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174 Shazhengjie, Shapingba, Chongqing, 400044, China

An overview

  • Who We Are:

Chongqing University (CQU) is one of the top 1% Chinese universities within the framework of the State 211 Project and 985 Project. Over 47,000 students attend classes in 35 schools, under seven faculties in Science, Social Sciences, Humanities, Engineering, Built Environment, Information Science and Technology, Medicine.

Ø  A key national university

Ø  A member of the “Excellence League

Ø  4 main campuses cover a total of 347 hectares

Ø  A large library collection amounts to 4.5 million volumes

  • What We DO:

We are committed to making a first-class comprehensive research-oriented university in China, with unique characteristics and international fame.

  • Where We Are:

Chongqing, the youngest Municipality and one of the five central cities in China, remains at the forefront of the “Go West” national development campaign with the fastest economic growth.

Ø  A city with excellent ecological environment and abundant natural resources

Ø  A city with diverse cultures

Ø  A city of tradition and modernity

Ø  An industry base in Western China

Ø  An economic and financial center in Upper Yangtze River

Ø  A logistic hub combining water, road and air transportation

Ø  A city of bridges

  • Founded in 1929, Chongqing University (CQU) is a national key comprehensive university under the direct leadership of Chinese Ministry of Education (MoE).

Located in Chongqing Municipality, an economic and industrial center in southwestern China and on the upper reach of Yangtze River, CQU has 4 campuses, covering a total area of 350 hectares, making a wonderful place for learning and research with beautiful environment and well-equipped facilities. Currently CQU consists of six faculties in science, social sciences, humanities, engineering, built environment, information technology, offering 96 undergraduate programs, 115 master’s programs, 42 doctoral programs, 19 professional degree programs. Apart from regular degree programs, CQU also offers 17 master and doctoral programs fully delivered in English, including 4 national English-taught brand courses approved by MoE. At present, the university hosts 47,000 students, including 25,000 undergraduates, 19,000 graduates, and over 1,800 international students. The university has a total of 5,300 faculty and staff members, among whom over 2000 are professors or associate professors.

Chongqing University is the host institution for Chinese Government Scholarship international students, also one of the first cohort of demonstration universities for quality education of international students in China, which has passed the quality accreditation of international student education in China organized by MoE.


  • Why us

l A national key comprehensive university with full support in construction and development from the central government and Chongqing Municipal Government

l One of the State “211” Project and “985” Project universities

l One of the “Double-first Class” Project universities

l A wide range of programs offered in disciplines in Science, Social Sciences, Humanities, Business, Management, Engineering, Built Environment, Information Science and Technology

l Extensive cooperation with 155 institutions of higher education in over 20 countries and regions

l Beautiful campuses with modern facilities for learning, research and living

l Colorful extracurricular activities and a large variety of student organizations

l Dedicated support and professional counselling and service from staff and teachers


  • Faculties and Schools

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

School of Foreign Languages and Cultures

School of Arts

School of Physical Education

Meishi Film Academy

School of International Education

Hongshen Science College

Liberal Arts College

Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences


Faculty of Social Science

School of Public Administration

School of Economics and Business Administration

School of Journalism and Communication

School of Law

School of Marxism


Faculty of Sciences

School of Mathematics and Statistics

School of Physics

School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

School of Life Science

Modern Physics Center

Analytical and Testing Center


Faculty of Engineering

College of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering

School of Electrical Engineering

School of Energy and Power Engineering

School of Resources and Safety Engineering

School of Materials Science and Engineering

School of Aerospace Engineering

Chongqing University-University of Cincinnati Joint Co-op Institute


Faculty of Built Environment

School of Architecture and Urban Planning

School of Civil Engineering

School of Environment and Ecology

School of Management Science and Real Estate


Faculty of Information Technology

School of Opto-Electronic Engineering

School of Microelectronics and Communication Engineering

School of Computer Science

School of Automation

School of Big Data and Software Engineering


Faculty of Medicine

School of Medicine

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Innovative Drug Research Center)

School of Bioengineering

Affiliated Cancer Hospital

Affiliated Three Gorges Hospital

Affiliated Central Hospital


  • Application procedures

Study period and Academic Schedule

The normal period of study for each program is as follows: 4 years for undergraduate degrees, 3 years (or in some cases, 2 years, for instance, English-taught master program) for master degrees, and 3 years for doctoral degrees.

Chongqing University divides every academic year into spring and autumn semesters, with the latter marking the commencement of the academic year. The autumn semester starts in September and ends in January of the following year while the spring semester begins in February and ends in July. There will be a winter and summer vacation every year. The summer vacation usually lasts 2 months.


Application Processing

  • Step 1: Log on and establish an account
  • Step 2: Fill out the applicant's personal information and upload the scanned copy of supporting documents
  • Step 3: Pay 400RMB application fee online (non-refundable)
  • Step 4: Applicants can log on the online application system to find out the result of their application after 15 working days
  • Step 5: Official Admission Notice and JW202 Form will be sent to the admitted applicants for Study Visa application

Note: Self-financed applicants should follow the above procedure while scholarship applicants shall refer to the specific scholarship application notice.


