi-cultural community with students and faculty members from around the world. Extensive facilities and resources are provided to make academic inquiry smooth, invigorating and pleasurable. Besides, a great variety of programmes, ranging from artistic, cultural to recreational, add extra dimensions to campus life. On-campus accommodation is offered to eligible appointees and wide-ranging choices of rented accommodation are within convenient commuting distance from the campus.

As a leading international commercial center and financial hub, Hong Kong is a modern and vibrant city, and home to over seven million people of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Strategically located in the Asia-Pacific region, Hong Kong functions as an international gateway for business, people and goods, as well as an important window into mainland China.

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