Discover more on :

  • Postgraduate Programs for International Students

Covering 49 Chinese-taught programs and 23 English-taught programs

  • Non-degree Programs for International Students

Including Chinese Language Program, Visiting Students or Exchange Students programs, credit transfer programs and cooperation programs. Cooperation programs contain 4 types of programs:

  1. Chinese language learning programs
  2. China-related research and study programs, in the form of classes or lectures
  3. Chongqing University-Confucius Institute partnered programs
  4. Internship programs.
  • Research Overview

The scientific researches of Chongqing University encompass the entire range of natural science and humanities & social sciences, including science, engineering, economics, management, law, literature, history, philosophy, education, medicine and arts. More than 4,000 teachers are engaged in scientific research, among which there are 7 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 9 talents under the National Special Support Program for High-level Talents, 30 experts under the Recruitment Program of Global Experts, 4 chief scientists under the “973” Program, 7 young and middle-aged experts with prominent contribution on the national level, 70 experts receiving the government special allowance, 26 scholars under the “Chang Jiang Scholars Program”, 16 winners of the “National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars”, 21 candidates for the National “One Hundred, One Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Program”, 5 winners of science and technology award for Chinese young people, 2 talents under the“Four-Batch”Initiative, and more than 240 candidates for the key talent programs of the ministerial and municipal level. In addition, there are 3 innovative research groups under the National Natural Science Foundation and 7 innovation teams under the Ministry of Education, as well as more than 20 innovation teams in key areas under the Ministry of Science and Technology, national defense innovation teams and innovation teams in colleges and universities of Chongqing.

Located in Chongqing Municipality, an economic and industrial center in southwest China and on the upper reach of Yangtze River, CQU has 4 campuses, covering a total area of 350 hectares, making a wonderful place for learning and research with a beautiful environment and well-equipped facilities. Currently, CQU consists of seven faculties in Science, Social Sciences, Humanities, Engineering, Built Environment, Information Science and Technology, Medicine. At present, the university hosts over 47,000 students, including more than 26,000 undergraduate students, more than 20,000 graduate students, and nearly 1,700 international students. The university has a total of 5,300 faculty and staff members, among whom over 2,000 are professors or associate professors.


Discipline Development

CQU optimized the discipline layout according to the ideas of “Strengthening Engineering, Strengthening Science, Revitalized Humanities and Social Sciences, Expanded Medical Science and Strengthened the Information Discipline”. Based on the discipline system compatible with new industrialization, urbanization, and informatization, CQU has adjusted and promoted cross-disciplinary subjects and developed new subjects in order to construct an outstanding discipline system with its own specialization and reasonable structure. CQU is promoting the three dominant disciplines of mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering to develop itself into a world-first-class university. CQU has 12 disciplines entering the ESI Top 1% list, 6 disciplines entering the Academic Ranking World University World-First-Class Discipline Top 50 list.


Talent Cultivation

The first-class ecosystem of education attracts more of the most outstanding talents. CQU is actively implementing the municipal talent attraction plan and has put in place the “top talent recruitment scheme” by establishing a four-level, seven-category talents attract pyramid. CQU puts forth efforts to create a “the near one pleases, and the far one comes” atmosphere. Currently, CQU boasts more than 3,100 full-time teachers, 32% are Ph.D. holders and more than 64% are professors or associate professors.


Scientific Research

To stand at the forefront of scientific and technological advancement in the world and to answer to the critical call for national and local economic development for major breakthroughs, CQU is seizing every opportunity to strengthen its innovative capacity. A “1+5” scientific and technological innovation system has been established to foster new achievements in scientific innovation. CQU has strengthened the prospective layout of scientific research and made progress on the construction of super transient material science experimental devices, fully participated in the construction of the “Western (Chongqing) Science City”, greatly improved the development of the CQU Science and Technology Innovation Center.CQU has won the first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress, gained the approval of the national observatory, and proved with a grant for shouldering the major program of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Moreover, historic breakthroughs have been made in publishing papers in the journals of Nature and Science. The funding for scientific research has hit record highs, and the number of high-level papers published and patents for granted invention has increased sharply. The scientific research strength of the liberal arts has also made remarkable progress. It has won the Lu Xun Literature Award, one of the highest awards in the domestic literature field. CQU’s projects for National Social Scientific Foundation got into forefront rank among Chinese universities, ESI General Theory of Social and Scientific reached the top 1%, which was a historic breakthrough. 

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Key statistics

  • 20.1
    No. of students per staff
  • 2%
    Percentage of International Students
  • 43%
    Proportion of ISR Publication
  • 42,607
    Number of FTE Students
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Subjects taught at Chongqing University

  • Engineering & technology

    • Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Electrical & Electronic Engineering
    • General Engineering
  • Social sciences

    • Politics & International Studies (incl Development Studies)
    • Sociology
    • Communication & Media Studies
  • Arts & humanities

    • Art, Performing Arts & Design
    • Languages, Literature & Linguistics
    • Architecture
    • History, Philosophy & Theology
  • Physical sciences

    • Mathematics & Statistics
    • Physics & Astronomy
    • Chemistry
    • Geology, Environmental, Earth & Marine Sciences
  • Life sciences

    • Sport Science
    • Biological Sciences
  • Business & economics

    • Accounting & Finance
    • Business & Management
    • Economics & Econometrics
  • Law

    • Law
  • Computer science

    • Computer Science